Kasa Camera Blinking Red [Meaning and How to Fix]

If your Kasa Camera is blinking red nonstop, it could indicate a problem.

If this is your problem and you’re looking for ways to fix it, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn about the causes of the red blinking light and how to resolve it.

Kasa Camera

A red blinking light on a Kasa camera indicates the device is connecting to Wi-Fi. The red flashes should turn green once the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

However, if the camera keeps blinking red, it means it is unable to connect to Wi-Fi, indicating a network issue.

Here are some steps to take to address the issue.

Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, refreshing your Wi-Fi connection is a quick way to resolve network issues. To do this, you’ll need to reboot your router.

You can simply reboot your router by unplugging it from the power source. Then wait 10-20 seconds and plug it back in.

Try connecting your Kasa camera to your Wi-Fi. The blinking red light should cease once the camera is connected to Wi-Fi.

If this doesn’t help, continue to the next step.

Power Cycle the Camera

Another way to resolve this issue is to power cycle the camera.

Go to the power outlet where the camera is plugged in. Unplug it and wait a few seconds before plugging it back in.

Check that the camera is properly plugged in and the power outlet is turned on.

Next, wait a few minutes to see if the blinking red is no more. If it’s still there, continue to the next step.

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If your camera is still blinking red because it’s unable to connect to Wi-Fi, your Wi-Fi signals might be weak.

Your Wi-Fi signals might be weak if the router is located too far from the device you want to connect.

Check if other devices around the same area are connected, if not, try bringing your router closer, or take your camera closer to the router.

More so, check the supported Wi-Fi band for your Kasa camera and make sure your router is broadcasting the supported Wi-Fi band. Most smart security cameras, including the Kasa cameras, only support the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

Check for Updates

If the problem persists, check whether the app or firmware requires an update. Sometimes, running outdated firmware or even an outdated app can trigger some malfunctions.

Go to your app store (on your phone) and check if the Kasa app requires an update. If so, update it immediately.

Next, check and update the firmware. Here are the steps to update Kasa devices’ firmware:

  • Open the app. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Me.
  • If your Kasa camera (and other devices) has a new firmware version, the updates will be displayed on the page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware (if available).

Reset Your Kasa Camera

If your Kasa camera still blinks red and refuses to connect to Wi-Fi after trying all the solutions above, try resetting it.

Resetting the camera might remove internal glitches obstructing the connection.

Here’s how to reset your Kasa camera:

  • Open the Kasa app and locate your camera on the Homepage.
  • Swipe the camera left and tap Delete. Next, tap Remove Device.
  • Now your camera is removed from your Kasa account and factory settings are restored.

Next, you’ll need to set up your camera again and connect to Wi-Fi. This should resolve the red blinking light issue.

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Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, a red blinking light on your camera shows the device is connecting to Wi-Fi. The light automatically switches to green once it’s connected.

If the red flashes stay longer, it indicates network connectivity issues and you may need to troubleshoot it. The steps above should help you resolve this issue in a few minutes.

To help you address issues with status lights on your Kasa camera, here are the different indicator lights on a Kasa camera and what they represent:

  • Solid Amber: The camera is rebooting.
  • Alternating amber and green: The device is ready for setup.
  • Flashing red: The camera is connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • Flashing green: The camera is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Solid green: The device is bound to cloud.
  • Flashing amber: The camera is resetting.

So that’s it. Hope this post was able to help you resolve the red flashes issues on your Kasa camera.

However, if the problem persists, contact TP-LINK customer support for help.