What Channel is Syfy on DIRECTV? [Updated]

Sometimes, we get tired of reality and its many troubles. This makes us desire to be transported to a fantasy world. The Syfy channel makes this escape possible through its sci-fi movies and fantasy series.

So, I understand why you’re searching for the channel.

You can find Syfy on channel 244 on all DIRECTV packages. As long as you have an active DIRECTV subscription, you’ll be able to watch the channel on your TV.

Keep reading this article to learn more about Syfy.

What is Syfy?

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Syfy is a stylized version of Sci-Fi, and it refers to a Sci-fi channel founded by NBC Universal. The channel broadcasts science fiction, fantasy, and horror films.

Syfy was originally named Sci-Fi channel. But the administrators of NBC Universal changed the name in 2009 to distinguish the channel from the products of other companies. The channel was also given the new name ‘Syfy’ because it was more suitable for trademarking.

Initially, Syfy only delivered sci-fi and fantasy films to its viewers. However, the channel has now broadened its wings to accommodate more mainstream content like crime dramas and professional wrestling. Occasionally, Syfy also broadcasts sports programs when its sister channels are too loaded to show them.

What Channel is Syfy on DIRECTV?

Syfy is on channel 244 on DIRECTV. As long as your DIRECTV package is active, you’ll be able to watch the channel in high definition.

How to Watch Syfy Movies

Watch Syfy Movies on Cable Networks

You can watch Syfy movies via cable networks in the US. These cable networks offer the channel to their viewers:

  • DISH
  • Spectrum
  • Cox Communications

Select the service you want, contact their support team and subscribe to a package. You can also visit the company’s website to purchase a subscription package. Once your subscription becomes active, you can watch Syfy movies on TV.

Stream Syfy Movies on Your Phone

Think cable is too expensive? Luckily, you don’t need a cable service to watch Syfy movies. You can find Syfy on these streaming services:

  • Sling Blue
  • Sling Orange + Blue
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Xfinity Choice TV

Watch Syfy Movies on the Syfy App

You can watch Syfy movies on the Syfy app. The Syfy app contains all ongoing and past shows, as well as every movie that the channel has ever shown.

Please note that these videos aren’t available for free. Before you can access this content, you must link your Syfy app to your TV provider. This means that you need to be an active subscriber of a cable company or streaming service to view the videos in the app.

So, if you don’t have an account with a TV provider, get one first.

Most Popular Syfy Original Movies

1. Lake Placid 2

Lake Placid 2 is the sequel to a horror thriller where a gigantic man-eating crocodile torments the residents of peaceful Aroostook County until the cops eliminate it. In this instalment, three aggressive crocodiles return to wreak havoc on the residents. Just like in the first movie, the police team up to defeat the crocodiles.

2. Frankenfish

Frankenfish was inspired by the movie Frankenstein, as you would expect. It tells the story of government scientists who experiment on a school of genetically-altered fish. These experiments made them so dangerous that when they escaped, they devoured every human in sight.

3. Wyvern

Wyvern is a modern retelling of a Norse myth about an ancient, winged snake, which gets freed from its icy grave due to the effects of global warming. The reptile’s first stop after the jailbreak is a small Alaskan town, where it unleashes injury and death on the locals.

4. Lake Placid 3

The third instalment of Lake Placid features another set of monstrous crocodiles, which join forces to destroy Aroostook County. This time, the entire town decides to work together to put an end to the rampage.

5. Abominable

In this sci-fi movie, a group of adventurers encounter a monstrous yeti during a Himalayan expedition. These innocent swimmers must battle the dangerous beast and tidal waves to survive, or die trying. The snow-covered sea and huge monster boost the terrifying effect of this horror movie.

6. Sharknado

A vicious tornado drags sharks from their natural habitat to the centre of Los Angeles, causing confusion and damage in the city. After the city is nearly annihilated by the unwelcome beasts, it is left to the handful of survivors to rescue the city from the hands of the sharks.

7. Dinocroc

When a group of scientists tamper with a Dinosaur’s DNA, they create a horrific beast that ravages their society. The surviving humans must team up to eliminate the prehistoric monster.

8. Ice Spiders

Large, genetically-altered spiders invade a ski resort, leaving the guests to maneuver the slippery slopes in their escape. This movie also manages to poke fun at the plight of the characters. So, while watching the horrifying experience, you’ll also get some laughs in

9. Dune

This movie is an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel of the same title. It follows the residents of the desert planet Arrakis as they struggle for power and betray each other to achieve their selfish goals. The excellent performances, engaging storylines, and sweeping visuals keep viewers glued to the screen.

10. Snakehead Terror

Snakehead Terror is a sci-fi movie that dwells on the dangers of neglecting the environment. In this story, a monstrous snake invades the beaches at a dreamy vacation spot. When the snakehead moves close to shore, the idyllic location quickly transforms into a nightmare.

11. Dinocroc vs Supergator

Two of the world’s strongest titans get a faceoff in this movie. As one would expect, their struggle brings damage to the earth and threatens the lives of humans. However tragic the fate of the characters, we can’t help but enjoy the jaw-dropping graphics and the non-stop action in the film.

12. Sharktopus

A military experiment on an octopus turns sour, as the animal is transformed into a half-octopus, half-shark hybrid. When the beast escapes and starts attacking beach goers, only a team of brave civilians stand a chance at defeating it.

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Wrapping Up

Can’t wait to watch these movies? Tap 244 on your remote to start enjoying them now on your DIRECTV package. Remember to save the channel as a favorite, so you won’t have to search for it when you want to watch it next.