Can I Put a Password on My Ecobee Thermostat?

Putting a password on your thermostat can prevent your kids or anyone else from tampering with your temperature settings.

Putting a password on ecobee thermostat

If you own an ecobee thermostat and are wondering if you can get it locked with a password, this post has answers you need.

You can put a password on your ecobee thermostat to restrict access to the device. The Settings menu on the thermostat offers the option to create a PIN code that will lock all settings and schedules on the device.

Keep reading to learn how to put a password on your ecobee thermostat.

How to Lock Your Ecobee Thermostat

Follow these steps to lock your ecobee thermostat:

  • Move to the front of your thermostat.
  • Locate the hamburger icon at the bottom left side of the screen and click on it.
  • A menu will appear now.
  • Scroll down the menu and select Settings. Then click on Access Control.
  • Next, choose Enable Security Code.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN for your thermostat. You will use this code to lock and unlock your thermostat.
  • Once you’ve created the code, tap on Save at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now, you’ll need to tap on the features you want to lock. The features you can lock on your thermostat are Schedule, Temperature & Quick Changes, Vacation, System & Settings.
  • If you want to lock all the features, tap all of them.
  • After you’ve chosen the features you’d like to lock, click on the back arrow to return to the main screen.

You have locked your thermostat. Once the device is in standby mode, no one will be able to operate it without entering the correct PIN.

How Do I Unlock My Ecobee Thermostat?

To unlock a locked ecobee thermostat, you’ll need to enter the 4-digit security PIN you created when locking it.

How to Remove a Password from Ecobee Thermostat?

If you are selling your ecobee thermostat, you might want to remove the PIN code before giving it to the new owner.

Here’s how to delete your PIN code from your ecobee thermostat:

  • Tap on the hamburger icon to go to the Main Menu. Then choose Settings.
  • Click on Access Control.
  • Tap on Enter the Existing Code.
  • Choose Change Security Code. Then select Delete the Existing Code.
  • Now, tap on Save.

You’ll now be able to use your thermostat without entering the code.

How Do I Unlock My Ecobee Thermostat Without PIN Code? (No Resetting)

If you forget your ecobee thermostat PIN code, you don’t have to factory reset the device as most people do.

Here’s a safer way to unlock your ecobee thermostat:

  • Enter into your browser to visit the ecobee website.
  • Log in to your ecobee account.
  • Click on the Settings tab. Then select Access Control.
  • Tap on Disable to remove the PIN code from your thermostat.
  • The ecobee support team will now send you an email to confirm that you made the request.

How Do I Change the Password on My Ecobee Thermostat?

The guide below will show you how to change the password on your ecobee thermostat:

  • Click on Main Menu.
  • Choose Settings. Then select Access Control.
  • Tap on Enable Security Code.
  • Click on Enter a New Code.
  • Now tap on Save.

Wrapping Up

The steps above will help you lock your thermostat. Please note that you cannot lock or unlock your thermostat from the ecobee app. The lock function is only available on the thermostat.

If you encounter any issues while trying to lock your thermostat, unlock the device, or change your PIN code, contact ecobee support.

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