August Smart Lock Low Battery Warning Signals

If your August smart lock batteries are low, you want to change them to avoid undesirable operations.

But how do you check the battery level of your August lock to know if the batteries are low? Unfortunately, there’s no way to check the battery level, but all August smart locks feature a low battery signal. So you will get notifications when the batteries are low.

However, if you have just acquired a new August lock, the odds are you’re not sure what the low battery warning signs are. Sounds like you? Then you want to keep reading as I’ve explained all you want to know about August smart locks batteries, low batteries warning signs, batteries replacement, and more. Let’s begin!

August Smart Lock Low Battery Warning

What are August Smart Lock Battery Warning Signs?

1. Notification on Your Phone Screen

A notification will appear on your phone’s screen—showing the current capacity of your battery—usually 25 percent. So once your August lock battery capacity is at 25 percent, it is considered low and you should plan for a replacement before the batteries completely run out.

You’ll continue getting the notification until the batteries are replaced or completely drained.

Note: The notification will appear on your phone’s screen—where you have the August Smart Lock App installed. So you want to ensure your app is functional and you have the phone with you always.

2. Your Lock Flashes Red

Wondering why your August smart lock keeps flashing red light? That’s another sign of low batteries!

The red flashes will continue until the batteries are replaced. To ensure continuous optimal operation, replace with the appropriate batteries—see batteries replacement guide below.

August Smart Lock Battery Replacement

Looking to replace your August smart lock batteries? In this section, I’ll walk you through the steps to replace your August lock batteries effortlessly. But first, here are a few questions and answers that might interest you:

What Batteries Does August Lock Use?

All August smart locks are powered by four AA alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries, apart from the Wi-Fi smart lock that uses two 3V CR123 or CR123A lithium batteries.

Does August Lock Use Rechargeable Batteries?

To avoid undesirable operations, August does not recommend using rechargeable batteries. All August smart locks run on non-rechargeable batteries (alkaline and lithium batteries).

Now, here’s how to replace batteries in an August Smart Lock (August Wi-Fi Smart Lock):

  1. On the bottom of your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock faceplate, press and hold the August lock logo to tilt the faceplate outward and then remove it.
  2. Now carefully remove the batteries and replace them with new ones. Make sure the positive ends (+) are properly positioned—should point up.

Did your lock blink a quick green light twice and then blink another green light that lasted longer? If yes, then you’ve successfully replaced the batteries. Next, put the faceplate back to round off the process.

Keep in mind, August Wi-Fi Smart lock uses two 3V CR123 or CR123A lithium batteries (non-rechargeable). So ensure you’re using the right batteries and do not mix old batteries with new ones to avoid undesirable performance.

Note: The above guide is for August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, click here for all other August smart locks batteries replacement guides.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Battery Draining Fast? Here’s How to Improve Battery Life

Usually, Wi-Fi-based locks use more battery power and you shouldn’t expect them to last as other smart locks that rely on Bluetooth or Z-wave for connectivity. However, if your August Wi-Fi lock batteries are draining really fast, here’s what to do.

1. Ensure Your Lock is Properly Installed

Errors in your lock resulting from incorrect installation may overwork the motor of the lock. And as the motor is overworked, the battery usage increases, which then causes the batteries to drain faster.

You can prevent this by ensuring your lock is properly installed. If you’re not sure whether your lock is properly installed, you can have a locksmith examine it and then reinstalled it if there are any installation errors.

2. Strengthen Your Home Wi-Fi Signals

As you probably know, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that allows it to connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network. This connection is aided by the Wi-Fi chips in the lock—they capture and maintain the connection between your home Wi-Fi and the lock.

However, poor Wi-Fi signals may force the chips to work so hard to capture and maintain the connection, and this process uses more battery power.

If this is the case with your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, the odds are the batteries may drain faster if you don’t improve your home Wi-Fi signals.

You can improve Wi-Fi signals by bringing your router closer to the lock.

3. Use August Connect (Wi-Fi Bridge)

August Connect is a Wi-Fi bridge that connects August Smart locks without built-in Wi-Fi to other Wi-Fi devices. You can also use the Wi-Fi bridge to connect your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock to your Home Wi-Fi—to rest the internal Wi-Fi of your lock.

As you may know, smart locks with built-in Wi-Fi use more battery power than non-Wi-Fi-based smart locks, as the internal Wi-Fi constantly searches and maintains the connection. So technically, resting the internal Wi-Fi helps to reduce the extra operation that uses more battery.

You may also read our article about programing/resetting a Defiant digital lock and Trilogy DL2800.

Related Questions

How long does the August lock battery last?

On average, the August Wi-Fi Smart lock can last between 2 to 3 months, while all other models can last up to 6 months.

But keep in mind that usage also determines how long batteries can last in your smart lock. That is, the batteries in more frequently operated smart locks may not last as others not regularly operated.

What happens when August Smart Lock batteries die?

When your August smart lock battery dies, the lock stops working electronically, meaning you can’t unlock it via the App on your phone until the batteries are replaced. But you can manually unlock your door (with a physical key) via the original deadbolt, as August locks fit with the existing deadbolt on your door.

Besides, you’ll get notifications when your batteries are low, so you should replace them before they drain out completely.

Low battery warning alert won’t stop after replacing batteries: what to do?

August recommends you operate the lock via the App at least 3 times to stop the low battery warning alert after replacing batteries.

Contact August if your lock still pushes a low battery alert after operating it through the App 3 times.

Does the August lock smart keypad require batteries?

Yes, the keypad requires batteries. It comes separately and so it runs on separate batteries, which aids connection to your lock via Bluetooth. You also need to change the batteries when they are low.

Wrapping Up

So if your August smart lock keeps flashing red, you should know it’s a low battery warning sign. And the other low battery warning sign is simple to detect—a notification on your phone’s screen that clearly shows the battery capacity of your lock.

You should replace the batteries on time and ensure you’re using the right batteries for the best performance.