Pro1 t721 Thermostat Troubleshooting

The Pro1 t721 thermostat is a highly efficient and user-friendly device. So, if the thermostat suddenly stops working, you’ll be too uncomfortable to wait for a professional to inspect the thermostat.

If you’re a homeowner who’s considering fixing your Pro1 t721 thermostat themselves, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide simple ways anyone can apply to troubleshoot the Pro1 t721 thermostat.

Pro1 t721 Thermostat

Some easy ways to troubleshoot the Pro1 t721 thermostat include turning on a tripped breaker, resetting the thermostat, and tightening loose wires.

Keep reading to learn how to apply the above steps.

How to Troubleshoot Pro1 t721 Thermostat

Check Your Circuit Breaker

Is your thermostat showing a blank screen? If so, its circuit breaker may have tripped off. The circuit breaker usually goes off after you experience a power outage or power surge.

Your thermostat relies on its circuit breaker to supply power from your electrical panel. This is why the thermostat stops working immediately after the circuit breaker goes off. 

If you suspect that your HVAC breaker is off, you’ll need to turn it back on.

Walk to your breaker box and locate your HVAC breaker. The HVAC breaker is usually labeled as AC/Air handler.

In some homes, the breaker box contains two different breakers bearing the titles of ‘AC’ and ‘Air handler/heat pump’. If you fall into this category, you’ll have to inspect both breakers.

Once you’ve identified the HVAC breaker, check if it is in the ‘Off’ position. You can tell that your breaker is turned off if it is set in a different position from other breakers in the box.

If you notice that the breaker is off, turn it back on. Your thermostat should resume working after this. But if the device is still malfunctioning, try the next tip.

Reset Your Thermostat

Your Pro1 t721 thermostat’s performance drops with each usage. After a while, the device may start misbehaving occasionally. For instance, it could fail to blow hot or cool air, or go off without any reason. If this happens, you’ll need to reset the thermostat to restore it to order.

Here’s how to reset your Pro1 t721 thermostat:

  • Slide the System button on the thermostat to Off.
  • Set your Fan settings to Auto.
  • Walk to your HVAC breaker and flip it off.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Then, switch the breaker back on.
  • The reset is complete.

Go back to your thermostat, and set it to Cool or Heat, depending on your preferred temperature. Your thermostat should respond accordingly.

However, if your Pro1 thermostat keeps acting up, move on to the next step.

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Clean the Interior of Your Breakers

Sometimes, dust leaks into the interiors of your breaker box. Over time, the dirt may accumulate into large dust particles and lower the functionality of your breaker.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to open up the breaker box and clean its interiors. Make sure to turn off all the breakers before removing the screws on the box.

If the inside of your breakers looks dirty, clean it off with a soft artist’s brush or canned air.

Then, close up the breaker box and turn on all breakers.

When your Pro1 t721 thermostat resumes working, it should be blowing air properly.

Change Your Thermostat Battery

Is your Pro1 t721 thermostat blowing cool air instead of hot air? Or is the thermostat heating your rooms when it is set to Cool? The most likely culprit behind this issue is a low battery.

When the Pro1 thermostat’s battery is low, it waits for 21 days before it shows a low battery signal. During this time, it keeps working normally, just as a fully functional thermostat would.

The low battery indicator is an empty battery bar bearing the word ‘LOW’.  

After displaying the low battery signal, the device gives you an additional 21 days to notice the low battery signal and change your batteries. If you ignore the signal after this, the device will automatically deactivate its heating or cooling settings. In this situation, the thermostat programs its System settings to a default 85°F (Cooling) or 55°C (Heating).

Your System settings will only go back to normal when you replace your batteries. You must change your batteries immediately after you notice the heating/cooling issue. Otherwise, your thermostat will freeze or overheat until it becomes damaged.

Take the following steps to replace the batteries in your Pro1 t721 thermostat:

  • Use your finger to pull the slope on the lower side of the thermostat.
  • This will open up the battery case.
  • Remove the old ones and insert new 2 AA batteries.
  • Finally, close the case.

Your Pro1 t721 thermostat will work properly now.

Tighten Loose Wires on Your Thermostat

If your Pro1 t721 thermostat has loose wires, it may cause the device to malfunction. This is because the wires play a crucial role in ensuring that all your thermostat’s components work in unison. Once these wires loosen, the thermostat will stop responding to your commands.

Unscrew the cover of your thermostat and inspect its wires. If the wires seem loose, tighten the bolts holding them to your thermostat.

If your thermostat still isn’t blowing air properly, try the final tip. 

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Get a New Thermostat

If you’ve tried all the tips above, yet your thermostat keeps misbehaving, the device might be damaged. Consider replacing your thermostat to resume enjoying your comfort.

Before you replace your thermostat, hire an experienced HVAC technician to inspect the device thoroughly. You never know, they might find another issue in the thermostat that we haven’t discussed here.

Wrapping Up

Anyone can troubleshoot a faulty Pro1 t721 thermostat with the methods described above. If none of our recommended tips fixes your thermostat’s issue, ask a professional technician for further assistance.