Can Life360 See Internet History? [Explained]

Are you browsing the internet for content you’d rather keep private? Then, you might be wondering if Life360 can see your internet history and report it to your family members.

Life360 can’t see your internet history. The app is only concerned with helping you stay safe by sharing your location with family members.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything that Life360 cannot see, as well as the information that is accessible to the app.

Sounds interesting? Then, keep reading.

What Life360 Can’t See on Your Phone

Internet History

Your Life360 app can’t see the websites you’re visiting or the content you’re searching. So, if you’re worrying about your family members seeing your phone activities on Life360, you should put your mind at ease.


Life360 can’t see your photos, videos, or any other files on your phone. Still, you should store all the files you want to keep private in a phone vault. If you don’t hide the files, your family members may eventually see them when you don’t expect it.


Life360 can’t see your text messages or who you’re texting. But it can tell if you’re using your phone and notify your family members of your phone usage.

If you don’t want your family members to see your texts, delete the texts immediately after you read them. This will prevent your family from accessing the text at a later period.

Videos You’re Watching

Even if you’re currently watching a video, Life360 won’t be able to see it. However, it can help your family discover your location. If they decide to visit you, they might see you watching the video.

For this reason, you should avoid watching anything that can get you in trouble with your family members.

What Can Life360 See on Your Phone?

Life360 can see the following information on your phone:

Your Location

Life360 can see your location on your phone. The app uses cellular signals and GPS technology to locate you.

It’s important to note that Life360 can only view your location if you’ve activated location permissions on the service. Otherwise, your family members won’t know where you are.

Life360 lets you control how much information your family knows about your location. If you don’t want your family to know your exact location, you can activate a feature called Bubble on your Life360 app.

When your circle members check your location after you’ve activated the Bubble, Life360 will only state your general location.

Your Location History

Life360 doesn’t just see your current location. The app can also detect where you’ve been in the past.

Life360 has a Location History section in every member’s profile that shows your past locations. As long as you and your family members had installed Life360 at the time, everyone will be able to see your location history.

To check the location history of any member in your Life360 circle, click on the person’s profile or name. Then, scroll through their location data to see all the trips they’ve made in the past.

Apart from the exact location you’ve visited, the location history section also contains these details:

  • When you arrived and left each location
  • Your favorite locations
  • Your favorite routes.

Drive Detection

Life360 uses your phone to determine when you’re driving. If your phone is moving faster than 15mph, the app will assume that you’re driving.

While recording a drive, Life360 will display the driver’s speed and number of miles driven. It also indicates bad driving habits like phone usage, over-speeding, and hard braking. This way, family members can notice these habits and call you to caution before you cause a crash.

If your car crashes, Life360 will detect the accident and report it to the members of your Life360 Circle. You’ll also get access to a professional mechanic and emergency dispatch service, if you are a Gold or Platinum subscriber.

Please note that you and other circle members must enable Drive Detection mode on your profile before the app can collect driving data. If your phone battery is low, Life360 will automatically de-activate Driver Detection Mode.

Your Battery Life

Another detail Life360 can detect from your phone is your phone’s battery life. But isn’t your battery life unrelated to your location? You may be wrong.

If a family is trying to track you when your phone is off, they won’t be able to locate you. This might make them worry that you’ve been kidnapped. By showing your battery life to your family members, Life360 assures them that you are safe even when they can’t track you.

When your battery is low, Life360 will notify all your circle members, so they know what to expect.

Your Phone Usage

With regards to phone usage, Life360 only shows when you are using your phone. It does not track or report what you’re doing on your phone. So, if you are concerned that Life360 is viewing your texts, you can lay those worries to rest.

SOS Alerts

Life360 has an SOS alert feature that lets you notify your family members when you are in danger. This feature is available for free to all Life360 users.

To activate an SOS alert, go to the app’s main screen. Then, tap the purple SOS button at the center of the screen. Once you press the SOS button in the app, Life360 will see the message and send it to 5 of your emergency contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Life360 Keep History?

Life360 keeps driving and location history for the last 30 days. But you can’t view this data if you are on the free plan. To gain access to the history on your Life360 account, you’ll have to upgrade to a Gold or Platinum subscription plan.

How Far Does Life360 Track?

In most cases, Life360 will only track you accurately if you’re within 3 meters of the person checking your location. Once you’ve gone farther than 3 meters, mountains and trees will interfere with the cell signal, causing Life360 to provide incorrect data.

Can Life360 Still Track You if You Delete the App?

If you delete the Life360 app from your phone, the system will stop tracking you. However, Life360 will still retain your tracking history and circles in your account. When you re-install the app on your phone, you’ll find the saved details in your Life360 account.

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to worry about Life360 leaking your internet history to your Circle members. Nevertheless, you might still want to delete your browsing history in case someone checks your browser directly.