Does Life360 Notify When Location is Turned Off?

You don’t want your Life360 circle members to know where you are. So, you’re thinking of turning off your location.

But what if your circle members discover that your location is off? They’ll know that you’re hiding something, and they might even start doubting you.

To avoid this problem, you’d like to know if Life360 notifies others when you turn off your location.

Did that sound like you? Then, you are reading the right article. This post will help you discover if Life360 notifies others when you turn off your location.


You’ll also discover several ways to turn off your location on Life360 without raising any suspicion.

Sounds good? Then, keep reading.

Does Life360 Notify Others When Location is Turned Off?

Unfortunately, Life360 alerts all your circle members as soon as you disable your location. This alert comes in the form of a Location/GPS turned off message on your profile.

Since you can’t turn off your location on Life360 without attracting attention, you’ll have to find other ways to hide your location from the app.

The next section will address this issue.

How to Turn Off Location on Life360 Without Anyone Knowing

This section covers all the ways you can hide your location on Life360, so none of your circle members get notified.

Turn Off Your Wi-Fi Connection

Life360 uses your Wi-Fi connection to locate you. So, if you turn off your Wi-Fi, the app won’t be able to detect your location. As such, it will assume that you haven’t left the area where you were last found. Likewise, none of your circle members will be able to tell that you’ve changed your location.

To disconnect your Wi-Fi network from your phone, open your Settings app and select Network and Internet. Then, click on Wi-Fi and toggle the button beside the Wi-Fi tab.

Please note that turning off your Wi-Fi will prevent you from surfing the internet and receiving social media messages from your family. If you don’t reply to their messages after a while, they might suspect that you’re hiding something.

Additionally, your phone may automatically connect to another Wi-Fi network within close range. This will make Life360 regain access to your location and update it on your profile.

Activate Airplane Mode

Another way to hide your location from Life360 is to enable airplane mode on your phone. Putting your phone on airplane mode makes the device lose access to cell signals.

This means that Life360 and other apps that need access to a cellular network will stop working.

When your phone is in airplane mode, Life360 sets your location to the previously detected area. So, even if you change your location, your circle members will be none the wiser.

This method has a few shortcomings. The airplane mode practically renders your phone useless. It doesn’t let you make phone calls, send texts, or browse the internet. Besides, activating airplane mode might raise eyebrows, since your family won’t be able to contact you.

Use a GPS Faker

You don’t have to abandon your phone just because you don’t want Life360 to find you. One easy method that hides your location from the app without disabling your phone’s basic features is a GPS Faker.

A GPS faker is an app that changes the location displayed on your phone to wherever you want it to be. Once your phone records the fake location, it will appear on your Life360 profile. This will make your family think that you are in a different place than you actually are.

You can install a GPS faker from the Play Store or App Store. In case you get confused with the many options available, here are the GPS fakers we recommend:

  • iTools (for iOS)
  • iSpoofer (iOS)
  • Tenorshare iAnyGo (iOS)
  • Fake GPS Run (Android)
  • Fake GPS Joystick (Android)
  • Fake GPS 360 (Android)

After installing the GPS faker on your Android device, you still need to apply the following steps for the app to work on your phone:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on About Phone.
  • Then, tap Build Number several times.
  • Keep tapping the Build Number tab until you get a message saying You are now a Developer.
  • Return to the Settings page and tap System.
  • Select Developer Options.
  • You’ll see a list of options now.
  • Tap Select Mock Location App on the list.
  • Your phone will display your GPS Faker app.
  • Tap the GPS faker.
  • Then, close your Settings app.
  • Now, open your GPS faker app.
  • A small window will appear.
  • In the window, you’ll see an alert asking you to grant the app access to view your files.
  • If you don’t want the GPS faker to be able to view your files, ignore the window and click on Continue.
  • You’ll see a map now.
  • Scroll through the map until you find the fake location you want your phone to display.
  • Then, tap the fake location.
  • The fake location will now appear on your phone.
  • You can use Google Maps to check if your phone is displaying the new location.

If you are using an iPhone, all you need to do is install the GPS faker and follow the instructions in the app. The fake location will appear on your phone after this.

Enable a VPN

If you are traveling to another city or country, a VPN is the best option for hiding your location. Like GPS fakers, VPNs will make your phone display a fake location.

For instance, the phone may indicate that you haven’t left your city when you are thousands of kilometers away from it. As such, Life360 will show that you are still in your city, thus keeping all suspicions at bay.

Please note that a VPN can mess up your Life360 app settings. For that reason, you should only use VPNs sparingly.

Move Your Life360 Account to a Burner Phone

Another method you can try to hide your location from Life360 is to transfer your Life360 account to a burner phone. For this method to work, you must apply these steps:

  • Install Life360 to the burner phone.
  • Then, log in to your Life360 account on the burner phone.
  • Next, sign out of your Life360 account on your regular phone.
  • Delete the app from your regular phone.

When going to your new location, you’ll drop the burner phone at your current location and take your regular phone with you. Since your Life360 account is only active on your burner phone, your Life360 circle members will think that you’re still at the old location.

Wrapping Up

All the methods in this article will help you hide your location from Life360 for as long as you want. If someone calls you while you’re still hiding your location, remember to state that you’re at the place displayed on your phone.

Once you’re back to your old location, disable the tool you’re using to grant Life360 access to view your actual location.