Philips Air Purifier Not Turning On [How to Fix]

If your Philips air purifier is not turning on, you are probably out looking for possible fixes.

In this post, I will guide you through what you need to do to fix your Philips air purifier that is not turning on. Let’s get right into it!

Philips air purifier

In short, if your Philips air purifier won’t turn on, unplug the power plug from the outlet. Then wait 10-20 seconds and plug it back in–make sure the power outlet is working. This should resolve the problem.

If that doesn’t help, keep reading for more details on how to go about this issue.

How to Fix ‘Philips Air Purifier Not Turning On’ Issue

Inspect the Power Cord

As you probably know, your Philips air purifier needs to receive power to turn on. If your purifier is not coming up even after pressing the power button, chances are it is not connected to a power source. Or it’s not connected but not properly connected.

So, check if your Philips air purifier plug is correctly inserted in the power outlet. If not, plug it in and then turn on the power button on your air purifier.

But if the plug is plugged in correctly into the outlet and the purifier is still not turning on, proceed to the next step.

Check the Power Outlet

A faulty power outlet will not supply the purifier the electricity it needs to power on, no matter how much you try. So, if you have checked and are sure the power plug is correctly inserted in the outlet, the next thing to consider is if the outlet is working well.

Plug another device into the outlet and see if it will work. If the new device doesn’t work, the power outlet is damaged and needs to be fixed or replaced.

But before fixing the outlet, you can plug your air purifier into a different outlet. Once that is done, your purifier should turn on again.

Check the Power Rating

The power rating is the electrical power required by the purifier to function properly. This information is usually listed in the product details and manual of the purifier.

That means to make your purifier work at its best, its power rating and that of the outlet have to match. An inaccurate power rating can cause damage to the appliance. So, if your Philips air purifier is not turning on, make sure to connect it to an outlet that matches its power rating.

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Check the Filter

You are expected to take out the filter in the purifier and clean it at least once a year. However, when placing the filter back into the unit, you must ensure it’s correctly placed. Otherwise, the purifier might not turn on.

So, when putting back your filter after cleaning, check the purifier user manual to see instructions on how to correctly place it back.

Contact Support

Your air purifier should turn on after applying the fixes above. But if none of them worked, you may need to contact the Philips customer support team for help.

They will recommend possible fixes to help rectify the problem with your specific model. And if you are still under warranty, they may suggest sending you a replacement.

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Final Note

If your Philips air purifier is not turning on, the first place to check is the power plug and power outlet. If these two aren’t working properly, your purifier may not switch on.

Check to know if any of them are faulty and quickly fix them or get a replacement. Also, incorrect power rating and filter placement can be responsible for the problem.