Swann Camera Night Vision Not Working [How to Fix]

If you are having issues with your Swann camera night vision, keep reading.

In the post, I have explained some reasons behind this problem and what you can do to fix it.

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In short, if your Swann camera night vision is not working, it might not be getting enough power supply to activate night vision. This might be due to low batteries or a faulty outlet/power cord. So, replacing the batteries or changing the power outlet can help resolve the issue. 

If that did not work, keep reading for more details on how to troubleshoot this issue.

Tips to Fix Swann Camera Night Vision Issues

Check for Power Issues

As mentioned earlier, your Swann camera needs sufficient energy to activate the night vision feature. So, if the camera is not working on night vision—probably the vision is blurry or completely dark—it might not be getting the required power supply.

If your Swann camera runs on battery, replacing the batteries might help resolve the issue.

Check what type of battery the camera requires and get just that. Replace all the batteries at once—don’t mix old batteries with new ones.

However, if your Swann camera is hardwired and runs on your home electrical system, then battery issue is not the problem. Check if the power outlet to which the camera is plugged is working well.

If it’s not working, switch to another outlet and see if that resolves the problem. You can also check your breaker box to see if any switch is tripped.

This will usually get your Swann camera night vision to work perfectly again. But if it doesn’t work for you, keep reading to see some other ways to fix the issue.

Be Sure No Bright Light is Near the Camera

Your Swann camera night vision mode comes alive when it’s dark. But the night vision will not work when you have bright lights in the area surrounding the camera.

The LED lights that make it easy for the camera to record in the dark won’t activate if the sensor detects the environment is well-lit.

So, ensure no bright light is positioned too near the lens or shining straight into the camera. This may mean turning off outside lighting or repositioning the camera.

Enable Night Vision Mode

Another way to fix this issue is to check whether your Swann camera requires you to manually enable the night vision mode feature. Though some cameras activate night vision automatically, others require the user to enable it.

So, check and enable night vision mode on your Swann camera.

Manually switching on the mode is simple but may vary from one type of Swann camera to the other. So consult your user manual to see how to switch on the night vision mode on your specific camera.

Check for Software Updates

If the fixes mentioned above did not work, check to see if your camera has any software updates. When your camera’s firmware is outdated, some of its features, including the night vision, will begin to malfunction.

So, check the Swann app for any recent updates and effect it immediately. You may also need to check on either Google Play Store or App Store to see if there are any updates for the Swann app on your phone.

If your night vision has refused to work because of some glitches, or because the software is outdated, updating it will immediately fix all of that. And your camera can begin to work at its best again.

Reset the Swann Camera

This is probably the final option to consider when looking to fix night vision issues on the Swann camera. Factory resetting your camera can help fix a wide range of issues your camera might be having—except it has to do with environmental factors.

However, resetting the device removes all your existing custom settings and requires you to set up your camera again.

But if you don’t mind going through this route, here is how to reset your Swann camera to make night vision work perfectly:

  • Locate the reset button on the device—this is usually located on the back of the camera. You can consult your user manual to find it easily.
  • With a pin or a rest key, press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds
  • Now, release the button.

The camera should be reset by now. So you can now set it up afresh as though you just bought it.

Next, check if the night vision issue is resolved.

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Final Note

Power issues are mostly the cause of Swan camera night vision not working. And you can fix this by replacing the batteries or fixing power issues with your outlet or circuit breaker.

However, sometimes, you may need to manually enable the night vision mode on the camera or reposition the camera away from bright light.

I have highlighted different troubleshooting tips for this issue in this post—one of them should help resolve the problem you are presently facing with your Swann camera.

But if none of this works for you, you should probably contact the Swann customer support team for help.