Why Does Life360 Say Driving When I’m Not? [Solved]

Life360 keeps saying you’re driving, yet you haven’t left your home. You’re worried that members in your circle may begin to doubt you. So, you’re looking for a way to fix the issue.

If this is you, you’ve just found the right article. In this post, I’ll show you what to do if your Life360 app says you’re driving when you’re not.

If Life360 says you’re driving when you’re not, you’ve probably turned off your Location. Once you re-enable your location, the app should show the correct status.

Keep reading to learn more ways to fix the problem.

Why Does Life360 Say I’m Driving When I’m Not?

Any of the following reasons can cause Life360 to say you’re driving when you’re not:

  • You’ve deactivated your Location settings
  • Your Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • The app has encountered a functional error
  • You are operating one account from multiple devices
  • You are using a GPS faker
  • Your network signal is poor
  • Your Life360 app is outdated.

How to Solve Life360 Says I’m Driving When I’m Not

Turn On Your Location Settings

This should go without saying, as everyone knows that Life360 collects data by tracking your location. Nevertheless, you might have turned off your location accidentally.

Perhaps you were driving when you deactivated your location. Since Life360 only displays what it can find, the app will show that you’re driving until you turn on your Location settings again.

Pull down your phone’s screen to reveal the Quick Settings menu. Scroll through the menu until you find the Location option. If your Location is off, tap the button to turn it back on.

Now, relaunch Life360. If the app still shows that you’re driving, try the next tip.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi is On

Most of the features on Life360 need Wi-Fi. So, if your Wi-Fi is off, the app won’t work properly. As such, it may display the wrong status on your profile.

If you’re Life360 app is saying you’re driving, check that your Wi-Fi is still on. If it isn’t, turn it back on.

Once your Wi-Fi is back on, Life360 will update your status. But if your status remains the same, move on to the next step.  

Reboot Your Phone

If your Life360 app is showing incorrect information, the app might have encountered a functional error.

Usually, restarting the app eliminates such errors. But that method doesn’t always work. A more effective way to remove functional errors from any app is to reboot your phone.

After rebooting your phone, open your Life360 app again. If the app still says you’re driving, move on to the next step.

Log out Of All Your Devices

Did you log into your account on multiple devices? Then, it may be the reason why your Life360 app is saying that you’re driving.

When you operate one account from several devices, the location and status on your account will keep jumping from one device to another.

 For instance, you may have used your wife’s device to log into your account. If your wife is driving and you are at home, Life360 might say that you’re driving. This is because the app is using data from your wife’s phone to check your status.

You can resolve this issue by logging out of your account on all the devices. Then, log back into the account on your phone.

You should see the correct status on your Life360 app now.

Delete Your GPS Faker

Have you ever wanted to hide your location from your family member or friend in the past? Then, you might have downloaded a GPS Faker and forgot all about it.

Unfortunately, GPS Fakers aren’t compatible with Life360. A GPS Faker confuses the Life360 app, making it display the wrong location or action.

Scroll through the app list on your phone and search for GPS Fakers. Delete any one you find.

After deleting your GPS Faker, open your Life360 app. If the app still says you’re driving, continue to the next tip.

Check Your Network Signal Strength

Another reason Life360 might provide wrong information about you is a weak network signal.

The signal may have gone bad while you were still driving. Since Life360 can’t access the connection it needs to work, it might be forced to retain your previous status. The Life360 app can only update the information on your profile if your network signal improves.

The easiest way to improve your network signal strength is to move your smartphone closer to your router. If that doesn’t work, consider rebooting your router.

Another possible solution is to disconnect other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. I also recommend switching to a 2.4ghz Wi-Fi network on your router.

Once you have a stronger network signal, relaunch your Life360 app.

Is the app displaying the correct information now? If not, try the next tip.

Update Your Life360 App

If your Life360 keeps saying you’re driving when you’re not, you might be using an outdated app.

When an app is outdated, its security and performance drops. This makes it easier for bugs to gain access into the internal system of the app.

Bugs often cause the Life360 app to malfunction—stealing its ability to detect your location or making it display the wrong action.

To remove these bugs, you’ll need to update the Life360 app.

Follow these steps to update your Life360 app:

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter Life360 in the search bar.
  • Then, click on the app on the search results.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Life360 app download page.
  • Tap on the Update button to update your Life360 app.

Once you’ve updated the app, Life360 should update your current status. However, if the app is still saying you’re driving, you might need to delete and re-install the app on your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Life360 Keep Saying I’m Somewhere I’m Not?

If Life360 is displaying the wrong location, you might have logged into your account on multiple devices. Using several devices to operate your account will cause Life360 to keep changing your location, even if you have remained in the same place.

Why Does Life360 Show Walking When I’m Driving?

If Life360 says you’re walking when you’re driving, you might be driving too slowly. For Life360 to detect driving, your speed must be faster than 15mph.

How Does Life360 Know If You’re in a Car Accident?

If your vehicle suffers a significant impact when you’re driving faster than 25mph, Life360 will know that you’ve gotten into a car accident. Such heavy impact is detected by your phone sensors, which send a signal to the Life360 app. Unfortunately, this also means that Life360 can’t detect car accidents with low impact.

Wrapping Up

If Life360 says you’re driving when you’re not, you can easily fix the issue with the solutions mentioned above. But if none of the tips work, you’ll have to contact the Life360 Support team for further assistance.