Why is My Kwikset Smart Lock Not Unlocking? (Solved)

So you’ve been trying to unlock your door with the Kwikset SmartCode Lock on it, but the door won’t open? In this article, we explain the reasons behind this and how to resolve the problem. Let’s get started.

Kwikset Smart Lock Not Unlocking

If your Kwikset Smart Lock won’t unlock, here are some reasons behind this problem:

  • You are entering the wrong User Code.
  • Your Kwikset Smart Lock batteries are low.
  • There is a bug in your Kwikset Smart Lock.
  • You didn’t perform the door handing identification process.
  • Incorrect installation.

For details on how to troubleshoot this issue, keep reading.

How to Troubleshoot a Kwikset Smart Lock that Won’t Unlock?

Quick Tip: If your Kwikset Smart Lock refuses to unlock via the keypad and you’re locked out, try using the physical key to unlock it (if the lock has a keyhole).

That said, let’s look at some troubleshooting steps that might help fix the unlocking issue with your Kwikset Smart Lock:

1. Replace the Batteries in Your Kwikset Lock

Your Kwikset Smart Lock runs on battery power, and the performance will reduce if the batteries are low. And this could be one reason your lock won’t unlock.

How do you know whether your Kwikset batteries are low?

You can determine the status of your Smart Lock batteries by studying the keypad. If your batteries are low, you’ll notice a red light blinking from your keypad.

However, note that you may not get the low battery notification sometimes. Probably because the batteries are bad or your Kwikset Smart Lock model doesn’t come with the low battery notification.

So go ahead and replace the batteries to see if it resolves the problem. You can replace the batteries by removing the interior cover of your lock and then removing the battery pack.

Take out the old batteries and wait 30 seconds. Then insert the new batteries, observing polarity markings (+/-).

While replacing your Kwikset Smart Lock batteries, avoid mixing old batteries with new batteries. Doing this can damage the Smart Lock. Even if you think one of your old batteries is still working properly, remove it and replace it.

2. Ensure You Are Entering the Correct User Code

Your Kwikset Smart Lock won’t open if you enter the wrong User Code.

So you want to double-check and ensure you’re entering the correct User Code.

If you’ve lost/don’t remember your User Code, you’ll need to perform a reset on the lock. Keep reading for details.

3. Factory Reset Your Kwikset Smart Lock

If your Kwikset Smart Lock still doesn’t unlock after you’ve entered the correct User Code, there might be a bug in the lock. To fix this, you’ll need to restore the factory settings on the lock.

On the one hand, if you’re not sure if the User Code is correct, performing a factory reset will also help, as it removes all your programmed codes and replaces them with the default codes.

Take the following steps to restore the factory settings on your Kwikset Smart Lock:

  • Open the interior cover and then remove the battery pack.
  • Next, press and hold the Program button. The Program button is the small button on the inside of the interior assembly.
  • While you’re still holding the Program button, put the battery pack in its case.
  • Keep holding the Program button until a red light flashes from the lock, and you hear a beep.
  • Now, release the Program button. Then press it again to complete the factory reset.

If the factory reset is successful, your Kwikset Smart Lock will flash a green light and beep twice.

Please note that a factory reset removes all the custom settings you’ve made. So, you have to re-program your Smart Lock after factory resetting it—perform the door handing identification, change the default User Code (1234), and add more User Codes.

4. Perform the Door Handing Process on Your Kwikset Smart Lock

Your Kwikset Smart Lock may fail to work if you haven’t performed the door handing identification process.

Most Kwikset Smart Lock models require the users to run the door handing identification process immediately after the first installation and after performing a factory reset on the lock.

A door handing process helps the Smart Lock know the orientation of your lock, whether it’s right or left-handed. And this is critical to the lock’s operation.

So if your Kwikset Smart Lock refuses to unlock, it’s likely because you didn’t perform the door handing identification after the first installation, or you restored default settings and forgot to perform the door handing process.

The following guide will help you perform a door handing process on your Kwikset Smart Lock:

  • Remove the batteries in your lock (requires removing the interior cover to access the battery pack.
  • Then press and hold the Program button.
  • Replace your battery pack while still holding the Program button.
  • Next, release the Program button.
  • Press the Program button again and hold it until the latch bolt retracts and extends on its own.
  • Next, the lock will flash green, showing the door handing process is successful.
  • If the lock flashes a red light, the door handing process has failed. You’ll need to restart the door handing process if the lock flashes red.

5. Reinstall Your Kwikset Smart Lock

If none of the fixes above help, the next thing you want to do is remove the lock from the door and reinstall it.

Incorrect installation can also cause some malfunctions, such as the unlocking issue. So, remove the lock and reinstall it—following the instructions in the user manual.

If you don’t have the user manual, try googling your Kwikset Lock model installation guide. You may also consider having a locksmith to help you with the reinstallation.

Wrapping Up

The fixes in this post should help you fix your malfunctioning Kwikset Smart Lock. However, if none of the tips work for you, try opening the smart lock with a physical key (as mentioned earlier).

And if the physical key doesn’t unlock your Kwikset Smart Lock, try contacting the Kwikset Technical Support team for help.

To recap, here are the troubleshooting tips to try if your Kwikset Smart Lock isn’t unlocking:

  • Replace the batteries.
  • Ensure that you are entering the correct User Code.
  • Factory reset your Kwikset Smart Lock.
  • Perform the door handing identification process.

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