Eufy Doorbell Offline [Quick Fix]

You hear someone ringing your Eufy doorbell and go to your app to see who the person is. But your Eufy app shows your doorbell is offline. You’ve confirmed that the doorbell is on, and now, you are looking for how to get it back online.

If this sounds like you, continue reading this article to learn how to regain your Eufy wired doorbell connection.

Eufy Doorbell Offline

Before we go on, you should know why your Eufy doorbell is offline to prevent such issues in the future. Here are some common reasons the Eufy doorbell goes offline:

  • Power issues.
  • Your Wi-Fi connection is weak/unstable.
  • The voltage on your doorbell transformer is too low.
  • The doorbell is malfunctioning.

Now, let’s find out how you can resolve these issues.

How to Get Your Eufy Doorbell Back Online

Here are the steps to follow to get your Eufy Wired Doorbell back online:

1. Check Whether the Doorbell Has Received Power

This is where you should start your troubleshooting if your Eufy wired doorbell shows offline in the app. The doorbell needs to be powered on to stay connected to your home Wi-Fi. So if the power is off, it will disconnect from Wi-Fi and go offline.

Go over to your doorbell to see if it’s on. If not, turn the power on. If it was on, turn off the power, then wait for about 20 seconds and turn it back on.

Now return to the app to see if the doorbell is back online. If not, continue to the next step.

2. Check that the Wires Are Connected Firmly

Since your doorbell is hardwired, issues with the wiring may obstruct the connection. So another fix to try is to inspect and fix any wiring issues. Check for loose, pinched, or burned wires and ensure everything is in order.

However, keep in mind that wiring issues are best left for professionals to handle. If you have no experience fixing wiring problems, get a licensed electrician to check your doorbell wires and fix them properly.

3. Bring Your Router Closer to Your Eufy Doorbell

Your Eufy doorbell may go offline if it is too far away from your router.

Wi-Fi relies on proximity to function. So, your doorbell loses its Wi-Fi signal strength the farther it is from your router.

Eufy Support recommends placing a distance of 30 feet or less between your Eufy doorbell and your router. Move your router closer to your Eufy doorbell if it is more than 30 feet away from the doorbell.

More so, check the Wi-Fi band on your router and ensure that it’s operating on the 2.4GHz band. Note that most Eufy devices don’t support the 5GHz band, so ensure your router operates on the 2.4GHz band only.

4. Reboot Your Router

If your Eufy Doorbell still stays offline after you’ve closed the distance between the device and your router, the problem may be with your router. Rebooting your router may troubleshoot this issue.

Here’s how to reboot your router:

  • Press the power button on the device to turn it off.
  • Wait for about ten seconds.
  • Now, turn it back on.
  • If your router has no power button, unplug it from the power source and plug it back in.

If this doesn’t solve the offline issue, see the next step.

5. Replace Your Router

Your Eufy doorbell may still stay offline even after rebooting your router. In that case, the router may have developed some faults. And you may need to change it.

To check if your router is due for replacement, connect your Eufy doorbell to your phone’s hotspot. If your doorbell comes online after you link it to your phone’s hotspot, your router may have reached the end of its lifetime.

Before you get a new router, you may have to use your phone’s hotspot to keep your Eufy doorbell online.

Follow these steps to connect your phone’s hotspot to your Eufy doorbell:

  • Open your Eufy Security App.
  • Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select My Devices and choose Wired Doorbell.
  • Navigate to Connection in the options that appear. Now, tap Wi-Fi and input the password of your phone’s hotspot.

Your doorbell will now operate with the Wi-Fi on your phone.

6. Upgrade the Voltage on Your Eufy Doorbell’s Transformer

Your Eufy doorbell requires a voltage of 16 to 24 VAC or 30 VA on your doorbell transformer to function correctly. The doorbell will go offline once the voltage declines below 16 VAC.

If you have already been using your Eufy doorbell for a while, your doorbell transformer probably provides this voltage under normal conditions. But when your area experiences a power surge, the voltage in your doorbell transformer may decline and fall below the required power.

You can troubleshoot this issue by increasing the voltage on your doorbell transformer with the help of an electrician. If the voltage on your Eufy doorbell transformer is much higher than the required frequency, your device is less likely to go offline during a power surge.

7. Your Doorbell Firmware Requires an Update

As you probably know, Eufy releases new firmware updates for all its devices periodically. If you’re still experiencing offline issues with your Eufy wired doorbell, chances are the firmware requires an update.

Here’s how to check whether your Eufy Doorbell has a new firmware version:

  • Open the Eufy Security app on your phone.
  • Tap the menu icon and select My Devices.
  • Select your doorbell (wired doorbell) and then tap Device Settings.
  • Tap About Device and then select System Version. From here, you’ll see if there’s a new firmware version.

Note that you cannot manually update the firmware. If there’s a new firmware version, it will auto-update once your Eufy app is open and connected to Wi-Fi. If it doesn’t auto-update, wait for some time (24 hours or so) and check again.

8. Factory Reset Your Eufy Doorbell

You may notice that your Eufy doorbell is the only device in your home that isn’t connecting to your Wi-Fi. This may mean there is a problem with your Eufy doorbell settings. As searching through your app for the problematic setting may take a long time, it’s best to just factory reset your Eufy doorbell.

Here’s how to restore your Eufy doorbell to factory settings:

  • Locate the “reset hole” on the back of the doorbell. You’ll need to use a pin or paper clip to remove the doorbell from its mounting bracket—to see the reset hole.
  • Insert the pin or paper clip into the reset hole. Then press and hold it for about 10 seconds.

Now your Eufy doorbell is reset. The next step is to reconnect it to your Eufy Security app. If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the steps below.

How to Connect Eufy Wired Doorbell to the Eufy App/Wi-Fi?

Here is how to do that:

  1. Open your Eufy Security app and log in to your account.
  2. Select Add Device, then click on Wired Doorbell in the Devices tab.
  3. The system will request you to scan your doorbell’s QR code. Find the QR code at the rear of the doorbell and scan it.
  4. Click on the region where your house is located.
  5. Now, follow the instructions on your app screen to set up the doorbell.
  6. The app will now diagnose the voltage in your doorbell’s transformer to determine if it meets the required voltage frequency. Eufy wired doorbells require a voltage of 16-20 VAC or 30VA to work properly.
  7. Click on Start Now to begin the voltage diagnosis.
  8. After the test is complete, press the doorbell button and hold it for about five seconds until you’ve heard the ringtone.
  9. Once you’ve heard the ringtone, click on “I’ve heard the ringtone” to continue.
  10. You will see a pop-up asking you to permit the app to access a location. Select Allow all the time to prevent connection issues in the future.
  11. Now, switch on Bluetooth on your phone. Click on “I’ve turned on Bluetooth.” Your Eufy Security app will connect to your doorbell through Bluetooth.
  12. If you’ve applied the steps correctly, you should get a message saying “your transformer can power the doorbell.”
  13. Click on Next to finish connecting your doorbell to your Eufy Security app.
  14. Finally, select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to reconnect your Eufy doorbell to your router.

Wrapping Up

So there it is. Follow the tips above to troubleshoot offline issues with your Eufy Doorbell.

To recap, if the app reports that your Eufy doorbell is offline, start your troubleshooting by checking if the power is on. If the power checks out, and the doorbell is still offline, try moving your router closer to the doorbell, restart it, and then perform a factory reset on the doorbell—as the last troubleshooting step.

If everything fails, contact Eufy Customer Support for help.

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