What Thermostats Work with Vivint?

Looking to control your home temperature from miles away via the Vivint system? It works! You can do that through the Vivint app on your smartphone.

But you need a thermostat compatible with Vivint to enable remote access and then control your home temperature via the Vivint app.

So what Thermostats work best with Vivint?

As of now, only the Vivint Thermostat and Nest thermostat works with the Vivint system. Yes, Vivint has its own thermostat that works with its security system.

Now, let’s consider the features of these thermostats and how they work with the Vivint system.

Best Smart Thermostats that Works with Vivint: Features

1. Nest Thermostat

Smart Thermostat that work with Vivint

As mentioned, Google Nest Thermostat is the only third-party thermostat that works with the Vivint system (as of now).

So if you have a Nest Thermostat, you can connect it to your Vivint system and then control it remotely through the Vivint app on your phone.

Nest Thermostat also works with the Google Home app. You can create schedules in the Google Home app on your phone—Android or iOS.

That’s not all. Nest Thermostat has other excellent features:

  • Energy Saving: Automatically turns off when you’re away from home.
  • HVAC Monitoring: Monitors your heating and cooling systems and alerts you anything is wrong. Also sends maintenance reminders.
  • Compatible with Voice Assistants: Works with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can simply control your home temperature with voice commands.

And of course, Nest Thermostat works flawlessly with the Vivint system. If you’ve already sync/controlling your smart locks and other devices via the Vivint app, it makes more sense to add your thermostat—to control all your devices from a single app.

2. Vivint Smart Thermostat

Vivint Compatible Thermostat

Vivint Thermostat is part of the Vivint security/smart home system. This smart thermostat works with your in-home sensors to automatically adjust the temperature based on your preference.

And with the Vivint app installed on your phone, you can turn on the air conditioning or lower the heat from miles away. That is, you have total control of your home temperature even when you are miles away from home.

What’s more, the Vivint Smart Thermostat comes equipped with other exciting features—such as compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Echo voice assistants.

So for hands-free control, you can ask Google or Alexa to change your home temperature with a simple voice command.

Vivint Smart Thermostat also works with common heating and cooling systems such as conventional forced air, heat pump, and radiant systems.

The thermostat runs on battery power (4 AA batteries) or 24VAC wired power from an HVAC system. And connectivity is via Z-Wave.

How Does Vivint Work with Smart Thermostats?

As mentioned, the Vivint system comes with its Thermostat that works with your in-home sensors to regulate temperature. The Thermostat also works with the Vivint app, meaning you can control your home temperature through the app on your phone remotely.

More so, Vivint Thermostat works with Vivint Smoke Detectors to turn off your HVAC system during a fire—to reduce the spread of flames.

For other thermostats compatible with Vivint, they function independently as smart thermostats, but you can integrate them with the Vivint system and then control them from miles away.

For example, you can pair your Nest Thermostat with Vivint and then control it from anywhere through the Vivint app.

How to Pair/Authorize Nest Thermostat in Vivint App

  • Step 1: Open the Vivint app and tap on the 3-line menu icon on the home screen.
  • Step 2: Tap Works with Vivint and then tap Google Nest. (Contact Vivint if you can’t find the Works with Vivint option in the menu).
  • Step 3: Now tap Authorize Google Nest. The system will prompt you to sign in to your Google Nest account. Next tap Allow.
  • Step 4: Depending on how many thermostats and Vivint accounts you have, the system will prompt you to select the thermostat to be used in the Vivint app. Select the thermostat you want to use with Vivint and then tap the Back Arrow. Follow other instructions on the screen to complete the process.

So that’s all about connecting your Nest Thermostat to the Vivint system. You can now control it via the Vivint app on your phone.

Related Questions

How do I reset my Vivint thermostat?

  • Step 1: Press and hold the SIDE button on the Thermostat Home screen for three seconds or so.
  • Step 2: highlight the Installer by pressing DOWN and then press the SIDE button.
  • Step 3: Press DOWN to select Reset and then press the SIDE button. Next, press DOWN again to select Reset and then press the SIDE button.

Now the thermostat will reset and reboot. You should reconnect it to your Z-Wave network and add all previous settings as desired.

Does Vivint have a thermostat?

Short answer: Yes. Vivint has its own Thermostat—as part of the Vivint system.

Can I use Vivint Thermostat without service?

Yes. You can use Vivint Thermostat without service/subscription. However, the downside of using the Thermostat without a subscription is that you won’t enjoy professional monitoring/technical support nor have access to the mobile app.

How much is Vivint Thermostat?

Currently, Vivint Thermostat costs anywhere from $169. But keep in mind that the price may change with time.

How do I change the settings on my Vivint Thermostat?

Here’s how to change the settings on a Vivint Thermostat:

  1. Tap the Temperature icon on your thermostat’s main screen.
  2. Navigate to the top right-hand corner and then select the Settings gear icon.
  3. Now select the thermostat and change settings as you want.

Does Vivint work with Honeywell Thermostat?

No. The Vivint system (as of now) doesn’t work with Honeywell Thermostats. In fact, Vivint doesn’t work with third-party thermostats apart from Google Nest Thermostat.

Final Thoughts

While a third-party Thermostat may have its own app for remote access, integrating with Vivint offers you the benefit of controlling most of your smart devices from a single app.

That is, if you’ve already integrated your smart locks and other smart devices with Vivint, you don’t want to have a separate app for your thermostat. So integrating with Vivint means all your smart devices can be controlled from a single app.

Plus, Vivint offers real-time monitoring, so you would get notifications if something is not right in your home—whether from your heating/cooling system, smoke detector, smart locks, and so on.