Shark Air Purifier Not Turning On [Quick Fix]

If your shark air purifier is not turning on, this post contains some handy troubleshooting tips to help you get your air purifier back on.

Shark air purifier

First off, your Shark air purifier may not turn on because of a defective socket or power cord. Overheating and clogged air filters could also cause this problem. But the most common reason is a faulty power socket or plug. If either of these is faulty, your purifier will not turn on.

To fix the issue, you may need to switch your purifier to another socket or replace the power cord.

If this does not help, keep reading to see more troubleshooting tips to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting Shark Air Purifier Power Issues

Check the Power Socket

This is usually the most common reason your Shark purifier may refuse to turn on. A broken or defective power socket will either not supply electricity to the appliance at all or do it intermittently. And when your purifier is not getting enough supply of electricity, it may not turn on.

To fix this, simply unplug your purifier from the socket and allow it to cool down. Once it’s cool, relocate it to another part of the house and reconnect it to a different power socket.

If this checks out and your air purifier still won’t turn on, check the next troubleshooting tip.

Check the Power Cord

Once you are sure your socket is not the cause of the problem, the next place to look is the power cord. Even though the cord looks sturdy from the outside, most times, it may be damaged inside. There could be several factors responsible for this, including how the cord is handled daily.

And when the cord is bad, electricity cannot be transmitted through it. Hence your Shark air purifier may not work.

To fix that, you will need to buy a replacement cord for your purifier. Check the user manual that came with the appliance, so you know the right cord to buy.

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Clean the Air Filter

The air filter is the most active part of your air purifier. It traps dust, dirt, and other particles that might have entered your home. However, over time, the filter can get clogged with these particles and so will need to be cleaned or replaced.

A clogged filter can cause the purifier to malfunction or not turn on at all. To fix this, you will need to clean your air filter. So, follow the instructions in the manual to bring out your filter. If it looks dirty and dusty, then it’s time to do some cleaning.

If the filter is waterproof, rinse it with cold water and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Otherwise, you will need to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter.

Check for Overheating

Overheating is dangerous to any appliance. It can harm your purifier and reduce its effectiveness. Some of the things that cause overheating are a faulty power source or some faulty internal components.

Shark air purifiers are designed in such a way that when the appliance senses overheating within its unit, it automatically shuts down and refuses to come back up. If you try to switch it on before it has cooled down, it won’t turn on.

In this case, you should power down the purifier and wait for a while to allow it to cool down. Then you can turn it back on.

Check if the Air Filter is Placed Correctly

Perhaps after bringing out your air filter for a wash, you didn’t put it back correctly. This might prevent the purifier from turning on.

So, check the unit and be sure you have placed the air filter correctly in its chamber. You may also check the user manual for help on how to do this correctly.

Get Professional Help

If you still can’t turn on your purifier after trying all the troubleshooting tips highlighted above, you should consider getting help. If you are still covered by warranty, contact Shark customer support for help. They may suggest a replacement since you are still covered by warranty.

If not, they can suggest some more helpful tips to help you fix the problem. On the other hand, you can speak with a trained technician to help you check it out.

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Wrapping Up

Many things can cause your Shark air purifier not to turn on. These can include a faulty power socket, defective power cord, clogged air filter, overheating, and incorrectly placed filter.

However, regardless of what the cause is, fixing the issue is usually a DIY thing. You just need to identify what the cause is. If it’s the power socket or plug, you will need to try other ones to fix the problem. If overheating is the culprit, allowing the appliance to cool down will solve the problem.

And if the problem is coming from the filter, you will need to clean the filter and correctly place it back in its place.

In this post, I have outlined some tips to help you pinpoint and fix the problem. But if none of the troubleshooting tips worked, you can either contact Shark customer support or call a professional for help!