Blurams Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi [How to Fix]

You’ve tried to connect your Blurams camera to Wi-Fi several times. Yet, it keeps failing to connect.

Wi-Fi Connection issues are common in Blurams cameras, and you can easily fix them with simple troubleshooting tips.

So, in this post, I’m going to walk you through some troubleshooting steps to resolve Wi-Fi connection issues with your Blurams camera. Let’s dive in.

Blurams Camera

First off, a quick way to fix a Blurams camera Wi-Fi connection is reboot your router and the camera. Then try bringing the devices (the camera and router) closer to boost Wi-Fi signal strength.

If the issue persists after this, read on for a more detailed guide on how to resolve the problem.

How to Fix Blurams Camera Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Restart Your Blurams Camera

So, let’s start with the basics. One possible reason why your Blurams camera might fail to connect is a minor glitch in the device.

To eliminate this glitch, you’ll need to restart the camera. You can restart your camera by removing the power adapter from the wall socket and putting it back after waiting for 60 seconds or so.

Next, check to see if the Wi-Fi connection is restored. If not, continue to the next step.

Power Cycle your Router

Your Blurams camera might also refuse to connect to your Wi-Fi because your router is malfunctioning.

Your camera depends on the router to provide a Wi-Fi connection. So, if the router is not working properly, the camera won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The solution to this problem is to power cycle the router. Power cycling your router will refresh the device and clear out most of the functional issues in the system.

Here’s how to power-cycle your router:

  • Unplug the router from the power outlet.
  • Wait 10-30 seconds.
  • Then, plug the router back in.

Your Blurams camera should connect to Wi-Fi now. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next step.

Bring your Router Close to the Camera

Keeping your camera at a far distance from your router can affect its Wi-Fi connection. This is because the router requires proximity to transmit signals efficiently. For all you know, another device might be obstructing the signals moving towards your camera.

Fixing this issue is easy. All you have to do is bring your camera close to your router.

Alternatively, you can invest in a Wi-Fi range extender that will help to amplify your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.

Is your Blurams Camera connected to Wi-Fi now? If not, move on to the next tip.

Disconnect Some Devices from Your Router

If your Blurams camera isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, chances are the network is overloaded.

Your router can only provide a Wi-Fi connection to a limited number of devices. Going beyond this limit can overload your Wi-Fi network and result in slow browsing speeds, thus preventing your camera from connecting.

If you have many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, disconnect some of them from the network. Then, try connecting your Blurams camera to your Wi-Fi network.

The camera should connect easily now.

If your camera fails to connect after you’ve reduced the number of devices on your network, try the next tip.

Switch to a 2.4GHz Wireless Network

Your Blurams camera only supports 2.4GHz wireless networks. As a result, the camera won’t connect to Wi-Fi if your router is running on a 5GHz Wi-Fi network.

You can tell that you are using a 5GHz Wi-Fi network if the network name contains the number ‘5’. If you find this number in your Wi-Fi network name, you’ll need to switch to a 2.4GHz network.

Luckily, most modern routers offer both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands. So, if your router is connected to a 5GHz network, you can switch to the 2.4GHz band without needing to get a new router

Check your router’s user manual to discover how to switch to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Update Your Camera Firmware

Just like most digital devices, the Blurams camera is susceptible to bugs and firmware errors. These issues can prevent the camera from connecting to Wi-Fi.

Updating your camera firmware will remove bugs and errors from the device.  Most firmware updates come with new security features and powerful bug fixes that can eliminate glitches in the blink of an eye.

Follow the steps below to update your Blurams camera firmware:

  • Go to the Blurams app.
  • If there is an update, you will see a prompt on the device list icon.
  • Tap on Update.
  • Select Update Now to install the new firmware version.
  • Wait until the update is complete before exiting the app.

If you don’t see any firmware update in the app, your camera firmware is up to date.

Factory Reset your Blurams Camera

If you’ve tried all the solutions above, yet your Blurams camera still refuses to connect, you should consider factory resetting your camera.

A factory reset will wipe out any harmful settings that might be preventing your device from connecting to Wi-Fi. It will also remove all the recordings you’ve made on your camera. So, make sure to save any important videos to your cloud before you attempt a factory reset.

Please note that I only recommend factory resetting your camera as a last resort.

Follow the steps below to factory reset your Blurams Camera:

  • Plug your camera into the power outlet. If it’s a wireless camera, turn on the power button.
  • If you have a Micro SD card, remove it from the camera.
  • Search for the Reset button which should be at the back, for indoor and video doorbell cameras. While for outdoor cameras it is located at the bottom, next to the power port. You may need a screwdriver to open the cover
  • Hold down the Reset button for about 5 seconds, then let go when the camera beeps.
  • You will see a flashing red light in the camera when the process is complete.

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Wrapping Up

Fixing a Blurams camera Wi-Fi connection problem doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these solutions, you should be able to secure a strong Wi-Fi connection with your camera.

However, if your Camera won’t connect after trying all the fixes here, contact Blurams support for help.