Coway Air Purifier Not Turning On [How to Fix]

Is your Coway air purifier not turning on? Then you are in the right place to learn how to troubleshoot the problem.

Coway air purifier

Many things can cause your purifier not to turn on. To be able to fix the issue, you first need to identify what’s causing the problem. So in this post, I will help you identify what’s causing the problem in your purifier and also show you steps to follow to resolve it.

First off, if your Coway air purifier is not turning on, check the power cord and be sure it’s plugged into a working power outlet. Another possible cause could be a damaged outlet. And in that case, you should switch the purifier to another outlet in your home to fix the problem.

However, if this does not help, keep reading to see more helpful tips to fix the issue.

How to Fix Coway Air Purifier Power Issues

Check the Power Cord

Most times, the culprit is a damaged power cord. When the cord is damaged or malfunctioning, it will not supply the right amount of electricity to the purifier to power it up. So, if your air purifier is not turning on, the first place to check is the power cord.

Check for any signs of physical damage. If you notice the cord is bad, then you will need to get a replacement. Check the user manual that came with the purifier to know the right type of power cable to buy.

Additionally, many users experience this problem because their purifier is not plugged into an outlet in the first place. The unit cannot work without electricity. If you notice the plug is not connected to an outlet. Plug it in and press the power button on the appliance to turn it on.

If that does not help, keep reading for more fixes to try.

Switch to Another Power Outlet

Like the power cable, your air purifier will not turn on when the power outlet is faulty. A quick way to test is to plug another device into the outlet and see if it powers the new device. If it doesn’t, then the outlet is to blame for your purifier that is not turning on.

To fix this, relocate the purifier to another location in the house and plug it into a different outlet. Your purifier should immediately power on after pressing the power button on it.

Get the Power Rating Right

This is another power issue that might be responsible for your purifier not turning on. Power rating is the amount of power your purifier needs to perform optimally, including turning it on.

That means the power rating of the purifier has to match the outlet (where the purifier is plugged in). An inaccurate power rating can damage the unit.

To prevent this, the purifier has a built-in mechanism to prevent the appliance from turning on when the power rating is wrong.

To fix this, you will need to check the user manual for the specific power rating of the purifier and ensure you use an outlet that matches that rating.

Allow the Device to Recover from Overheating

Overheating is a dreadful thing for all home appliances. When your purifier overheats, it can cause permanent damage to the unit.

So, when the Coway air purifier is overheating, the system automatically shuts down and won’t come up until it recovers from the overheating. Wait for a moment to allow the device to cool down. Once it has cooled down, press the power button again, and the unit will turn on.

Check if Your Air Filter is Correctly Fitted

One of the maintenance measures to keep your purifier working at its best is periodic cleaning of the air filter. Taking it out at least once every six months to clean it will help extend the purifier’s life and help it perform optimally.

However, when fitting the filter back into the unit, you need to follow the specifications stated in the purifier’s user manual. Incorrectly placing the filter can prevent the purifier from turning on.

So, if your purifier won’t turn on and you are sure it’s not power issues causing it, then check the filter to be sure it is correctly fitted.

Move the Purifier to a Smaller Room

If you notice your purifier is not doing a good job filtering the air in your room, the room might be too big for it to handle. There is always a specification as to the air volume your Coway air purifier can handle.

You cannot buy a unit meant for a small office and expect it to work effectively when placed in a concert hall. So, if your Coway purifier is not performing well enough, check the specifications to know if it’s placed in the right room size.

If not, consider moving it to a smaller room to make it perform optimally.

Get Professional Help

If your air purifier doesn’t turn on after trying all the fixes mentioned above, you may need to get a professional to check it. The issue might be caused by internal wiring problems. So, get an experienced technician to help fix it.

You can also contact the Coway customer support team for help. They will recommend some more ways to fix the problem. And if you are still covered by warranty, you may request that the unit be replaced if none of the fixes works.

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Final Thoughts

A power issue is the most common reason a Coway air purifier may not turn on. Perhaps the power plug is not plugged into an outlet or the plug/outlet is faulty.

To fix that, you only need to replace the plug or switch the appliance to a different outlet in your home. However, some other reasons this could happen are incorrect power rating, overheating, and an incorrectly placed air filter. I have explained in detail how to troubleshoot each of these factors.

However, if none of them works, contact a professional or the Coway customer support team for help!