Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working [Quick Ways to Fix]

Your Lasko heater hasn’t been blowing hot air for a while now. But since the red light is still on, you are convinced that the device isn’t broken yet. So, you’re looking for a way to fix the issue.

In this article, you’ll discover different ways to troubleshoot a faulty Lasko heater that is still displaying a red light. I’ll also provide a step-by-step on how to apply each solution.

Lasko Heater Red Light

If your Lasko heater displays a red light but doesn’t work, you can fix the device by resetting it or cleaning its filter. Other possible solutions to this problem include lubricating the heater fan blades and replacing the thermal resistor.

I’ll explain how to apply these tips in the piece below. Let’s dive in.  

How to Fix ‘Lasko Heater Red Light On But Not Working’

Reset the Heater

As you use your Lako heater over time, the device will develop functional issues. One such issue is the device’s inability to turn on even when the red light appears on it.

The solution to this problem is a quick reset. To reset your Lasko heater, unplug the device from power and wait for 15 minutes. Then, connect the heater back to power.

Now, check if your heater is blowing hot air. If your room still feels cool, try the next tip.

Plug the Heater Directly into the Wall

The Lasko heater doesn’t support extension cords and adapters. So, if you’ve plugged the heater into an extension cord, the device may not work. Of course, the heater will display the red light to indicate that it is receiving power. However, it won’t release hot air.

If your Lasko heater is currently plugged into an adapter or extension cord, disconnect the heater and plug it directly into a wall outlet.

Then, give the heater about 30 seconds to start heating the room. If your room doesn’t get warmer after 2 minutes, continue to the next tip.

Plug Your Heater into Another Power Outlet

Your Lasko heater may fail to work because you’ve plugged the device into a faulty power outlet. Although your current outlet is good enough to generate power, it could be experiencing power fluctuations. As such, the heater won’t blow hot air consistently.

Since the hot air released by the heater is too little to generate considerable heat, you might think that the device isn’t working.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to disconnect the heater from your old power outlet and plug it into a more functional outlet.

Your Lasko heater should start working properly after this. However, if the heater is still not blowing enough hot air, move on to the next step. 

Clean the Filter on the Heater

The Lasko heater contains a filter which extracts debris from the air inside the heater before it is released into your room. With time, the filter will become clogged with dirt.

If the filter is blocked, the hot air from the heater will get stuck at the entrance of the filter. As more air gets trapped, the heater will turn so hot that it will have to go off to stabilize power. This might be why the heater is showing a red light.

You can solve this problem by cleaning the filter on your heater with a forced air canister or battery-powered duster.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, check if the heater is working. If the heater doesn’t work, continue to the next tip.

Lubricate the Bearings on the Heater Fan Motor

Another possible reason why the Lasko heater may not work, even when it shows a red light, is rusty motor bearings on the heater fan. The corrosion on these bearings will prevent them from moving fast.

Due to this slow movement of the fan motor bearings, the heater might be unable to blow out hot air properly. The little hot air from the fan won’t be enough to warm up your room. This will make you believe that the heater isn’t working.

Oiling the rusty fan motor bearings with the 3-in-1 multipurpose oil will remove the rust on them. Avoid using WD-40 to lubricate the bearings, as the oil only reverses the corrosion for a short period.

After lubricating the motor bearings on your Lasko heater fan, wait for the oil to dry. Then, re-assemble the heater and turn it on. If the heater still won’t blow hot air, try the next tip.

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Replace the Thermal Resistor

Your Lasko heater has a thermal resistor located between its reset breakers. After a few years of using your heater, this resistor will stop working.

A bad thermal resistor will prevent your heater from generating the heat needed for warming up air in the system. Without this heat, the heater will release cool air. Since you won’t feel your room warming up, you may think that the heater isn’t functioning.

You can fix this issue by replacing your thermal resistor. But first, you should test the resistor to confirm that it is bad.

To test your thermal resistor, place the soldering iron of a multimeter on the resistor. If the resistance reading on the multimeter gradually increases, your thermal resistor is still working. However, if the resistance reading remains static, the resistor is bad.

Hire a technician and ask them to replace your thermal resistor.

Get a New Lasko Heater

If you’ve tried all the tips above without any positive results, your Lasko heater might be faulty. In that case, you’ll need to replace the heater. The new Lasko heater should blow hot air efficiently.

Wrapping Up

One of the tips above should fix your Lasko heater. Make sure to apply all the recommended solutions above before concluding that your Lasko heater is bad. Only replace your heater if the device fails to work after that.