Kwikset Smart Locks that work with Ring

Wondering if there’s a Kwikset Smart Lock that works with the Ring Alarm Security System? The quick answer is yes.

However, not all Kwikset Smart Lock models are compatible with the Ring System. If you’re looking to get a Kwikset Smart Lock that works with Ring Alarm, then this post is your go-to resource. Let’s begin!

In short, here are the top Kwikset Smart Locks that work with Ring Alarm Security System:

  • Kwikset SmartCode 888 Electronic Deadbolt.
  • Kwikset SmartCode 910 Traditional Deadbolt.
  • Kwikset Smartcode 914 Z-Wave Plus Contemporary Deadbolt.
  • Kwikset 916 Traditional Deadbolt.

If you would like to learn about the features of each of the locks and how they work with the Ring Alarm System, keep reading.

Kwikset Smart Locks that Work with Ring Alarm: Features

1. Kwikset SmartCode 888 Deadbolt

Kwikset Smart Locks that work with Ring Alarm

The Kwikset SmartCode 888 Electronic Deadbolt protects your front door with a suite of high-grade security features.

The lock has a programmable auto-lock mechanism that keeps your door secured always. This feature forces an automatic lock after 30 seconds if you forget to lock it.

This smart lock allows you to program several access codes for opening the door via the keypad. You can share access codes with family, friends, and anyone you want to give access to your home when you’re away. Also, the one-touch locking feature lets you secure the door at the push of a button — perfect for busy homeowners.

Kwikset SmartCode 888 smart locks can integrate seamlessly with Ring since they have Z-Wave plus technology. Connecting the deadbolt with a Ring Alarm adds an extra layer of security to your home.

The Ring App makes it possible to see the condition of your lock and lock/unlock the deadbolt from miles away via the Ring app on your phone. You can also create and remove access codes via the Ring app.

The Kwikset SmartCode 888 has excellent aesthetics, thanks to a sleek metallic design and smooth Satin Nickel finish. Installing one of these locks isn’t tricky, from what we’ve found.

The process is straightforward: use a screwdriver to replace your existing deadbolt with the SmartCode 888 lock; no need to drill new holes.

2. Kwikset SmartCode 914 Traditional Smart Lock

Kwikset Smart Locks that work with Ring

Another top Kwikset model, the Kwikset SmartCode 914 Traditional Lock, is specifically designed to stem forced entries.

This model uses Kwikset’s SmartKey security tech, so robbers cannot pick, bump or break the lock. Even if you misplace your keys, SmartKey’s re-key feature prevents anyone from accessing your home with that key.

The Kwikset SmartCode 914 is a certified Grade 2 lock by ANSI/BHMA. Most average locks score a Grade 3 certification from ANSI/BHMA, making the SmartCode 914 better than most consumer-grade locks on the market.

Kwikset offers a notification service for SmartCode 914 users, providing updates when someone locks or unlocks the door. You can, however, integrate the lock with Ring for a more secure system.

Depending on your Ring plan, you can check if your door is locked, get notified if someone tampers with your deadbolt, and grant access to friends and family using your smartphone.

You’ll need a Z-wave hub and the Ring app before you can link the Ring with the Kwikset 914 lock. Ring Alarm has a detailed user guide that can guide you while integrating both devices.

3. Kwikset SmartCode 916 Smart Lock

Smart locks compatible with Ring

The Kwikset SmartCode 916 Smart Lock costs more than the previous models, but the difference in class is noticeable. For example, it is one of the few models with a fingerprint-resistant screen. This feature, known as “SecureScreen,” prevents others from guessing the passcode from fingerprints left on the screen.

It also comes with the usual goodies available on Kwikset smart locks: a 30-second auto-lock mechanism, convenience-enhancing keyless entry, and up to 30 user passcodes. This is a Z-Wave-based smart lock, so you should have no problems connecting with compatible third-party home automation systems.

Connecting your SmartCode 916 lock with the Ring security system requires little technical knowledge. If your smart lock already integrates with SmartThings or Alexa, download the Ring mobile application and follow the setup instructions to complete the integration.

Kwikset works with Alexa, unlike some other products from the same brand. That means you can confirm if you left your door open by mistake or check whether someone entered without your permission. It’s as simple as asking: “Alexa, is my front door open?”

4. Kwikset SmartCode 910 Traditional Deadbolt

Kwikset Smart locks for Ring Alarm

The last Kwikset model on our list ticks all the boxes — and even better, it works seamlessly with Ring Alarm. It combines both keyed and keyless designs, which reduces the likelihood of lockouts, especially if the batteries run out of juice.

Sporting an attractive Venetian finish, the SmartCode 910 makes it easier to exit and enter your apartment. First, you get a custom code that you can use if you’re too stressed to search for keys. Then you can use the one-touch lock feature to secure your door on occasions where you cannot lock the door properly.

The SmartCode 910 lock has a built-in alert system that tracks door locking and unlocking. Still, combining it with Ring can make for a more potent combination to stall break-in attempts. With Ring’s motion-sensing systems, you’ll know if someone is outside your home; this gives you more time to call for help before a break-in occurs.

You can program up to 30 different passcodes and share them with people you want to give access to your home. That means you don’t have to hide spare keys under the foot mat next time the dog-walker comes around, or your mum needs to drop off something for you. You can manage these access codes with Ring and monitor usage.

Your SmartCode 910 won’t work with Ring, except there’s a hub to send information between both devices.

More so, the lock comes with Alexa compatibility, so you can integrate it with Alexa and lock/unlock your door hands-free.

How Does Ring Work with Smart Locks?

Ring integrates with Z-wave smart locks from a few manufacturers, including Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale. Connecting Ring with your smart locks, however, requires a Ring Alarm subscription.

Integrating your smart lock with Ring Alarm comes with many benefits:

Convenience and flexibility

When connected with a Z-Wave-enabled lock, Ring allows you to lock your door in different ways. You can set a PIN code for unlocking or use the Ring App — and you can share the PIN with trusted ones to grant them easy entry.

Pre-emptive protection

Ring-enabled smart locks are more secure than standalone models because the latter has more functionality. For example, the Ring Alarm System can detect motion and notify you when someone is at your door.

Since it’ll also provide a live video feed, you can know if the situation is dangerous or not. And reacting is often the most crucial step in keeping your properties safe.

Related Questions

Can the Ring security system work with Kwikset SmartCode?

Yes, Ring can work with most Z-Wave-rated Kwikset SmartCode locks. This includes Kwikset SmartCode 914, Kwikset SmartCode 888, and Kwikset SmartCode 916.

Is Ring a Z-Wave Hub?

If you buy the Ring Base Station (sold separately), you can use it as a Z-Wave hub for other third-party devices. This can only work if you have the Ring Alarm Security System.

Do all Z-Wave devices work with Ring?

Ring Alarm is compatible with Z-wave devices as at the time of writing. The Ring Alarm Base Station is a Z-wave hub, which means Ring can share information with other smart devices without disrupting your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Does Kwikset Kevo work with Ring?

Kwikset Kevo works with the Ring Doorbell but is not compatible with the Ring Alarm Security System. If you want a Kwikset Lock that only works with the Ring doorbell, Kwikset Kevo is the lock for you.

Does Kwikset Halo work with Ring?

No, Kwikset Halo isn’t compatible with the Ring Alarm Security System as the lock comes with a built-in Wi-Fi. Note that Ring Alarm uses Z-Wave as its communication protocol, and works mostly with Z-Wave-based smart devices.

Does Ring make deadbolts?

No, Ring doesn’t make smart locks/deadbolts but designs their systems to integrate with some smart lock brands/models. As you can see above, some models of Kwikset Smart locks are compatible with the Ring System, so are some models of Schlage and Yale.

Is Ultraloq compatible with Ring?

As of now, no Ultraloq Smart Lock model is not compatible with the Ring Alarm System.

You may also want to see Smart Locks Compatible with Amazon Key and Garage Door Openers that work with Ring.

Wrapping Up

With a break-in happening every 26 seconds in the US, installing a security system like the Ring Alarm system is your best protection against burglaries.

Nothing is better for your home’s security than combining your smart lock with a Ring alarm system. Not only does it add extra protection, but it also gives you peace of mind knowing that the chances of someone breaking in are low.

Using Ring effectively requires setting it up with a compatible lock. The Kwikset models listed in this article have the necessary features to integrate with Ring.