NextFi Wi-Fi Booster Setup Instructions

If you’re on this page, my guess is you just got a NextFi Wi-Fi Booster and are looking for how to go about the setup procedures. If that guess was correct, then this post is your go-to resource.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll walk you through the steps to set up your NextFi Wi-Fi Booster in minutes. Let’s begin.

NextFi Wi-Fi Booster Setup Instructions
Image adapted from NextFi Wi-Fi Extender manual.

How to Set Up a NextFi Wi-Fi Booster?

Follow the steps below to set up your NextFi Wi-Fi Extender (using a smartphone or computer):

1. Plug Your NextFi Wi-Fi Extender into a Working Outlet

So the first step to setting up this Wi-Fi Booster is to plug it into a working outlet and ensure that it has received power. You should see lights on the device if it has received power (there are four lights there). The three lights on the right will illuminate, except the “extender” light. But if the three lights don’t come up after plugging in the extender, you will need to reset the device.

Look for a paperclip and use it to press down the “Reset” button located on the bottom of the device. Press it down for about 8-10 seconds and then release. The lights should come up by now.

2. Connect to the Extender SSID

On your phone/computer’s Wi-Fi settings, select wifi-2.4g-xxxx. Note that the device only works with the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band, so ensure you select the supported Wi-Fi network band.

Next, turn off your mobile network data to avoid connection errors. You won’t have access to the internet until the setup is complete.

3. Open a Webpage on Your Browser

On your phone or computer, open a webpage on the browser and enter in the address bar to visit the management page. It is recommended you do this using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

If you have problems accessing the page, check if the correct SSID (wifi-2.4g-xxx) is connected. Also, check whether your phone’s mobile data is turned off (if you are setting it up via a phone).

4. Enter the Default Password

Once you can access the management page, you will be required to input a password to proceed; type in the default password. The default password is admin.

5. Scan and Select Your Router SSID

Here, you will be required to scan for the SSID of your host router. When you find it, select it to proceed. Then enter your router’s password and tap Next.

Make sure you enter the correct password and note that special characters like ~, “, blank, <, and > are not allowed.

6. Set Your Extender SSID and Password

For this step, you need to set your Wi-Fi booster SSID and password. Note that the default SSID is original SSID-pro-2.4G, and the default password is abc123321. You can modify any of this here or proceed with it. Once you have set the extender’s SSID and password, tap Next.

7. Confirm the Wireless Info

Check and confirm the wireless info. Next, click Start Connect. Now, wait for a few seconds for the setup to complete. This should take 30-45 seconds.

8. Wait for the Booster to Connect to the Router

Once the setup is complete, the LED indicator on your NextFi Wi-Fi booster will light up. When the signal indicator is on, it means the relay is successful. You can now connect your extender to the internet.

NextFi Wi-Fi Booster Troubleshooting Tips and Related Questions

How do I reset my NextFi Wi-Fi Extender?

Follow the below steps to reset your NextFi Wi-Fi Extender:

  • Plug in the extender into an outlet and ensure it has received power.
  • Locate the reset button (a circle button) at the bottom of the device
  • Use a paperclip, pin, or a similar object to long-press the Reset button for about 8-15 seconds. Next, release it and wait for the three lights (to the right) on the device to come up.
  • Once the lights are up, it means your extender has been successfully reset.

Note that you have to set up your extender again after performing a reset, as all previous settings will be erased.

Can I install multiple NextFi Wi-Fi boosters for an even stronger signal?

Yes! You can create an even stronger wireless internet signal in your home or office by getting additional NextFi Wi-Fi boosters. That will mean a stronger internet connection for all your connected devices and remove more dead spots around your home.

Can I move my NextFi Wi-Fi Booster after installation?

Of course, you can move it. Unlike your router, you don’t need to plug the extender into a phone jack, and so, it is easy to move anytime you want—and to anywhere.

Can I connect my NextFi Wi-Fi booster with my older devices?

The Wi-Fi extender works with any device. That means even if you have an older phone, laptop, computer, or TV, you won’t have any problem connecting them. As long as the device uses a Wi-Fi signal, you can connect it with your NextFi Wi-Fi booster.

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