LuxPRO Thermostat Locked? (How to Unlock)

Are you wondering why your LuxPRO Thermostat got locked out? You’re not alone; it happens sometimes—perhaps you got it locked in error or so. The lock feature in your thermostat helps prevent anyone else from tampering with your temperatures and other settings, so it’s not a defect.

And the good news is, you can easily unlock the thermostat yourself in a few seconds. If you’re not sure how to do that, you want to keep reading as I’ll walk you through the steps to unlock your LuxPRO Thermostat. Let’s begin!

How to Unlock a LuxPRO Thermostat

Generally, here’s how to unlock a LuxPRO Thermostat:

Press the NEXT button on your thermostat three times (NEXT, NEXT, NEXT), then press the HOLD button. This will remove the padlock icon from your LuxPRO Thermostat display, showing it’s been unlocked.

If this method doesn’t work for you, it appears that your thermostat model requires a code to unlock. What this means is, some LuxPRO thermostat models require the user to set a 3-digit code when locking it. And you must enter the code to unlock the unit. So tap the Closed Padlock icon on your thermostat display, and then enter the code and tap NEXT to unlock it.

If you’ve lost the code, or you’re probably not sure how your thermostat got locked, try the default code (000) to see if it works. If it doesn’t work, then you want to reset your thermostat to unlock it.

To reset your LuxPRO Thermostat, find the reset button on the right or left side of the device (a white circle button labeled “R. Reset”). Next, press and hold the button for about 5 seconds. This will reset your thermostat and remove the key lock.

Note: This reset will remove all your custom settings, so you’ll have to start all over again to program your thermostat.

If you’d like to learn more about locking and unlocking your LuxPRO Thermostat, keep reading.

Locking and Unlocking Different Models of LuxPRO Thermostats

As mentioned, locking your thermostat helps prevent anyone from tampering with your thermostat settings.

So if you’re looking to utilize the lock feature in your LuxPRO Thermostat but not sure how to use it (lock and unlock), keep reading. This section will cover how to lock and unlock some popular models of LuxPRO Thermostats. Let’s dive in.

How to Lock/Unlock LuxPRO PSP711TS Series 

To lock your LuxPRO PSP711TS Thermostat, the first thing you want to do is to set a lock code. Here’s how to do that:

  1. On the Thermostat Home Screen, tap MENU, then scroll to SET KEYBOARD LOCK.
  2. Tap YES, then enter the default code (000). Use the UP/DOWN arrows to enter/change your code numbers.
  3. Your thermostat will display Open and Closed padlock icons. Tap YES, then enter your new code. Next, tap YES to accept the new code.
  4. If prompted to ENTER OLD CODE, tap EXIT to return to the main display.

Now your new code is set, so you can now lock your thermostat and use the code to unlock it at any time. Follow the steps below lock your thermostat:

  1. Tap the open padlock icon on your thermostat display. The Lock Key will appear on the screen.
  2. Tap YES. Your thermostat will now display a closed padlock icon, and that shows the device is locked.

To unlock your LuxPRO PSP711TS Thermostat, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the closed padlock icon on your thermostat display. Next, tap YES and enter your code (use the UP/DOWN arrows to enter/change numbers).
  2. If prompted, tap YES to complete the process. The open padlock icon will now be displayed on the screen, showing your thermostat has been successfully unlocked.

Note: If you don’t remember your code, you can perform a Software Reset on your thermostat to reset the code to 000 (the default code). See how to perform a Software Reset above.

How to Lock/Unlock LuxPRO PSP511Ca / PSP511LCa Models

If you have a LuxPRO Thermostat PSP511Ca or PSP511LCa model, here is how to lock it to prevent anyone from tampering with the settings:

Press the NEXT button on your thermostat three times, followed by the HOLD button. That is, press NEXT, NEXT, NEXT, then press HOLD. You’ll see a padlock icon on the screen, indicating your thermostat is locked.

How to Unlock Luxpro Thermostat

To unlock, repeat the steps. That is, you can lock and unlock your LuxPRO PSP511Ca / PSP511LCa Thermostat with the same process.

How to Lock/Unlock LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat

Here are the steps to follow to lock your LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat:

  1. Press the SETUP button on your thermostat, then select Full or Partial (full lock will disable all keys except the Setup button and S.W Reset button, while partial lock will allow other users to adjust the temperature without unlocking the device).
  2. Press NEXT, then set your lock code (3 digits). This system requires you to enter one digit at a time. Press NEXT after you enter each digit. For example, if your code would be 123, here’s how to enter it; 1 > NEXT > 2 > NEXT > 3 > NEXT.
  3. The unit will lock after entering the last digit and pressing NEXT.

To unlock, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the SETUP button on your thermostat.
  2. Enter your lock code—one digit at a time and press NEXT after you enter each code.
  3. If your code was correct, the unit will unlock after entering the last digit and pressing NEXT.

So that’s all you need to do to unlock your LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat. If you’ve forgotten your code, press the Software Reset button on your thermostat to reset it—you can find it on the rear of the unit’s circuit board.

Note: This will erase all your custom settings and restore the default settings. So you’ll need to reconfigure your device, as you did when you just installed it.

Changing Lock Code on Your LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat

You can also change your lock code on this thermostat. Here’s how:

  1. Press the SETUP button, then select NEW CODE.
  2. Press NEXT, and then enter your old code (one digit at a time, and press NEXT after entering each code).
  3. Now enter a new code (one digit at a time, followed by NEXT). Your new code will be active after entering the last digit and pressing NEXT.

Wrapping Up

In summary, you can unlock your LuxPRO Thermostat by pressing the NEXT button three times and then pressing the HOLD button to complete the process.

But if this method fails to unlock your thermostat, you’ll have to enter the code you set while locking the thermostat.

If you’ve lost the code or don’t remember, then your best bet is to restore factory settings on the device. This will override all custom settings, including the keylock.

So that’s it! Hope this article was helpful and you could unlock and also learn how to lock your LuxPRO Thermostat.

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