EMTEK EMTouch Unlocks Without Code (How to Troubleshoot)

Normally, you need to enter a User Code on an EMTEK EMTouch to unlock it. So if your lock unlocks without entering a code, then it’s something to be worried about.

So if this is the case with your EMTEK EMTouch Lock, you want to keep reading as I’ll walk you through the steps to troubleshoot the issue.

First off, why would an EMTEK EMTouch unlock without entering a User Code?

For the most part, your EMTEK EMTouch Lock may unlock without code due to incorrect installation or a glitch in the lock.

With that in mind, let’s go into more details on how to go about this.

How to Troubleshoot an EMTEK EMTouch that Unlocks Without Code

1. Reset the Lock

As mentioned above, some glitches in your lock may cause this issue. So the first step to resolving this is to restore factory settings on the lock.

Yes, factory resetting the lock usually helps to fix several problems. So go ahead and reset the lock to see if it will fix the problem.

But before you do that, note that performing a factory reset on the lock will permanently erase all your custom settings. So be sure to keep the default Programming Code handy, as you’ll need it to reprogram the lock. If you’re not sure where/how to find the default Programming Code, go here for details.

Next, follow the steps below to factory reset your EMTEK EMTouch Lock:

  • Long-press the EMTEK button on the keypad for about 3 seconds.
  • Enter 000000. The lock will flash green twice, followed by two beeps. Now disconnect the battery.
  • Reconnect the battery after 5 seconds. If the lock blinks green twice, followed by two beeps, it means the reset is successful.

So that’s all about resetting an EMTEK EMTouch and that should fix the unlocking issue you’re having with it.

Continue to the next step if the issue persists.

2. Incorrect Installation: Reinstall the Lock

If your EMTEK EMTouch still unlocks without entering any code, there is a high chance that the lock was installed with the thumb turn set to the locked position, which is incorrect. See the image below.

EMTEK EMTouch Unlocks Without Code

So, you need to remove the lock from the door and reinstall it—putting the thumb turn in the unlocked position. Ensure that you put all parts in the correct order to avoid causing other issues.

If you’re not sure how to uninstall and reinstall the lock, refer to your user manual or get a locksmith to help you out.

If the problem continues after trying all the options above, contact EMTEK Customer Support for help.

Final Thoughts

For reliable operation, ensure you use the correct batteries in your EMTEK Electronic Deadbolt (non-rechargeable alkaline batteries). And whenever you reset your lock, ensure you change the default Programming Code, delete the default User Codes and add your own codes.

So that’s it. Hope this article was helpful and you could fix the unlocking issue with your lock. Be sure to contact EMTEK Customer Support for help if the problem persists.

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