Honeywell Air Purifier Not Turning On [4 Ways to Fix]

It could be frustrating to see your air purifier not working as it should. If you are presently having power issues with your Honeywell air purifier, keep reading to see how to go about this.

Honeywell air purifier

First off, if your Honeywell air purifier won’t turn on, the power cord or plug could be the culprit. Try plugging your air purifier into another outlet and also check that the cord is working. 

However, if that does not fix the issue, keep reading for more ways to fix the issue.

How to Fix Honeywell Air Purifier Power Issues

Check the Power Outlet

As I mentioned earlier, power issues are one of the most common reasons a Honeywell air purifier won’t not turn on. The appliance needs a steady supply of electricity to work at its best. So, if your air purifier suddenly stops working and refuses to turn on, the first place to check is the power outlet.

If the outlet is bad, it may not supply electricity to the air purifier at all or supply intermittently. Both cases can cause damage to your purifier and prevent it from turning on.

To fix that, check if the outlet is working well. If not, carefully unplug the purifier from the outlet and plug it into another outlet. That should fix the issue.

But if your Honeywell air purifier still didn’t turn on after switching the power outlet, proceed to the next step.

Change the Power Cord

If your power outlet is not the culprit, then you might want to check the power cord. If your cord has been kept tangled or pressed against a wall at a weird angle for a long time, this might cause the cable to malfunction.

So, check the cord for any signs of damage. You can also try another cord with the purifier and see if it works perfectly. If the cable is the cause of the issue, then you would need to get a replacement.

Check the user manual that came with the purifier to know which type of cord to buy. It is important that you get a power cord that meets the same voltage and amperage requirements as the one that got spoilt.

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Clean Your Filter

A dirty or blocked filter can cause a variety of issues, including causing the appliance to overheat. This is not good for your purifier and could be the reason it’s not turning on. It is recommended that you clean your filter every month and replace it at least twice a year.

If you are the type that waits too long between cleaning cycles, chances are that your filters are dirty and blocked, causing the air purifier to malfunction.

To fix this, you will have to clean your filter. So, follow the steps outlined below to clear your filter from debris that could be causing it to malfunction:

  • Unplug your Honeywell air purifier and let it cool down.
  • Remove the outlet plastic.
  • Now, remove the outer filter vent.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Carefully vacuum it to remove any debris, and then clean it under running water
  • Allow it to dry completely.
  • Now, put the filter back and plug the appliance back into the outlet.

This should fix the issue, and your Honeywell air purifier should be working at its best again. However, if your filter is older than six months, you may just need to replace it altogether. Cleaning old filters most of the time doesn’t make any difference!

Relocate Your Purifier

Sometimes, your purifier may be working normally. But you feel it is still not doing enough work in cleaning the room. In that case, the room might be too big for what the purifier can handle.

Each Honeywell air purifier model has specific specifications on the room volume it can clean. You cannot buy a unit meant for home use and expect it to clean a concert hall. It may not be efficient in doing that.

So, check your appliance’s specifications to be sure you are using it for the right room dimensions. If the room is too big, then you will need to relocate the purifier to a smaller space for optimum performance.

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Final Thoughts 

If your Honeywell air purifier is not turning on, power issues could be the culprit. So, check the power outlet and be sure it’s working well. You may also need to check the power cord for any signs of damage.

Overheating can also cause your purifier to refuse to turn on. And most times, a dirty or blocked filter is the cause of this. So, bring out the filter and clean it to fix the issue.

If you have carefully followed all these troubleshooting tips, we believe you should have fixed the issue by now. You don’t have to lose your head over an air purifier that won’t turn on. Fixing it is straightforward!