Are Eufy Camera Batteries Rechargeable?

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In this post, we will tell you whether Eufy camera batteries are rechargeable and answer other questions you may have about Eufy camera batteries. Let’s dive in.

Are Eufy Camera Batteries Rechargeable

Eufy Camera comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, and it takes 4 to 8 hours to get the battery fully charged.

How to Charge Eufy Camera Battery?

Here’s how to charge your Eufy Camera battery:

  • Remove the Eufy camera from its mount on the wall.
  • Open the tiny plastic cover at the back of the camera to reveal the charging port.
  • Plug one end of a micro-USB cable into the charging port.
  • Next, insert the other end of the USB cable into a standard 5V charger.
  • Now, plug the charger into a power outlet to start charging the battery. Your Eufy camera battery should be full within 4 -8 hours.

If you want to reduce the charging time, plug the camera’s USB cable into your HomeBase instead of a standard 5-volt charger. Since the HomeBase contains 9 volts, charging your Eufy camera with the device should take less than 4 hours.

After you’ve plugged your camera’s charger into a power outlet, the LED light on the camera will turn red. This shows that the camera is charging. The red light will go off when the camera’s battery is full.

Can I Replace My Eufy Camera Battery?

No, you cannot replace your Eufy camera battery as it comes with a built-in battery. The built-in battery lasts longer and charges faster than some other camera batteries.

If your Eufy camera battery gets damaged during the device’s 30-day warranty, Eufy Support will help you solve the problem.

Avoid forcing the Eufy camera battery out of its housing. Doing this may damage your camera. If you destroy the Eufy camera through misuse, you won’t be entitled to its warranty.

How Will I Know When My Eufy Camera Battery is Low?

The Eufy Security app will tell you when your camera battery is low. That said, you must have set up your Eufy camera in the EufySecurity app to enjoy this benefit.

Once the camera is linked to the EufySecurity app, the app will indicate the charge percentage in the Eufy camera battery. In addition, this app shows you how much your camera’s battery has charged when the device is connected to a charger.

Follow these steps to check your Eufy camera’s battery status in the EufySecurity app:

  • Tap and slide the menu tab on the left side of the app’s home screen. Next, select Go to My Devices.
  • Click on your Eufy camera.
  • You’ll see the battery icon under your Eufy camera name. Observe the color of the battery icon to determine its status.
  • When the Eufy camera battery is full or only discharged by a small percentage, the battery icon will be green. Once the battery discharges beyond 50%, the battery icon will turn yellow.
  • The battery icon on the Eufy camera page turns red when the battery is low.

How Do I Know if My Eufy Camera Battery is Charging?

When your Eufy camera battery is charging, a solid red light will appear on the camera. However, Eufy camera models like the eufyCam 2C and Eufy SoloCams may display a blue light when they start charging.

The lightning bolt symbol will also appear beside your Eufy camera battery icon in the EufySecurity app.

To find the battery icon for your Eufy camera, click on Go to My Devices in the left menu of the EufySecurity app. Then, tap your Eufy camera. The camera’s battery icon is located under the device’s name.

How Long Does It Take for a Eufy Camera to Charge?

Usually, it takes between 4-8 hours to charge the Eufy camera. But if you charge the camera using your HomeBase, the battery may be fully charged in less than 4 hours.

Eufy Camera Battery Not Charging; what to do?

If your Eufy camera is not charging, you may be using the wrong charger to charge the battery. Your Eufy camera battery may also fail to charge if the camera’s temperature is too low or too high. Other reasons your Eufy camera battery may not charge are a faulty battery and a damaged USB cable.

To solve this problem, check that you’re using the correct charger and reboot the camera. If that doesn’t help, contact Eufy Customer Support for help.

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