Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting: How to Fix

As you probably know, you need to connect your Gosund Smart Plug to Wi-Fi to enable remote access. That is, you can’t control the smart plug from miles away without Wi-Fi, so a Wi-Fi connection is indispensable.

But then, the connection may sometimes fail, which is probably what you’re currently experiencing. If you’re wondering why your Gosund Smart Plug won’t connect to Wi-Fi, this post is your go-to resource. Let’s dive in!

Why is my Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting

If your Gosund Smart Plug won’t connect to Wi-Fi, here are some reasons this might be happening:

  • The plug hasn’t received power or is not in pairing mode.
  • You’re connecting to an unsupported Wi-Fi band.
  • Your Wi-Fi network’s signal strength is weak.
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi password.
  • You’re connecting the plug to a different Wi-Fi network from the one used on your phone.

With that in mind, let’s go into more details on how to fix this issue.

Tips to Troubleshoot Gosund Smart Plug Wi-Fi Connection Issues

So here are some troubleshooting steps to try if your Gosund Smart Plug won’t connect to Wi-Fi:

1. Check that Your Socket is Plugged into a Working Outlet

You have to be sure that your smart plug has received power before you start the connection process. So check if the device LED indicator is blinking. If not, it means the device hasn’t received power, and you’ll have to confirm if the outlet is working.

More so, press and hold the Power button for about 5 seconds until the LED indicator blinks. If the LED indicator blinks rapidly, your device is on and ready to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Now return to the app and resume the connection process.

2. Check that Your Wi-Fi is Set to the 2.4GHz Band

Connecting your Gosund Smart Plug to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band will surely fail as it doesn’t work with the 5GHz Wi-Fi network band.

If your connection keeps failing, check your phone’s Wi-Fi settings to see if you’re connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network. If connected to a 2.4GHz network, skip this step to the next one.

But if you’re connected to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, switch it to a 2.4GHz network. Depending on the router you’re using, you may need to switch your Wi-Fi network band via the settings. Refer to your user manual for detailed instructions.

3. Check and Improve Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Weak Wi-Fi signal strength can also cause connectivity issues. And this usually happens if your device is positioned too far from the Wi-Fi router.

Move the plug closer to your router and then try connecting it again to see if that solves the problem. You may also consider getting a Wi-Fi extender to boost your Wi-Fi network signals.

If you still can’t get it to connect to Wi-Fi, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

4. Confirm that Your Wi-Fi Password is Correct

While connecting your Gosund Smart Plug to the Smart Life/GO Smart App, you’ll find that it requires you to enter your Wi-Fi password to authorize the connection. And the connection will fail if your Wi-Fi password is incorrect.

So be sure you’re using the right Wi-Fi password. If you’ve forgotten your password, reset your router and set a new password.

5. Ensure You’re Connecting to the Same Wi-Fi Network Used on Your Phone

Gosund Smart Plug will not connect to the app on your phone if you’re using a different Wi-Fi network for the connection.

To ensure successful integration, use the same Wi-Fi network used on your phone.

6. Switch from Easy Mode to AP Mode

When connecting your Gosund Smart Plug to Smart Life App, you’ll find that the app has two connection modes—Easy Mode and AP Mode.

While the Easy Mode is recommended, the connection may sometimes fail. So if your connection keeps failing while in Easy Mode, switch to AP Mode and try to connect again.

7. Factory Reset Your Smart Plug, Router and Update the App

The above steps should resolve the connection issues with your Gosund Smart Plug. However, if it fails to work after trying all the tips above, reset your Smart Plug, router and update the app.

Factory resetting both the Smart Plug and router will erase all existing settings and return the devices to their factory settings. This may fix any settings/bugs obstructing the Wi-Fi connection.

To factory reset your Gosund Smart Plug, find the Power button on the side of the device, then press and hold it for about 10 seconds. This should reset the plug.

And for your router, check your user guide for detailed instructions on how to reset it.

More so, check for updates and update the app—if there’s any. If there’s no new update, uninstall the app. Then go to Google Play Store or App Store and reinstall the app. That way, you’re sure all previous settings are erased, along with any bug.

Now you can set up your Smart Plug again. See how to do this below.

How to Setup Gosund Smart Plug

Gosund Smart Plug works with Smart Life and GO Smart App. But we recommend you use the Smart Life App as it has more features.

Follow the steps below to set up your Gosund Plug with the Smart Life App:

  1. Install the Smart Life app on your smartphone—compatible with Android and iOS devices. Go to Google Play Store or App Store to download and install the app.
  2. Open the Smart Life App on your phone and tap on Register. Enter your email address and follow the instructions in the app to complete the registration. If you already have a Smart Life account, skip the registration process and tap Login.
  3. On the Add Device page, select Easy Mode at the top right-hand corner. Next, tap “Add Devices” and select “All Devices” and then select “Electrical Outlet”.
  4. Long press the ON/OFF button on your Smart Plug until the indicator light blinks speedily. (This should take 5 seconds or so).
  5. Now choose your Home Wi-Fi. Ensure your Wi-Fi network is set to the 2.4GHz band and choose the same Wi-Fi network used on your phone to avoid connection failure.
  6. Enter your Wi-Fi password. Ensure your Wi-Fi password is correct, else the connection will fail.
  7. Wait for the app to configure and add your device. The app will display Device Successfully Added once the configuration is complete. Now tap “Complete” to finish the process.

And that’s all about setting up your Gosund Smart Plug with the Smart Life App. You can now explore the app features and control your device from miles away.

Why Does My Gosund Smart Plug Keep Disconnecting?

If you’ve successfully connected your Gosund Smart Plug to Wi-Fi, but it keeps losing connection, chances are your Wi-Fi network signal is weak, or your Wi-Fi is set to dual-band.

That said, here’s how you can go about this issue:

  • Fix Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Your plug may keep losing connection and trying to connect if your router is supplying low signals. As mentioned above, move your plug closer to the router or get a Wi-Fi Booster to boost your Wi-Fi network signals.
  • Set Your Router to run on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Band: If your router is set to operate on a dual-band, it means it can switch automatically between the two Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz). Note that Gosund Plug doesn’t support the 5GHz band, so it may lose connection when your router switches the 5GHz band. Ensure your router is set to run on the 2.4GHz band only.

If the issue persists, reset the plug and set it up again (see how to reset and set up the plug above).

Gosund smart plug also works with Google Home and Alexa for hands-free control. Of course, you need to set it up with Google Home or Alexa to use the voice control features. See how to set up your Gosund Smart Plug with Alexa below.

How to Connect Gosund Smart Plug to Alexa

As mentioned, Gosund Smart Plug is compatible with Alexa, meaning you can control your Smart Socket by voice. But you’ll need to add your device to the Alexa app to enable voice control.

Here’s how to add your Gosund Smart Plug to Alexa:

  1. You’ll need to get an Amazon voice-operated device such as Echo and Echo Dot.
  2. Install the Amazon Alexa App on your phone and sign up. If you already have an Alexa account, simply tap Login.
  3. Click the menu at the top left corner and tap Settings and then select Set up a new device.
  4. Now choose a device (Echo and the like). Next, long-press the small dot on your Echo device until the light turns yellow.
  5. Return to the Alexa App and press Continue. Choose your Home Wi-Fi network and wait for a few minutes. An introduction video will appear on your screen—click the next step after the introduction video to go to the “Home” page. Now you’ve successfully connected Echo to the Alexa App via Wi-Fi.
  6. In Alexa App, select Skills in the options bar and then type Smart Life in the search bar. Next, select Smart Life in the search results and tap ENABLE TO USE.
  7. Enter your Smart Life username and password. Next, wait for Alexa to connect to Smart Life. When complete, Alexa App will display a confirmation note — Alexa has been successfully linked with Smart Life.

How to Connect Gosund Smart Plug to Alexa

So that’s all about connecting Gosund Smart Plug to Alexa. As you can see, it works via the Smart Life App. You can now control your Smart Socket by voice.

Gosund Smart Plug Not Responding to Alexa: How to Fix

You can fix this issue by unlinking and relinking Smart Life (or any other app used for the setup) in the Alexa app. If it still doesn’t work, check and update Smart Life and Alexa app.

Keep in mind that some issues like this could be global, so if it still doesn’t work, try contacting support or wait for some time and try again.

How Do I Get My Gosund Smart Plug Back Online?

If the app shows that your Gosund Smart Plug is offline, here are some fixes to try to get it back online:

  • Unplug the plug from its power source and plug it back in.
  • Restart your router.
  • Force quit the app and open it again.

Your Gosund plug should be back online now. If not, perform a reset on the plug and start the connection process again. Ensure your router operates on the supported Wi-Fi band (2.4GHz).

How Do I Change the Wi-Fi On My Gosund Smart Plug?

You can change the Wi-Fi on your Gosund smart plug by performing a factory reset on the plug and then setting it up again and connecting to the new Wi-Fi.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, your Gosund Smart Plug may not connect to Wi-Fi/App for several reasons. So take your time to check all possible causes highlighted above and try all troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

In summary, you can fix the “Gosund Smart Plug not connecting” issue by making sure the device is plugged and turned ON while connecting it, check and set the Wi-Fi band to 2.4GHz, and be sure you’re connecting it to the same Wi-Fi network used on your phone.

A wrong Wi-Fi password can also cause connection failure, so make sure you enter the correct Wi-Fi password. See the troubleshooting tips above for more details.

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