SimpliSafe Camera Offline [Quick Fix]

You’re in your room when you notice someone moving outside your house. You open your SimpliSafe app to see what’s happening in your yard, but all the app tells you is “Camera Offline”. Surprised, you check your Wi-Fi router and confirm that it is working. But your camera still stays offline.

Does this sound like you? Then keep reading to learn how to troubleshoot your SimpliSafe Camera when it goes offline.

SimpliSafe Camera Offline

But first, you may want to know why your camera went offline so that you can avoid such problems in the future.

Your SimpliSafe Camera may disconnect from your Wi-Fi due to any of the following reasons:

  • Your camera is too far away from your router.
  • The bandwidth on your Wi-Fi is insufficient for your SimpliSafe camera.
  • Your camera battery is low.
  • Your Wi-Fi router is faulty or has lost power.
  • Your internet is unstable.

Now, let’s show you how to get your SimpliSafe camera back online.

How to Get Your SimpliSafe Camera Back Online

Bring Your Router Closer to Your SimpliSafe Camera

Your SimpliSafe camera may go offline if it is too far away from your Wi-Fi router. This is because Wi-Fi connection signals may weaken the farther they are from a connected device. Once you move your router closer to your SimpliSafe camera, it should reconnect to the internet.

If the camera doesn’t reconnect and comes back online after bringing your router closer, reboot the router. You can reboot your router by unplugging it from the power outlet. Then wait 20-30 seconds and plug it back in. 

In addition, you may buy a Wi-Fi extender to increase the range of your Wi-Fi.

However, if your camera is still offline after trying this fix, continue to the next step.

Remove Other Devices from Your Wi-Fi Network

SimpliSafe cameras require a specific bandwidth to run effectively. If your Wi-Fi router fails to meet that download speed, your camera may disconnect from the router.

You may wonder how your SimpliSafe camera connected to a Wi-Fi network with lower bandwidth. When you first installed your SimpliSafe camera, the bandwidth on your Wi-Fi was probably more than enough for your camera. But as you connect more devices to your Wi-Fi network, streaming moves at a slower speed than usual.

Do you have multiple devices connected to your Wi-Fi network? Remove some of them to increase the bandwidth on your Wi-Fi.

The most secure way to remove devices from your Wi-Fi network is to change your Wi-Fi password. This will remove all your devices from the network. After you’ve changed your Wi-Fi password, you’ll have to reconnect your camera to your Wi-Fi router.

Follow these steps to reconnect your SimpliSafe camera to your Wi-Fi network:

  • Open your SimpliSafe app and click on the menu icon at the top of your screen.
  • Select Cameras.
  • Next, click on your SimpliSafe camera.
  • Choose your Wi-Fi network. If you only have one router, the Wi-Fi network will appear immediately.
  • Input your Wi-Fi password. Wi-Fi passwords are case-sensitive. So, you may need to click on the Show button to ensure that you are entering your password in the correct case.
  • Now, click on the Get Your Code button.
  • The system will now send a QR code. Hold your phone in front of your SimpliSafe camera lens to scan the QR code. Place the phone about 12 inches away from your camera to avoid blocking the camera lens.
  • After you’ve scanned the QR code correctly, you will receive a message that your SimpliSafe camera is successfully connected to your Wi-Fi.

Your camera should come back online once you have enough bandwidth on your Wi-Fi router.

Upgrade the Bandwidth on Your Wi-Fi

What if you can’t afford to disconnect any of your devices from Wi-Fi when your SimpliSafe camera goes offline? Then, you can just upgrade your Wi-Fi bandwidth. This way, you can stream footage on your SimpliSafe camera at the required download speed without removing your devices from your Wi-Fi network.

You can get a Wi-Fi bandwidth upgrade from your Internet Service Provider.

Charge Your SimpliSafe Camera Battery

When your camera’s battery is low, it will disconnect from your Wi-Fi. Your SimpliSafe camera comes with power-saving settings that automatically disable streaming when your battery is low.

If your SimpliSafe camera goes offline, the battery might be low. Charge the battery to bring it back online. Always keep your camera’s battery charged to avoid random disconnection from Wi-Fi. In addition, you can also get a backup battery for your camera in case your home experiences a power outage.

More so, all your devices will disconnect from Wi-Fi once your router loses power. So, check and ensure your router is powered on. 

Diagnose Your Wi-Fi Network with RouteThis Helps

You may have tried several methods to get your SimpliSafe camera back online without getting any positive results. Perhaps you even think that your camera isn’t facing any of the issues listed in this article.

Luckily, SimpliSafe now provides its users with access to an app called “RouteThis Helps”. This application can diagnose and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi connectivity issues in your camera.

See the guide below to learn how to download and use the RouteThis Helps pp:

  • Visit Google PlayStore or App Store to download your RouteThis Helps app.
  • Next, open the app and tap the Begin button.
  • The system will ask you to enter a code. Input the code ‘Safe’ in the boxes on the page.
  • Now, tap Next.
  • Move close to your SimpliSafe camera. Then, choose Network Scan.
  • The Wi-Fi network scan will last for about 2 minutes. Avoid closing the RouteThis app or checking notifications on your phone while the scan is running.
  • When the scan is over, you’ll see your Wi-Fi speed test result on your screen.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Improve Performance’ to troubleshoot the issue.
  • RouteThis Helps will state a list of steps you need to take to resolve the problem. Follow these steps thoroughly to get your SimpliSafe camera back online.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

Sometimes, your camera may disconnect from Wi-Fi even when there are no problems with the device or your router. This often occurs when your Internet Service Provider suffers major network interruptions. If your SimpliSafe camera remains offline after you’ve tried all the tips above, the problem may be with your Internet Service Provider.

Try to reach out to your Internet Service provider. The company may offer useful tips to help resolve the connectivity issue.

If the problem continues, contact SimpliSafe support for help.

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