How to Reset a Carrier Cor Thermostat

At some point, you want to reset your Carrier Cor Thermostat—especially if you’re having issues with it.

Of course, resetting your Cor Thermostat could help fix several issues such as incorrect temperature readings, not cooling/heating, and registration/Wi-Fi setup problems.

That said, in the following paragraphs, I’ll walk you through the steps to reset your Cor Thermostat and how to program some vital functions. Let’s begin!

Resetting a Carrier Cor Thermostat

Cor Thermostat Reset Instructions

Follow the steps below to reset your Carrier Cor Thermostat:

  1. On the Thermostat Home Screen, tap Menu, then select Settings and then select Reset.
  2. Now select Reset All from the reset options. Next, tap Yes to confirm the reset.

Note: This reset will restore default factory settings in your thermostat. What this means is, your registration details and Wi-Fi connection settings, including all other custom settings, will be permanently deleted. So you’ll have to start all over again to set up your thermostat. Go here to see how to register and connect your thermostat to Wi-Fi.

If you do not intend to perform a factory reset on your thermostat, select another reset option instead of “Reset All”. You may select “Reset Preferences” to only erase a few settings.

You can also reset your Cor thermostat by switching your HVAC circuit breaker switch off. Then wait 30 seconds and switch it back on.

You can find the HVAC circuit breaker switch in your home’s circuit breaker panel—usually labeled HVAC or Air Conditioner.

So that’s all about resetting your Cor Thermostat. If you’d like to learn more about setting up some key functions in your thermostat, keep reading.

Programming Your Cor Thermostat

So in this section, we look at how you can set up some key features in your thermostat for continuous, reliable operation. Let’s begin.

Adjusting the Temperature on Your Cor Thermostat

After resetting your thermostat, you’ll need to set/adjust the temperature settings for reliable operation. So here’s how to manually adjust the temperature on your Cor Thermostat:

  1. On the Home Screen, tap the up or down arrows.
  2. To adjust the cooling set-point, tap COOL TO, then use the up and down arrows to adjust.
  3. To adjust the heating set-point, tap HEAT TO, then use the up and down arrows to adjust.

Adjusting temperature on a Carrier Cor Thermostat

Note: Adjusting the temperature on your Cor thermostat manually will temporarily override your schedule. To cancel the schedule override, tap the lower Touch-N-Go button on the Home Screen, then tap Resume Schedule.

Setting Up Your Weekly Schedule

You can set up a schedule on your thermostat using the Guided Scheduling feature. The feature walks you through the steps to program the thermostat to match your schedule and comfort settings.

That said, here’s how to set up weekly schedules on your Côr Thermostat:

  1. On the Thermostat Home Screen or Smartphone app, tap Menu Schedules > Guided Schedule. Next, tap the days of the week you want to set and then tap Next.
  2. Select your wake-up time, then select the cooling and heating temperatures.
  3. Select Fan operation for each temperature (heating and cooling).
  4. Select whether you’re at home all day or away. Next, select any other settings requested in the Guided Schedule.
  5. When you’re done selecting all settings, tap Save to complete the process.
Setting up weekly schedules on a Cor thermostat
Image adapted from Carrier Cor Thermostat manual.

Note: The interface may change, so follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Editing Your Schedule

The Guided Scheduling feature also allows you to edit your scheduling at any time. Here’s how to do that:

  1. On the Thermostat Home Screen or the Smartphone App, tap Menu Schedules > View or Edit Schedule.
  2. To edit the time, tap the time and then adjust using the up or down arrows. Next, tap the Done button to complete.
  3. To edit your scheduled Comfort Profiles, tap on the name of the Comfort Profile, then select your preferred Comfort Profile.
  4. To edit the Comfort Profile temperature settings, tap the HEAT TO or COOL TO temperatures and adjust your temperature fan settings. Next, tap Save.
  5. To delete a scheduled period, tap the time and then tap the Delete button.
  6. To add a scheduled period, tap the Add button. Next, select a Comfort Profile and start time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset the air filter on a Cor thermostat?

Here’s how to reset the air filter on a Cor Thermostat:

  • On the Home Screen, tap Menu, then select Settings. Next, select Reset.
  • Select “Reset Preferences” from the reset options. Next, tap Yes to confirm the reset.

How do I unregister my Cor Thermostat?

To unregister your Cor thermostat, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Thermostat Home Screen, tap Menu. Next, select Settings and then select Reset.
  2. Select Reset Registration from the reset options. Next, tap Yes to confirm the reset. This will unregister your thermostat and delete all registration settings/details.

Why did my Cor Thermostat go blank?

If your thermostat is battery powered, it might go blank if the batteries are low/completely drained. So replace your batteries and see if the issue is fixed.

You may also try rebooting the thermostat (even before replacing the batteries) to see if it turns on. To reboot your Cor thermostat, gently pull it from the backplate.

If your thermostat doesn’t run on battery power (mainly powered by your HVAC system), it might go blank if any of the wires are loose. So check the wiring and reconnect any loose wire.

If the issue persists, get an HVAC expert to run a check on it.

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