Roku Channel Not Working on Samsung Smart TV [How to Fix]

Roku offers a great deal of binge-worthy content, making it a complete package of fun and entertainment. Watching this content on a long weekend is amazing.

However, a simple glitch can halt your watching experience, and you would never want it. Right?

Roku Channel

Although most of the time, Roku plays perfectly on Samsung TV or other latest devices; users sometimes find it difficult to start with Roku on their smart TVs.

If you are trying to run the Roku channel on your Samsung TV but facing a technical glitch, this article is for you. 

Here you get some DIY tips to fix Roku problems on your Samsung TV. 

Make Sure Your TV is Compatible with Roku

Samsung TV models 2015 and later supports the Roku channel app. If you have a previous model, you might be unable to stream live content using the app. 

In short, if you have a Samsung Tizen OS, visit the manufacturer’s website to check the version of the Samsung operating system you have. 

For Samsung 2015 or older models, you would need an HDMI or compatible converter for connecting Roku. A Roku streaming stick can make content available on old TVs.

Clear Roku App Cache to Optimize Performance

Samsung TV allows you to clear the Roku app cache, and it’s certainly a practical way to fix random glitches. Cache files keep building up regularly, so it’s better to clean the junk. 

Roku streams content online, but most channels you download to watch movies or shows often consume significant storage space. Only download the channels you watch regularly. 

For streaming music, use Apple, Samsung Music, or Spotify and optimize your storage. If you have deleted your libraries, restore Apple Music Library or Samsung Music on your phones. 

Check Internet Speed and Wi-Fi Connection 

If you are facing buffering issues while streaming content on your Samsung smart TV, probably your internet is slow. 

Run an internet speed test on your laptop or contact your ISP. With an unreliable internet connection, you would not be able to play videos or view shows on the Roku app. 

Reboot your modem and router to ensure they are working properly. Restarting the network devices often troubleshoot minor connectivity issues. 

Update Router Firmware to Fix Internet Issues

An outdated firmware version might interrupt your binge-watching experience. So, before you try any alternative methods, update the firmware. 

Updating your router firmware regularly improves the security and performance of your internet. So, it should be one of the first troubleshooting steps for fixing slow internet. 

Alternatively, disconnect the Wi-Fi on other devices, including your laptop and smartphone so that you receive the bandwidth you need to stream online. 

Update Samsung TV Firmware for Better Functioning

Just like apps and devices, your Samsung TV needs regular updates. So, make sure to update your TV’s firmware, as it will fix any technical glitches that are stopping you from watching Roku. 

Smart TVs usually update automatically, and you are hardly required to take any manual action. However, updating the firmware manually helps in case the automatic update fails. 

Open the smart hub by pressing the Home button on the Samsung remote. Go to Settings and select Software Update. Click Update Now and wait for the process to finish. 

Check Roku Server Status to Identify Downtime

Sometimes, your Samsung TV is working fine, but the Roku Server is at fault and preventing you from watching shows and movies. 

Contact Roku Support Staff to discuss the status of their Server and ask how long it takes to troubleshoot the problem (if any). 

In case of Roku server downtime, there’s nothing much you can do to fix the issue. Wait for Roku to resume services. 

Turn Off the VPN 

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks are great for users who are concerned about their data security. 

A VPN creates a point-to-point tunnel to encrypt your data and establish a digital connection between the server and the computer.

Most streaming service providers block VPN traffic, so you are unlikely to access the content if you use VPN. 

Watch Roku Channel on Another Device

If you have tried everything you can to stream Roku on your Samsung TV, but nothing seems to work, try to watch the Roku channel app on your laptop. 

If the app works on another device and not the Samsung TV, it’s time to contact the Support team for assistance. 

However, Roku fails to run on other devices; the problem might be with the streaming stick or the Roku server. Wait for Roku to resume services and then retry. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are some common problems that might prevent you from watching Roku content on your Samsung TV. You can factory reset your Samsung TV and the Roku device, but be aware that it will delete everything you have downloaded on your TV.