Kwikset Smart Lock Keypad Not Working: How to Fix

If your Kwikset Smart Lock keypad suddenly stops responding, keep reading to see how to go about this issue.

Kwikset Lock Keypad Troubleshooting

In short, if your Kwikset Lock keypad is not working, the batteries might be low. You can fix this problem by replacing the batteries in your lock.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll look at more details on how to resolve this problem.

Troubleshooting Kwikset Smart Lock Keypad Problems

Restart the Lock

If your Kwikset Lock keypad stops working, restarting the lock could do the trick.

To restart your Kwikset Lock, remove the batteries from the lock. Then wait 20-30 seconds and put the batteries back in.

Ensure that the batteries are well placed when putting them back.

If the keypad doesn’t work after this, continue to the next step.

Replace the Batteries

Replacing the batteries in your Kwikset Lock is a go-to fix for this issue.

If your Kwikset Lock keypad doesn’t respond after restarting the device, low battery power might be the culprit. Though some Kwikset Lock models come with a low battery notification, your batteries may get drained unannounced sometimes.

Replace the batteries in your lock to see if it solves the problem.

Follow these steps to replace the batteries in your Kwikset Lock:

  • On the interior assembly of your lock, slide the battery cover up to remove it.
  • Remove the battery pack. Next, take out the old batteries from the battery pack.
  • Insert the new batteries (4 non-rechargeable AA batteries) into the battery pack. Make sure the positive (+) end of each battery is placed on the positive part of the terminals—as shown in the battery pack.
  • If you had received a low battery notification earlier, press and hold the Program button for 5 seconds. Your Kwikset lock may not work after replacing the batteries if you skip this step (that’s if you received a low battery notification earlier).
  • Now, insert the battery pack into the lock. You’ll hear several beeps and the indicator light will flash green, showing the lock has received power.

Next, try to operate the lock via the keypad to see if it works. If the problem persists, continue to the next step.

Reset Your Kwikset Lock

Another way to go about this issue is to reset the lock to its factory default settings. This should fix incorrect settings and other unseen errors causing the keypad issue.

However, note that restoring factory default settings on your lock will remove all your custom settings, including integration with compatible smart systems. So, you’ll need to reprogram the lock after performing a factory reset.

Also, you’ll need to perform the door handing detection on your lock after resetting it.

That said, here’s how to factory reset your Kwikset Smart Lock:

  • Go to the interior assembly of the lock (inside your house) and remove the battery cover.
  • Remove the battery pack from the lock (don’t remove the batteries from the battery pack).
  • Press and hold the Program button (a black circle button on the inside of the interior assembly).
  • While still holding the Program button, put the battery pack back in.
  • Continue holding the Program button until you hear a beep and the indicator light flashes red. Release the Program button once the lock beeps and flashes red.
  • Press the Program button once. You’ll hear two beeps, then the indicator light will flash green. This shows the reset is complete.

Note that the location of the Program button may vary depending on the model of your Kwikset Lock. If you’re unable to find this button, refer to your user manual.

More so, if this reset method doesn’t work for you, check your user manual for specific reset instructions.

After the reset, perform the door handing detection process and other programming functions (add User Codes, set up Master Code, etc.).

Your Kwikset Smart Lock keypad should work fine now. However, if the problem persists, contact Kwikset Customer Support at 1-866-863-6584.

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