What Kind of Batteries Does Wyze Lock Use?

Your Wyze Lock batteries will get low if you’ve been using them for several months. When these batteries get low, you’ll have to change them.

What Kind of Batteries Does Wyze Lock Use

 If you replace your Wyze Lock batteries with the wrong alternative, the Lock may develop a defect. This is why you should know the type of batteries that the Wyze Lock supports.

What Kind of Batteries Does Wyze Lock Use?

Wyze Lock is only compatible with AA alkaline batteries. You need to insert 4 of these AA batteries in your Wyze Lock for the device to work properly.

How Long Do Wyze Lock Batteries Last?

There is no standard lifespan for Wyze Lock batteries. Many Wyze Lock users complain that the battery life for the device is inconsistent, and even Wyze has confirmed this issue. According to the company, the irregular lifespan of the Wyze Lock battery is a result of a design error.

What Causes the Wyze Lock’s Poor Battery Life?

Some reasons for the Wyze Lock’s poor battery life are:

1. Closing Your Door Without Locking It

If you close your door without locking it, your Wyze Lock will stay active until you lock it. Due to the design flaw in the Wyze Lock, it requires extra power to remain active before it is locked.

The Wyze Lock draws this extra power from its batteries. This makes the batteries in the lock drain quickly.

If you want your Wyze Lock batteries to last longer, don’t close your door without locking it. And if you forget to lock your door while leaving home, lock it with the Auto-Lock feature in the Wyze app immediately you remember.

2. Exposure to Hot or Cold Weather

The AA batteries in the Wyze Lock are alkaline. Usually, alkaline batteries drain faster under cold weather.

The average alkaline battery will drop in performance once the temperature falls below 32 degrees. Some of these batteries even stop working during chilly weather.

Likewise, Wyze Lock batteries don’t work well in heat. Hot weather makes these batteries leak and drain; and it may even damage them.

3. Putting Old and New Wyze Lock Batteries Together

Just as a bad apple spoils the bunch, new Wyze Lock batteries may get damaged if you put them together with old batteries. Also, these damaged batteries can destroy your Wyze Lock if you don’t take them out on time.

How Will I Know If My Wyze Lock Batteries Need to Be Replaced?

The Wyze app will send you a Change Battery notification when your Wyze Lock batteries need to be replaced. The Wyze Lock will also appear as offline in the app when the batteries are dead.

But before your Wyze Lock batteries reach the end of their lifetime, you will receive a Low Battery alert from the Wyze app. This prepares you to buy the replacement batteries before your batteries die.

In addition, you can monitor your Wyze Lock’s battery level in the Wyze app to determine when the device’s batteries need to be replaced.

Follow these steps to check your Wyze Lock battery level in the Wyze app:

  • Tap the Device Info tab on the home screen of your Wyze app.
  • Next, click on your Wyze Lock. You’ll see your battery level on the Wyze Lock page.

That said, you may forget to get the new batteries before your old Wyze Lock batteries go out of use. If this happens, use the backup power supply that Wyze provides in the Wyze Lock to power your device until you get new batteries.

How Do You Change the Batteries in a Wyze Lock?

Take the following steps to change the batteries in your Wyze Lock:

  • Remove the faceplate on your Wyze Lock by pulling it.
  • You’ll see two tabs holding the batteries in place on each side of the battery compartment in the Wyze Lock. Push these tabs up to release the batteries.
  • Next, take out all the 4 AA batteries in the lock.
  • Now, insert the new batteries into the Wyze Lock.
  • While replacing your Wyze Lock batteries, ensure that you place the negative and positive sides of the batteries in their appropriate positions. You can note how the old batteries were positioned in the Wyze Lock to avoid making errors during the replacement.
  • After inserting the new batteries, pull down the tabs beside the battery compartment to secure the batteries.
  • A green light will appear above the battery compartment to show that you’ve placed the batteries correctly.
  • Now, replace the faceplate.

And that’s all you need to do to change the batteries in your Wyze Lock.

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