Cor Thermostat Not Turning On [How to Fix]

Your Cor thermostat used to work perfectly. But recently, the thermostat went blank and has failed to turn on since then. What do you do?

Cor Thermostat

A quick way to get your Cor thermostat back on is to locate your HVAC circuit breaker switch. Then switch it off and back on. Your thermostat should turn on after this.

Keep reading for more details on troubleshooting a Cor thermostat that won’t turn on.

How to Fix ‘Cor Thermostat Not Turning On’

Reset Your HVAC Breakers

Like every electronic device, the efficiency of the Cor thermostat will drop after you’ve used it for several years. As such, the thermostat may misbehave occasionally; exhibiting issues like a refusal to turn on.

Resetting your HVAC breaker will restore the thermostat to its normal condition. Go to your breaker box and locate the HVAC breaker. Most HVAC breakers have ‘AC’ or ‘Air Handler’ inscribed on them.

Sometimes, you may find two different breakers bearing ‘AC’ and ‘Air Handler’. In this case, you’ll need to reset both breakers.

To reset your breaker, pull it to the Off position. Then, wait five minutes for the breaker to release any leftover current. Finally, flip the breaker back on.

Your Cor Thermostat should be back on now. However, if the thermostat is still off, move on to the next tip.

Deactivate the Safety Switch on Your Furnace

Your furnace supplies the power that runs your Cor thermostat. So, if the furnace is down, your thermostat won’t turn on.

One of the common reasons why a furnace shuts down is an active safety switch. The safety switch turns on automatically when it suspects that the furnace is overheating. Once the safety switch is on, it turns off the furnace to prevent a fire disaster.

The only solution to this problem is to deactivate the safety switch. You’ll find the safety switch underneath the plenum on your furnace. Make sure the furnace cools down before flipping the switch off.

Your thermostat should turn on after this.

If your Cor thermostat stays off after you’ve turned off the safety switch, continue to the next tip.

Replace Blown Furnace Fuse

A blown furnace fuse can affect the flow of current through the furnace. This irregular current flow in the furnace will impact your Cor thermostat, as it relies on the furnace for power.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to replace the blown fuse on the furnace. But before you change the fuse, you should confirm that it has actually gone bad. You’ll find your furnace fuse on the control board of the furnace.

You can use a voltmeter to check if there is power in the fuse. If you don’t find any volts in the fuse, change it immediately. Ensure that you purchase a new fuse that has the same amperage and color as the old one.

After changing the fuse, check if your thermostat has turned on. If the thermostat hasn’t, check out the next tip.

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Clean Your Flame Sensor

A dirty flame sensor is another reason why the Cor thermostat may not turn on.

The flame sensor is responsible for monitoring the burning flame, which is the flame that burns the gas in the furnace to generate heat. Without this flame, unburnt gas will escape the furnace, thus causing harmful air to spread through your rooms.

 To prevent this disaster, the flame sensor turns off the furnace once it discovers that there is no burning flame in the furnace.

But if the flame sensor gets dirty, the debris will lower its sensitivity. As a result, it may fail to identify the burning flame, even when it appears in the furnace. This will make the flame sensor disable a fully functional furnace, leading to an inactive thermostat.

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. If you clean your dirty flame sensor, the furnace will resume working, and the thermostat will turn back on.

You can tell that your flame sensor is dirty if you see a blinking yellow pilot light inside the hole in the door of your furnace. Once you see this light, detach the sensor from the furnace and clean it with a wire brush. The flame sensor is the small rod adjoined to your burner’s exterior.

Your Cor thermostat should be on and blowing air now.

Get a New Thermostat

If you’re still having issues with turning on your Cor thermostat after trying all these tips, your Cor thermostat might be dead. In that case, you’ll need to replace it.

However, if you still doubt that the issue is from the thermostat, you can switch the problematic thermostat to the back plate of a functional thermostat. If the problematic thermostat works from there, you’re probably facing a severe power issue. So, you’ll have to hire a professional technician to inspect your thermostat.

Wrapping Up

If your Cor thermostat isn’t turning on, you can fix it with the steps above, even if you don’t have any professional experience. If the thermostat fails to turn on after you’ve tried all the tips, contact a technician for further inspection.

You should only replace your thermostat if the technician confirms that it is dead.