Etekcity Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? (Solved!)

If you’re on this page, my guess is you’re experiencing difficulties connecting your Etekcity Voltson Smart Outlet to Wi-Fi via the VeSync App.

Perhaps the major problem is Wi-Fi connection failure or the entire process of connecting your Outlet to the VeSync App isn’t working.

If that sounds like what you’re currently experiencing, then you want to keep reading as this article contains troubleshooting tips to help you fix the problem. Let’s head right into it!

Etekcity Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to Fix Etekcity Smart Plug Connection Issues

So here’s what to do if your Smart Plug is not connecting to Wi-Fi and the VeSync App:

1. Ensure Your Smart Plug is in Configuration Mode

Integrating your Smart Plug with the VeSync App will surely fail if you don’t put it in Configuration Mode before you start the connection process. So, be sure to put your device in Configuration Mode before you start the connection.

To put your Smart Outlet in Configuration Mode, plug it in (the LED indicator will illuminate blue). Next, press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds, or until the LED indicator light starts blinking blue rapidly (2 blinks per second).

Now your device is in Configuration Mode, and you can proceed with the connection.

More so, note that the Configuration Mode will turn off after 5 minutes, so ensure you complete the setup within 5 minutes (else connection may fail).

2. Check That You’re Connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network Band

Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Outlet doesn’t support a 5GHz Wi-Fi network band. If your router is set to 5GHz, switch it to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network band to avoid connection failure.

Checking and switching your Wi-Fi network band could be tricky—depending on your router. Try checking Wi-Fi settings on your router to see if it has dual bands and make sure to switch it to 2.4GHz. If you’re not sure how to do it, refer to your User Guide or contact your Internet Service Provider.

3. Ensure Your Wi-Fi Password is Correct

Incorrect Wi-Fi passwords can also cause connection failure. So, make sure you’re entering the correct password during the connection process. If you’ve forgotten your password, check your router and reset it if needed.

Note: Integrating your Smart Outlet with the VeSync App requires a secure 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, so ensure your network is password protected and use the correct password.

4. Move Your Router Closer to the Outlet

Another reason for connection failure is weak Wi-Fi signal strength. Though the Smart Outlet doesn’t display your Wi-Fi network signal strength, the connection may keep failing if the Wi-Fi signal strength is weak.

So, try moving your router closer to your outlet to boost signal strength, and then try to connect again to see if everything goes well.

5. Ensure You Don’t Have Too Many Devices Connected to Your Router

If you have too many devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network via the same router, chances are the connection to your Voltson Smart Outlet may fail. If you have over 10 devices connected to your router, try reducing them to avoid connection issues.

6. Close and Reopen the VeSync App

Minor bugs in the app can also cause connection problems. If you’re still having connection issues after getting all the above steps right, chances are the problem is from the app. Close and Reopen the app and then try to connect again.

You may also consider clearing your VeSync App cache or uninstall and reinstall the app. This way, you’ll get the latest version of the app on your phone.

Also, check whether your Etekcity smart outlet’s firmware needs to be updated. If so, update it to the latest version as this helps to improve connection stability. You can check and update the firmware within the VeSync app.

7. Reset Your Smart Outlet

Are you still having connection issues after trying all the above steps? Then you want to reset your Smart Outlet to fix internal glitches and unknown correction errors.

Normally, resetting the Smart Outlet can help you troubleshoot several problems you may have, including connection problems.

Not sure how to reset your Smart Outlet? Here’s how to reset the Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Outlet:

Press and hold the Power button for 15 seconds, or until the light indicator blinks blue rapidly. Wait 10 seconds for the rapid blinking to stop and then the device turns off.

How to Reset Etekcity Smart Plug

And that’s all about resetting your Smart Outlet. Keep in mind that all custom settings will be erased/returned to factory default settings. So, you’ll have to set up your device again with the VeSync App. See how to set up your Smart Outlet with the VeSync App below.

How to Connect Etekcity Wi-Fi Outlet to VeSync App

  1. Download the VeSync App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store—depending on your device. For Android users, ensure you select Allow to use VeSync.
  2. Open the VeSync App and tap Sign up to create a new account. If you already have a VeSync account, tap Login.
  3. Ensure your smartphone is connected to a secure 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Now tap the Plus (+) sign on the upper right-hand corner and then tap Wi-Fi Outlets.
  4. Tap Etekcity Wi-Fi Outlet US/CA and then tap Start Setup.
  5. Plug in your Smart Outlet and then press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds, or until you see quick blue flashes from the LED indicator. This will put your Smart Outlet in Configuration Mode. Note that configuration mode will turn off after 5 minutes, so try to complete the setup within 5 minutes.
  6. Enter your home Wi-Fi password and other requested information and then tap Join Network.
  7. Tap Connect and then tap the access point that starts with “ESP”. Now, wait for the app to connect.
  8. Rename your device (if you want) and then tap OK to complete the process.

You can now create schedules, turn devices on/off, and more from miles away—via the VeSync App on your phone.

Related Questions

Why is my Etekcity Smart Wi-Fi Outlet offline?

Your Smart Outlet may be offline due to power outages, internet outages, or when you change Wi-Fi routers.

So if you’re experiencing “offline” issues with your Smart Outlet, check that there’s power and your router is connected to the internet and your phone’s network works properly. If it still shows offline, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Delete your outlet from the VeSync App.
  • Press and hold the Power button of your Outlet until the indicator LED starts flashing. This will reset your Smart Outlet.
  • Reconfigure your Smart Outlet with the VeSync App (see how to do that above).

That should solve the problem. You may upgrade the firmware when your device is online again. To upgrade firmware, go to Device Settings and tap Upgrade Firmware.

My Etekcity Smart Outlet isn’t turning on/off as scheduled—what to do?

  • Check that the schedule is actually turned on.
  • Ensure your phone’s Location Services are turned on.
  • And finally, ensure the outlet is connected to an active Wi-Fi network.

How do I connect my VeSync Outlet to a New Wi-Fi?

A simple way to do this is to reset your VeSync outlet. This will remove the current Wi-Fi, then connect it to a new Wi-Fi.

How do I connect my Etekcity Smart Outlet to Alexa?

On the VeSync App, tap More and then tap Link to Alexa. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Note: You need to have an Alexa account and device to control your Smart Outlet via Alexa.

How do I connect my Etekcity Smart Outlet to Google Assistant?

Tap More on the VeSync App and then tap Link to Google Assistant. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Wrapping Up

In summary, here’s how to resolve connection issues with your Etekcity Smart Outlet:

  • Ensuring the device is in Configuration Mode before connecting.
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi network is set to 2.4GHz.
  • Check and improve Wi-Fi signal strength.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi password is correct.
  • Close and reopen the app and clear cache.
  • And finally, factory reset your Smart Outlet to fix bugs causing connection issues.

So that’s how to fix connection issues with your Etekcity Smart Outlet. Hope this article was helpful and you could get your Smart Outlet up and running again.

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