What Does ETA Mean on Life360? [Explained]

Did you see ETA on your Life360 app, but don’t know what it means? If so, this article is for you.

We’ll explain what ETA means on Life360 and how it works. We’ll also show you how to use the option on Life360.

Sounds good? Then, keep reading.

Meaning of ETA on Life360

The meaning of ETA on Life360 is Estimated Time of Arrival. It indicates how long it will take you to reach the location of your Life360 Circle members.


Avoid using this feature indiscriminately to monitor the location of your Circle members.

You should only check someone’s ETA when you’re supposed to meet them. And even in such cases, it is still imperative to ask for their permission before checking their ETA.

How Does the ETA Feature Work on Life360?

When you search for a person’s ETA on Life360, the app uses navigation services like Google Maps to calculate the distance between you, and displays the information in real time.

Life360 also considers the current traffic situation, possible delays, and even the quickest routes before determining the ETA.

How to Use ETA on Life360

Take the following steps to use ETA on your Life360 app:

  • Launch your Life360 app and click on a member from any of your Circles.
  • Tap Get Directions.
  • This will reveal their distance to your location.
  • Click on the space between your profiles to view their ETA.
  • Life360 will also display popular navigation apps.
  • Select one of the navigation apps to get more details about the Circle member’s current location.

Benefits of ETA on Life360

  1. Faster Rescues During Emergencies: If you get into an accident, the rescue team can use the information on your ETA to find your location and direction quickly. As a result, they’ll be able to offer you relief in record time.
  2. Assurance of Safety: Since your family members can view your location in real time, they won’t need to worry about your safety.
  3. Efficient Scheduling: The ETA Feature can tell you if someone you expect to meet is still far from your location. Knowing this, you can spend the extra time on other tasks instead of waiting around for your friend.

Limitations of ETA on Life360

  1. Occasional Inaccurate Reports: If your cell signal weakens while someone searches for your ETA, Life360 might not account for some of your movements. Also, your GPS app may show wrong navigation data. These issues may cause your Life360 app to display an incorrect ETA.
  2. High Battery Consumption: Life360 consumes high battery power when calculating your ETA. If you use the ETA frequently over a short period, your phone battery will be drained quickly.
  3. Intrusion of Privacy: Your family members getting unfettered access to your location isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes, they might require you to explain why you visited a particular place.
  4. Technical Issues: Just like other apps, Life360 develops technical errors occasionally. When that happens, your Circle member’s ETA will remain static. As such, you might think they haven’t left their location when they are actually on the move. This issue can lead to distrust between family members and friends. 

Privacy Options on Life360

 Life360 is aware that exposing your location and arrival times reduces the level of freedom you have. That’s why the service offers some options that will help you protect your privacy.

These options are:

Ghost Mode: Ghost Mode lets you hide your location from Circle members for a short period.

Here’s how to enable Ghost mode on Life360:

  • Launch your Life360 app and tap the Settings
  • Click on Location Sharing.
  • Then, turn off your location.

Please note that once you’ve turned off your location, Life360 will notify all your Circle members. If you want to hide your location without the knowledge of your Circle members, you’ll need to use a GPS faker.

User Data Encryption

Life360 uses encryption methods to protect the information you’ve saved on the app from unauthorized access. Thanks to this strategy, you have the freedom to decide who gets to see their location.

Other Location-Related Features of Life360

  1. Location Sharing: Life360 shares your location with all the members of your Circle in real time.
  2. Place Alerts: If you set Place Alerts for strategic locations like Work, Home, and School, Life360 will alert your Circle members whenever you reach those locations.
  3. Emergency Alerts: Life360 lets you send SOS alerts to your Circle members when you get involved in an accident. If you are on a Gold or Platinum subscription plan, Life360 will also dispatch emergency services to your location.

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Wrapping Up

The ETA feature on Life360 is a handy tool for when you’re expecting to meet a member of your Life360 Circle, or you’re searching for them.

But if you risk intruding on a friend or family member’s privacy, you should avoid using the tool.