What Channel is ABC on DIRECTV? [All Regions]

You’ve just subscribed to DIRECTV, and you want to watch ABC TV. But you’d rather not spend your precious time scrolling through the channel lineup to find ABC.

Does this sound like you? Then, you are at the right place. In this post, you’ll discover where the ABC channel is located on your DIRECTV, so you can quickly navigate to the channel. You’ll also discover the channel numbers for complementary ABC channels like ABC HD and ABC Family.

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The channel number for ABC on DIRECTV differs across various regions. For instance, while the ABC channel on DIRECTV is on channel 7 in New York, DIRECTV users in Florida watch ABC on channel 25.

Keep reading this article to discover the DIRECTV channel number for ABC in your region.

ABC Channel Number on DIRECTV by City

Now, let’s show you how to find ABC on DIRECTV.

The ABC channel on DIRECTV is different for most areas in the US. Since we don’t know where you are reading this, we’ve created a table that outlines the exact channel number for ABC across all US regions:

City & StateChannel Number
Albuquerque, New Mexico      7
Arlington, Texas      8
Atlanta, Georgia      2
Auburn, Maine      8
Austin, Texas      24
Baltimore, Maryland      2
Billings, Montana      6
Birmingham, Alabama      67
Boise, Idaho      6
Boston, Massachusetts      5
Burlington, Vermont      22
Charleston, South Carolina      4
Charleston, West Virginia      8
Charlotte, North Carolina      9
Chicago, Illinois      7
Colorado Springs, Colorado      13
Columbus, Ohio      6
Dallas, Texas      8
Denver, Colorado      7
Des Moines, Iowa      5
Detroit, Michigan      7
Fargo, North Dakota      6
Fort Worth, Texas      8
Fresno, California    30
Hartford, Connecticut     8
Huntington, West Virginia     8
Houston, Texas    13
Hutchinson, Kansas    10
Indianapolis, Indiana    6
Jackson, Mississippi    16
Jacksonville, Florida    25
Kansas City, Missouri     9
Las Vegas, Nevada     13
Little Rock, Arkansas     7
Los Angeles, California     7
Louisville, Kentucky    11
Manchester, New Hampshire    5
Memphis, Tennessee    24
Mesa, Arizona    15
Miami, Florida    10
Milwaukee, Wisconsin     12
Minneapolis, Minnesota           5
Nashville, Tennessee      2
Newark, New Jersey      7
New Haven, Connecticut     8
New Orleans, Louisiana     26
New York City, New York     7
Oakland, California     7
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma     5
Omaha, Nebraska     7
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     6
Phoenix, Arizona    15
Pine Bluff, Arkansas     7
Portland, Maine     8
Portland, Oregon     2
Providence, Rhode Island     6
Sacramento, California    10
Salt Lake City, Utah     4
San Antonio, Texas    12
San Diego, California    10
San Francisco, California    7
San Jose, California     7
Santa Fe, New Mexico    7
Seattle, Washington    4
Sioux Falls. South Dakota    13
St. Paul, Minnesota    5
Tampa, Florida           28
Tacoma, Washington     4
Tucson, Arizona     9
Valley City, North Dakota     6
Virginia Beach, Virginia    13
Washington, District of Columbia    7
Wilmington, Delaware    6
Wichita, Kansas    10

What Channel is ABC HD on DIRECTV?

ABC TV isn’t the only ABC channel on DIRECTV. The streaming service also offers premium ABC channels like ABC HD. ABC HD broadcasts the same shows on ABC TV, but in higher definition.

That said, only viewers with HD-compatible TVs can access this channel.

You can find ABC HD on channel number 15 on your DIRECTV.

What Channel is ABC Family on DIRECTV?

Another ABC channel is the ABC Family. As its name implies, the ABC Family channel offers video content for the entire family.

But recently, the channel has altered its show lineup to focus on young girls and women. Its current programming heavily features chick flicks and original teen series like Pretty Little Liars.

The station even changed its name to Freeform to identify with its female-populated audience.

ABC Family is available on channel 311 on DIRECTV.

 Popular Shows on ABC

  1. Reality TV
  • The Bachelorette
  • Claim to Fame
  • Judge Steve Harry.
  1. Entertainment Shows
  • Generation Gap
  • The Prank Panel
  • The Chase
  1. Dramas
  • General Hospital
  • The Wonder Years
  • Cruel Summer
  • Abbott Elementary.
  1. News
  • 2020
  • Good Morning America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ABC a TV Channel?

ABC is an American TV channel that offers political shows, movies, tv dramas, and lifestyle content to its viewers. The television network started as a radio station in 1940, but is now dedicated to broadcasting television programs nationwide.

Does DIRECTV have ABC Channel?

DIRECTV offers the ABC channel on all its packages. Even if you can only afford to pay for the Entertainment package, you’ll be able to watch ABC as long as your subscription remains active.

What is ABC Channel called now?

The ABC Family TV is now called Freeform. The television network changed the name of its Family branch on Oct 6, 2015. But this isn’t the station’s first rodeo. Before it became ABC Family TV, it used to be called The Family Channel.

What Happened to ABC on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV has stopped offering the ABC channel to AT&T users. Viewers who subscribe to AT&T have also lost access to other major broadcasting networks like NBC and CBS on DIRECTV. This problem occurred because of a contract dispute between DIRECTV and Nexstar, which makes television networks accessible to DIRECTV.

How can I see ABC Channel?

You can watch the ABC channel directly from your TV if you reside in the US. However, if you want to watch the channel outside the US, you’ll need to download the ABC app to your smartphone, tablet, or smart TV. Some streaming services like DIRECTV also offer ABC on their channel lineup.

What Channel is ABC On DIRECTV New York?

ABC is on channel number 7 on DIRECTV New York.

How Much Does DIRECTV Cost?

Here’s how much it will cost you to subscribe to the service:

PackagePricingBilling Cycle
ENTERTAINMENT$64.99/monthEvery 2 years
CHOICE$84.99/monthEvery 2 years
Ultimate$109.99/monthEvery 2 years
Premier$154.99/monthEvery 2 years

Wrapping Up

You should be able to view the ABC channel on your DIRECTV now. Once you find the channel, save it as a favorite. This way, you won’t have to waste time scouring the channel lineup the next time you want to watch ABC.

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