EZVIZ Camera Night Vision Not Working [How to Fix]

Your EZVIZ Camera night vision stopped working a while ago. And even though you’ve tried everything you know, you still can’t fix the feature.

EZVIZ Camera

If that sounds like you, you’re reading the right article. This post will show you how to troubleshoot your EZVIZ Camera night vision, so it resumes working.

Before you start trying complex solutions, you need to ensure that you’ve enabled night vision on your camera. You can also reboot your camera to eliminate functional errors.

If these tips fail to work, keep reading.

How to Fix EZVIZ Camera Night Vision Problems

Enable Night Vision on Your Camera’s Settings

The EZVIZ Camera doesn’t provide night vision by default. You need to enable night vision in your camera’s settings before the feature can work.

Follow these steps to activate night vision on your EZVIZ Camera:

  • Open your EZVIZ app
  • Locate the red dot indicator on your EZVIZ camera tab and tap on it.
  • Then, click on the gear icon to go to your camera’s settings.
  • Search for IR Light or Night Vision.
  • Then, toggle the button on.

Your camera’s night vision should start working now.

If you’ve already enabled night vision on your EZVIZ Camera, yet the feature isn’t working, move on to the next step.

Reboot Your Camera

If your EZVIZ Camera is fairly old, it may start developing minor functional issues. These issues can cause some of the camera’s features, like the night vision, to stop working.

Luckily, it’s easy to fix functional errors. All you have to do is reboot the camera.

Take the following steps to reboot your EZVIZ Camera:

  • Unplug your camera from your power outlet.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • Then, plug the camera back into the outlet.

After the camera turns back on, wait for the night to hit. Then, check if your EZVIZ camera’s night vision is working. If it isn’t, try the next tip.

Update Your Camera Firmware

With every usage of your EZVIZ camera, its performance and security drop. If you keep using the camera without updating its firmware, bugs will gain access to your device. Such bugs are notorious for making the camera act up and even randomly disabling important features of the device.

Unfortunately, your camera’s night vision is not immune to these bugs. So, it may stop working when the bugs wreak havoc on your camera.

The solution to this problem is to update your camera firmware.

Here’s how to update your EZVIZ camera firmware:

  • Launch your EZVIZ app.
  • Click on the red dot on your camera tab.
  • Tap the Settings icon.
  • Then, scroll to Device Version and select it.
  • The app will display your current version and the latest version.
  • If your current device version is older than the latest version, you’ll also see an orange Upgrade button on the screen.
  • Click the Upgrade button.
  • Then, tap Upgrade Now in the pop-up window that appears.
  • Now, wait for the update to complete.
  • Once the update is completed, you’ll receive a message confirming that your upgrade is successful.

Your camera’s night vision should work perfectly after the upgrade.

But if the night vision still doesn’t work, check out the next tip.

Clean Your Camera’s Lens

Dusty lenses can prevent your camera from recording images at night. This is because dirt often interferes with night vision.

If you haven’t cleaned your camera’s lens in a while, it could be why the night vision is inactive. Grab a soft cloth or artist’s brush and wipe the lens gently.

Then, wait until it gets dark before checking your camera’s footage. If your EZVIZ camera isn’t displaying images clearly, the issue might be elsewhere. Read on to find other possible culprits.

Turn Off Extra Lights

Do you expose your camera to artificial light at night? Then, these lights might be why your camera can’t see any images in the dark.

Having one light source near the camera will aid its night vision. However, if there are multiple artificial lights surrounding the camera, they can hinder the device from seeing in darkness.

You need to keep only one light on and turn off additional lights around the camera. This should revive your camera’s night vision.

Change Your Camera’s Position

Not all areas in your home are suitable locations for your EZVIZ camera. If there are several glass surfaces near your camera, they can affect the camera’s sensitivity. As a result, the device might be unable to detect people and objects in the dark.

Likewise, placing the camera close to high-traffic areas in a home will hinder its night vision. Since the objects and people are too close to your camera, the device may experience difficulty recording them.

Stay in front of your EZVIZ camera and study its environment. If the camera is surrounded by glass objects, remove it and install it in another area.

Now, check if the camera’s night vision is working. If the night vision is still inactive, check out the next tip.

Inspect Your IR LED

If you haven’t been able to fix your EZVIZ camera night vision by now, you are probably dealing with a hardware issue. The first component to inspect in the camera is the IR LED (infrared light diode).

The infrared light diode provides the beam that activates night vision in the camera. So, if this component is faulty, your camera won’t be able to detect pictures in the dark.

Unless you have some technical knowledge, you’ll need to hire a technician to examine the IR LED in your camera. If your technician discovers any issues with your infrared light diode, you might need to replace it.

But if the technician confirms your IR LED to be in good condition, yet your camera’s night vision is still bad, try the next tip.

Factory Reset Your Camera

Since none of the previous tips we’ve shared here has worked for your EZVIZ camera, you might be worried that the camera is suffering a severe malfunction. Although you may be right, you shouldn’t give up on the camera yet. You might still be able to fix the camera by factory resetting it.

Factory resetting your EZVIZ Camera will delete the data and settings in the device. This will clear out any functional issue that might be preventing your camera’s night vision from working.

Use the following guide to factory reset your EZVIZ Camera:

  • Make sure the camera is plugged in and flashing a red or blue light.
  • Turn to the back of the camera and locate the reset button.
  • The reset button in the EZVIZ Camera is shaped like a half oval.
  • Once you find the button, press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • A voice message will confirm that the reset is successful.

Your camera’s night vision should be back in action after the reset.

Contact Customer Support

If the factory reset fails to revive your camera’s night vision, you’ll have to contact the EZVIZ customer support center for help.

The support representative may provide further ways to fix your camera’s night vision. If the night vision is damaged, you’ll need to replace the device.

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Wrapping Up

If you follow the tips we’ve shared here, you’ll be able to fix your EZVIZ camera’s night vision, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Make sure you try all the recommended solutions here before reaching out to EZVIZ Customer Support for further assistance.