What Smart Speakers work with Apple Music?

Are you looking to get a smart speaker to use for Apple Music Streaming? Then this article is your go-to resource.

In this post, I’ve featured some of the top Smart Speakers compatible with Apple Music. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s head right into it.

Apple has its own smart speaker that works flawlessly with its music streaming service (Apple Music). Other than that, Echo Dot and Sonos Play:3 appear to be the best smart speakers that work great with Apple Music (as of now).

If you’d like to learn more about the features of each of the speakers and how to stream/play Apple music, keep reading.

Best Smart Speakers that Work with Apple Music: Features

1. Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Smart Speakers that work with Apple Music

If you have Amazon Alexa in your home already, an Echo Dot makes life easier. Produced by Amazon, Echo Dot combines a sleek design with well-designed features in an irresistible package.

If you’d rather have your smart speaker remain inconspicuous, Echo Dot’s compact size may appeal to your tastes. It can fit into the smallest spaces and won’t become a visual distraction.

As with other high-end smart speakers, Echo Dot offers quality sound production that even non-audiophiles would appreciate. And you can choose to listen to different glorious sounds around your home. You can play classical music in the reading room to make study easier or upbeat tunes in your garage to spice up work.

Amazon takes user privacy seriously and includes an explicit promise not to sell your data. Plus, Echo Dot has many built-in privacy features, including a “MIC OFF” button that prevents Alexa from listening in on your private discussions.

Echo Dot can play music from the most popular streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, and of course, Apple Music. Say an artist or song you like, specify the music platform, and you can access your favorite songs. Besides, it can support podcasts and other audio content you may have on your Apple Music account.

As suggested earlier, buying an Echo Dot makes sense if you have an Alexa hub. You can set up the perfect intelligent home system and start automating everyday functions. With your Alexa-enabled Echo Dot, you can control connected devices or perform random tasks like checking the news.

2. Sonos Play:3 Wireless Smart Home Speaker

What Smart Speakers work with Apple Music

The Sonos Play:3 smart speaker is packed with enough features to make it one of the best speakers on the market. Designed with high-tech sound-enhancing technology, this is an excellent speaker to stream your favorite Apple Music playlists.

Many smart speaker users often complain about the quality of music, especially in open spaces. With three Class-D amplifiers and three custom drivers, the Sonos Play:3 is free of such issues and delivers rich, high-fidelity stereo sound irrespective of its location. Plus, it has a bass radiator that’s useful for playing low tunes.

Pairing the Sonos smart speaker with Alexa or Google Home unlocks an even more comprehensive range of functionality for users. You can control your speaker from anywhere with a simple voice command. Control playlists, play your favorite podcasts, or listen to recommended songs—the choice is yours.

If you like to play different songs in different rooms, buying a Sonos Play:3 is advisable. The application lets you send other songs to various wireless speakers and tailor the music to each location. On the flip side, you can sync all the speakers to create a unified sound throughout your home.

A quirky feature I like about the Sonos speaker is its multi-orientation capability. The Sonos speaker can work seamlessly in different positions. You can mount it on the wall, place it on a shelf, or place it in a vertical/horizontal position—the effect remains the same.

Sonos Play:3 supports over 30 music streaming platforms, including Apple Music. And the Sonos app allows you to select a specific service and control what music plays. For instance, you can stream distinct songs to the Sonos Play:3 speakers installed in different areas within your house.

What is a Smart Speaker?

As you probably know, smart speakers are AI-powered devices that can interpret voice commands and execute the desired action. These devices rely on voice recognition technology to understand a statement and act upon it.

The most popular voice recognition technologies today are Alexa (Amazon), Siro (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), and Google Assistant (Google).

While these systems come from different manufacturers, they have similar operating principles.

A “wake word” activates the intelligent speaker system and starts processing through the voice recognition service. The speech recognition service will decode your voice commands and relay the information back to the smart speaker.

If this process proceeds seamlessly, the voice assistant should initiate the action you requested. This may be a request to read the latest news, provide a weather report, or answer questions.

Are Smart Speakers Worth It?

Smart speakers get a lot of hype from the media, and deservedly so. While your old-fashioned stereo speaker is good, an intelligent speaker has more features built-in.

Using a smart speaker like the Echo Dot or Sonos, you can play music in hands-free mode. No need for endlessly scrolling through your Apple Music playlists, trying to find the perfect tune.

Smart speakers can help transform your home into a mini-concert. Once you have over one smart speaker installed in your home, you can play the same tune or set a different song for each area.

A smart speaker can make it easier to find newer songs and broaden your music tastes. Suppose you play a new playlist and a random song catches your fancy. Simply asking, “What song is that?” will reveal all the details you need to know about the song and artist.

Smart speakers are helpful for more than belting out tunes—and here’s why these devices outshine old-fashioned stereos. Models from Apple, Amazon, and Google can control compatible smart devices like smart bulbs, thermostats, television sets, and AC units.

Final Thoughts

This article has explored the best smart speakers to stream hits you love from Apple Music.

Both devices (Sonos Play:3 and Echo Dot) are excellent in their own right and promise enough bang for your buck.

Have you tested any of these devices and want to share your experience? Send us a message via our contact form above.

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