Dyson Air Purifier Not Turning On [Quick Fix]

If you’re on this page, my guess is your Dyson air purifier has refused to turn on and you’re looking for tips to troubleshoot this issue. If that guess was correct, keep reading to see how to get your Dyson air purifier to work properly.

Dyson air purifier

A quick way to resolve this issue is to unplug the power cord from power and plug it back in. Also check that the power outlet is working.

If this doesn’t help, keep reading for more details on how to go about this issue.

How to Fix ‘Dyson Air Purifier Not Turning On’ Issue

Test the Power Outlet

This is the first place to check when your Dyson air purifier is not turning on. The unit requires a steady supply of electricity to turn on. So, make sure the unit is plugged into an outlet and the outlet is working fine.

Plug another device into the outlet to confirm if it’s working. If the outlet is faulty, you will need to switch your purifier to another outlet.

Once you’ve done that, your Dyson air purifier should turn on and again start air purification in your home. But if the outlet is working fine and your Dyson air purifier is not turning on, proceed to the next step.

Check the Power Cord

If you have switched the power outlet and your purifier is still not working, the issue might be coming from the power cord. If the power cable is faulty, it won’t be able to supply the unit with the electricity it requires to power on.

And sometimes, it can supply electricity intermittently, which is not good for the purifier. It can cause overheating—another major issue with air purifiers.

So, check the cable for any signs of visible damage. If there’s any, consider replacing the cord. However, make sure you get the right cord specifications for the unit.

Clean the Filter

When the filter in the unit becomes clogged with dirt, dust, or debris, it can prevent the unit from working at its best. So, if your air purifier is on but still not functioning properly, you might need to clean the filter.

You should clean the filter at least once a year. So, if you have waited too long between cleaning cycles, it’s possible your filters are blocked. And that will prevent the unit from working effectively.

If you notice your Dyson air purifier takes longer to filter the air in your home, it’s time to do some cleaning. So, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the unit and disconnect it from the power outlet
  • Remove the outlet plastic, usually at the base of the unit
  • Remove the filter from the purifier
  • If your filter is waterproof, rinse it with cold water. If not, you will have to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from it.
  • Allow it to dry completely for about 24 hours
  • Now place the filter back in the unit and plug it back into the outlet

Move the Purifier to a Smaller Room

If you notice your purifier is not doing a good job of filtering the air in your room, the room might be too big for it to handle. Every Dyson air purifier also has specific specifications regarding the air volume it can filter.

For instance, a Dyson unit meant for home use may not do an effective job when placed in a concert hall. So, if your purifier is not working properly, check its specifications to know the size of room it’s meant to work in.

If your purifier is placed in a room too big for it, then you might need to relocate it to a smaller room.

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Closing Thoughts

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and your Dyson air purifier is still not working, you may need to get a professional to check it. The issue might be caused by internal wiring problems.

If your purifier is also less than six months old and it’s still covered by warranty, you can contact Dyson customer support to talk about getting a replacement.