How to Tell If Someone is Faking Their Location on Life360

You think someone is faking their location on Life360, and you want to confront them about it. But first, you’d like to confirm that they’ve actually spoofed their location. How do you discover the truth?


If that sounds like you, you are in the right place. In this post, I’ll show you how to tell when someone is faking their location.

The easiest way to tell whether someone is faking their location is to search their phone for GPS fakers. If they have a GPS faker, they are probably spoofing their location.

Keep reading to find more tips on how to sniff out location fakers on Life360.

5 Simple Ways to Tell if Someone is Faking Their Location on Life360

1. Search for GPS Fakers on Their Phone

A GPS Faker is an app that lets users hide and change their whereabouts on location-tracking devices like Life360. If someone has this app on their phone, chances are they are faking their location on Life360.

If the person you’re trying to track lives with you, you can check if they have a GPS faker on their phone. Common GPS Fakers are Pokemon Go, MobiAnyGo, Fake GPS Location, GPS Emulator, and Clone App.

If you find any of these apps on their phone, they are probably spoofing their location.

2. Look Out for Drastic Location Changes on Life360

You won’t always live with the person whose location you’re tracking. Besides, most people use passwords to lock their phones, thus preventing others from gaining easy access to them. Due to these reasons, searching for a GPS Faker on another person’s phone might be impossible.

Luckily, there are other ways to identify when someone is faking their location on Life360. One of such ways is a drastic location change.

 If someone’s location on Life360 changes about three cities apart within a few minutes, it is most likely that they are spoofing their location. To discover this information, you might need to check your Life360 account every 20 minutes. Once you notice such changes, it’s time to confront them.

3. Monitor Their Movement Patterns

Is Life360 saying the person is walking, yet they are moving faster than a car? Then, you have good reasons to suspect a location spoof.

The fastest car moves at a speed of 764mph. To own such a car, they would have to be rich or know someone who is wealthy. If they don’t fit into that category, but Life360 says they’re moving at over 700mph, they are most likely faking their location.

4. Observe Sudden Changes in Their Routine

This method will work for you if the person you’re tracking has a usual routine. If Life360 says that they are at a location outside the areas they often visit, they might be spoofing their location.

If you choose this method, don’t be in a rush to confront the person. An unexpected event might have led to the sudden change in routine.

Call and ask them about the location and the purpose of their visit. If they give dodgy answers to your questions, it might be time to suspect them.

5. Make a Video Call and Study Their Surroundings

What if you’re too busy to monitor the location data on your Life360 app? You don’t have to spend your precious time launching and relaunching the app. Instead, you can just video call them and study their surroundings.

If their environment is extremely different from the location on Life360, it might be a sign that they are spoofing their location.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If Someone Paused Their Location on Life360?

If someone in your Circle logs out of their Life360 account or turns off Location on their phone, Life360 will send a No Network or Location/GPS turned off message when you try to access their account. This message won’t disappear until they log back into their Life360 app or re-activate Location services on their phone.

Can Life360 Give False Location?

If you want to use a region-based app or protect your privacy, you can use Life360 to fake your real-time location. Life360 lets you change your location to a preferred address. When you spoof your location on Life360, your friends and family won’t know about it.

Can You Tell If Someone is on Their Phone on Life360?

Life360 can help you determine if someone is using their phone. The app detects phone usage when the user moves their phone. That said, Life360 can’t tell whether they are making a call or sending a text.

How Accurate is Life360 Location?

Compared to other location finder apps, Life360 is more accurate. That said, the app tends to be quite accurate when it is open. However, if you close the app and leave it running in the background, it might display incorrect location data.

Why is Life360 Showing the Wrong Location?

If your Life360 app is displaying the wrong location, you might have internet connection issues. Consider switching off your Battery Saver and rebooting your router to fix the problem.

Wrapping Up

If you suspect that someone is faking their location on Life360, don’t be in a rush to confront them about the spoofing. Apply the methods above to test if they are faking their location. If they fail one of the tests, you can question them about faking their location.