Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working: How to Fix

The Pro1 Thermostat T705 does its job. But as with every other electronic device, it can sometimes malfunction. And one of the problems you may have with this Thermostat is a sudden change in its operation—may completely stop working or not function correctly.

If that sounds like what you’re currently experiencing with your Pro1 Thermostat T705, then you want to keep reading as this post contains troubleshooting tips to help you fix the problem. Let’s begin!

Your Pro1 Thermostat may stop working correctly because of incorrect settings, low or completely drained batteries, dust, loose wires, and the like.

With that in mind, let’s look at some troubleshooting tips that can help you fix your faulty thermostat.

Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working
Image adapted from Pro1 T705 Thermostat User Manual.

How to Troubleshoot Your Pro1 T705 Thermostat

1. Check the Settings

Incorrect settings can cause your thermostat to malfunction. If your Pro1 Thermostat isn’t working, first check that all settings are correct before considering other troubleshooting steps.

The basic settings to consider include System Switch and Fan Switch.

The system switch allows you to select the operation mode of your HVAC system. You can either select HEAT, COOL, or OFF. Selecting HEAT will turn on the heat mode, while COOL will turn on the air conditioning mode. And selecting OFF will turn off both heating and cooling. So check that your System Switch is not off, else your thermostat won’t work as you want.

Also, check the Fan Switch and select ON or AUTO. Selecting ON will run the fan continuously while AUTO will cycle the fan on when the cooling or heating system is on.

That said, assuming your settings are all in order and your device is still not working correctly, see the next troubleshooting step.

2. Power Cycle Your Thermostat

Power cycling your thermostat has to do with removing and replacing the batteries and/or turning the thermostat off and then back on after some time.

Doing this usually helps to resolve common problems such as the ‘not working issues’. So remove your thermostat battery cover and then remove the batteries. Wait for about 10 to 20 seconds and put the batteries back. Now turn the Switch System to HEAT or COOL to see if it works.

Still didn’t work? See the next step.

3. Replace the Batteries

Though your Pro1 T705 Thermostat comes with a low battery indicator, you may not get the low battery warning if the batteries suddenly drain off—perhaps you didn’t use the right batteries.

So, replace the batteries with new ones to see if it works. Ensure you get the right batteries to avoid undesirable operation.

Pro1 T705 Thermostat uses 2 AA non-rechargeable batteries.

Is your thermostat now working properly? If yes, congratulations. But if not, see the next troubleshooting step.

4. Clean the Thermostat

This is another possible fix for this problem. Your thermostat might malfunction and develop all kinds of issues because of dust. To cross that possibility out of the list, clean the device thoroughly and always keep it clean.

To clean it, remove it from the wall and safely clean the inside using a compressed air can. That will remove all the dust that might have clogged around the wires, batteries, and power source.

5. Reset the Thermostat

If you’ve tried the above fixes without success, the next thing you want to do is reset the thermostat. This usually helps to fix incorrect settings causing the problem.

Note that resetting your Pro1 T705 thermostat may remove all your previous settings, so you’ll need to set it up again after the reset.

That said, here’s how to reset your Pro1 T705 thermostat:

  • Remove the thermostat from the wall (if needed). Then remove the battery cover and remove the batteries.
  • Reinsert the batteries backward (place the negative part of the batteries in the positive part of the thermostat’s battery terminals.
  • Wait 10 to 20 seconds. Then remove the batteries and reinsert them properly. This should reset the thermostat.

You can also reset your Pro1 T705 thermostat by flipping your HVAC system circuit breaker off. Then wait 30 seconds and flip it back on.

6. Check Your Thermostat’s Wiring

If your thermostat is still not working, the wires might be the culprit. Check for burned or loose wires and fix them.

You’ll have to disassemble the thermostat and inspect the wires properly. Get an expert to help you if you are not sure how to go about this.

Related Questions

Can I reset my Pro1 thermostat T705 if it is not functioning properly?

Yes. For the most part, resetting your thermostat will fix several issues you have. However, note that resetting your thermostat will also remove all existing custom settings. So you will need to go through the initial setup procedure again.

Why is my Pro1 thermostat T705 display blank except for the low battery icon?

This usually happens as a final warning that your batteries are low and need to be replaced.

Your Thermostat will first display the low battery indicator and if you don’t replace the batteries after 21 days, the display will go blank leaving only the low battery icon. You should replace the batteries immediately; else your thermostat becomes inoperable.

What is the TECH SET option on my Pro1 T705 Thermostat after pressing the Menu key?

The TECH SET key is for installer configuration. You should NOT change it unless recommended by an HVAC expert.

What is FILT in my Pro1 Thermostat display?

FILT in your Pro1 Thermostat display indicates your air filter is due for replacement. This reminder can only appear on your screen if it was configured to remind you when the air filter requires replacement.

So go ahead and change your air filter and reset the reminder—if you want to. To reset the FILT reminder, press and hold down the second button from the top left side of the thermostat for 3 seconds.

Why is my Pro1 Thermostat T705 Not Working

Wrapping Up

As mentioned, your thermostat may stop working because of incorrect settings, low battery, dust, etc. And the good news is you can easily fix this problem yourself without calling an HVAC expert.

To recap, if your Pro1 T705 Thermostat suddenly stops working, you can fix the issue by ensuring that all settings are in order, clean the thermostat, power cycle it and replace the batteries if needed,

However, if it still doesn’t work after all the steps above, contact Pro1 for help or get an HVAC expert to check the device.

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