Schlage BE365 Turn Lock Feature Not Working [How to Fix]

So you are just about to lock your door when you notice the Turn Lock feature (Lock & Leave) in your Schlage BE365 Lock is not working? Keep reading to see why this might happen and how to troubleshoot the problem.

Schlage BE365 Turn Lock

If your Schlage BE365 Turn Lock feature isn’t working, here are some reasons behind this issue:

  • The Turn Lock feature is disabled.
  • The batteries in your lock are low.
  • Your Schlage lock is rusty.
  • Your lock is malfunctioning.

Now let’s look at how to troubleshoot this problem.

Tips to Fix Schlage BE365 Turn Lock Issues

If your Schlage BE365 Turn Lock feature isn’t working, here are some troubleshooting steps to try:

Check that the Turn Lock Feature is Enabled

If your Schlage BE365 Turn Lock feature is not working, the feature might not be enabled in the lock.

Although the Turn Lock feature is enabled in your Schlage Lock’s default settings, you may have deactivated it unintentionally. That said, you’ll need to enable the feature on your Schlage Lock for it to work.

Take the following steps to enable the Turn Lock feature on your Schlage Lock:

  • Enter your current Programming Code (6-digit code) via the keypad on your Schlage Lock.
  • Your Schlage Lock will beep, and a red light will flash 3 times from the lock.
  • Press the Schlage button. Then press key 7 on the keypad.
  • A green light will blink from your lock. You’ll also hear a beep from the lock. This means you have successfully enabled the Turn Lock feature on the lock.

After enabling the Turn Lock feature, press the Schlage button and rotate the thumb turn to lock your door. If your Schlage BE365 doesn’t lock, continue to the next step.

2. Replace the Batteries in Your Lock

The Turn Lock feature in your Schlage lock may not work because your batteries are low.

As you probably know, your Schlage BE365 runs on battery power, and some features may stop working if the batteries are low.

How do you know if your batteries are dead? The lock will keep flashing red, meaning the batteries are low. However, for some reasons, the batteries may run low unnoticed sometimes. Some malfunctions on the lock may indicate that the batteries are low.

More so, if you have been using your Schlage Lock batteries for nearly three years, you might need to change the batteries if you notice any malfunction in the lock.

That said, here’s how to replace the batteries in your Schlage Lock:

  • On the interior assembly, remove the screws on the Schlage lock using a screwdriver.
  • Observe the side where the lock rotates to. This is how you should place the lock when re-assembling it.
  • Next, detach the cover of the lock from the door.
  • This will reveal the 9-volt battery in the device.
  • Remove the battery from its compartment.
  • Now, insert the new battery.
  • You’ll hear a beep once you insert the new 9-volt battery.
  • Replace the lock cover, ensuring that you place the handle at the center. Also, check that the lock cover is placed in the same position as it was when you removed it.
  • Bolt the screws back onto the lock cover.
  • Ensure you only use non rechargeable alkaline batteries.

Your Schlage Turn Lock feature should work fine now. But if not, continue to the next step.

3. Factory Reset Your Schlage Lock

If your Schlage BE365 Turn Lock feature doesn’t work after you’ve tried the steps above, the lock might be malfunctioning.

The next thing you want to do is factory reset the lock to fix unseen glitches preventing the Turn Lock feature from working.

Resetting the lock will also restore factory default settings on the lock. So, you should reprogram the lock (add User Codes, change Programming Code, etc.) after the reset. You can find the default Programming Code on the manual that came with the lock or on the back of the keypad assembly (this requires removing the lock from the door).

That said, follow these steps to factory reset your Schlage BE365:

  • From the inside of your door, remove the battery cover. Next, remove the battery.
  • Press the Schlage button and release it immediately.
  • Now, re-insert your battery and replace the cover. Then press and hold the Schlage button until a green light blinks from the button and your lock beeps. You must complete this last step within 10 seconds.
  • Now the lock is reset.

You can set new User Codes and try to lock the lock again to see if the Turn Lock feature is now active.

4. Get a New Lock

If the Schlage Turn Lock feature doesn’t work after factory resetting the device, the thumb turn might be rusty or damaged. As a result, rotating the thumb turn may not lock your door.

You should get a new lock if your Schlage lock is rusty.

Closing Thoughts

If your Schlage BE365 Turn Lock feature is not working, check and enable the feature. Then, change your battery and factory reset the lock.

If these tips don’t help, Contact Schlage Customer Support or consider replacing your Schlage lock.