Does Schlage Keypad Deadbolt Lock Automatically?

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If you’re on this page, my guess is you’re looking to get a Schlage keypad deadbolt and are wondering if there’s one that locks automatically.

If that guess was correct, keep reading, as this post will answer your question and provide more details about Schlage keypad deadbolts and the auto-lock feature. Let’s begin.

Is there a Schlage Keypad Deadbolt that locks automatically?

Yes, some Schlage Keypad Deadbolts lock automatically. However, the auto-lock feature is disabled by default, and you’ll have to enable it if you want to get it working.

And if you’re looking to get a Schlage keypad deadbolt that locks automatically, see our picks below.

Best Schlage Keypad Deadbolts that Lock Automatically

1. Schlage FE595 Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt that Locks Automatically

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So this is one of the Schlage keypad deadbolts that have the auto-lock feature. Yes, what that means is, the lock automatically locks after a few seconds—when the door closes.

But as mentioned, the auto-lock feature is usually disabled by default, and you’ll have to enable it to get it to work. You can easily enable the auto-lock feature through the flex lock lever on the interior assembly; it only requires you to turn it to the auto-lock position.

As with several models of Schlage Keypad Locks, this lock allows you to program up to 19 User Codes, which can be shared with anyone you want to give access to your home while you’re away.

Keep in mind that the lock comes with two default User Codes (4 digits) and one default Programming Code (6 digits). You want to change the default Programming Code and delete the two default User Codes to ensure that no one else can have access to your lock’s settings.

The default codes for this lock can be found on the front of the user guide or back of the keypad assembly—usually printed on a white sticker.

2. Schlage FE575 Keypad Deadbolt

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt with auto-lock

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You may have to look closely to spot the difference between Schlage FE575 and FE595, as the design is almost the same. But they sure have some distinct features.

That said, Schlage FE575 is another Schlage keypad lock with the auto-lock feature. You can enable the feature by turning the auto-lock slot to the re-lock position on the interior assembly. Yes, it’s that simple, and you can disable auto-lock by returning it to normal.

With auto-lock enabled, your lock will automatically re-lock after 5 seconds—when the door is closed.

Like Schlage FE595, this lock allows you to add up to 19 User Codes that can be used to unlock the lock via the keypad. It also features a key override, so you can use a physical key to unlock your door if the batteries are completely drained.

3. Schlage BE469 (Schlage Connect) Deadbolt

Schalge lock with auto-lock

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Although this lock features a touchscreen, it works like other keypad locks (above), as you can enter a User Code via the touchscreen to unlock.

That said, the Schlage Connect Deadbolt comes equipped with the auto-lock feature that automatically locks after a few seconds when the lock closes.

Unlike Schlage FE595 and FE575, enabling auto-lock on Schlage BE469 requires you to press a few buttons on the keypad/touchscreen. Here’s how to enable auto-lock on Schlage Connect:

  • Press the outside Schlage button.
  • Enter your current Programming Code (6 digits).
  • The lock will blink and beep once, showing auto-lock is enabled. Repeat the steps to disable auto-lock—if you want to.

What’s more, you can pair this lock with a compatible Z-Wave Smart Home System such as Samsung SmartThings and Wink.

It also works with the Ring Alarm Security System; you can check the lock status, lock and unlock your door via the Ring app on your phone.

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Wrapping Up

Using a keypad lock that locks automatically ensures your door is always locked, even though you forget to lock it. Of course, that’s a great way to beef up security in your home.

And if you ever wondered if there’s a Schlage Keypad Deadbolt that locks automatically, then there you have it! As mentioned, some of the Schlage keypad locks lock automatically, so you want to check carefully before you get one—to ensure that it has the auto-lock feature.

If you already have Schlage FE595, FE575, or BE469, you can easily enable the auto-lock feature to get it working. If you’re not sure how to activate it, refer to your user manual or try googling your Schlage lock model to find detailed information.