Pro1 T701 Thermostat Display Not Working? (How to Troubleshoot)

Did your Pro1 T701 thermostat display light suddenly turn off? If so, keep reading to see what may have caused the problem and how to fix it.

Let’s get right into it!

Why is my Pro1 T701 thermostat display not working?

For the most part, your Pro1 T701 thermostat may stop working when the batteries are getting low or completely drained. This is normal with virtually all Pro1 thermostats that run on battery power, and the display light will be restored after replacing batteries.

With that in mind, let’s dig deeper into how to solve display light issues with your Pro1 T701 thermostat.

Pro1 T701 Thermostat Display Not Working

Pro1 T701 Thermostat Display Not Working: How to Solve the Problem

1. Replace the Batteries

While other issues may also cause your T701 thermostat display light to turn off, low batteries tend to be the major cause of this problem. So before you try other troubleshooting tips, check to see if the batteries are getting low and replace them.

Normally, your T701 Thermostat will display the low battery indicator on the screen when the batteries are low. And if the batteries are not replaced after 21 days, the display will go blank leaving only the low battery indicator on the screen—though all functionality will still be maintained during this time.

So check to see if your thermostat display shows the low battery indicator. If so, quickly get the batteries replaced to restore normal operation.

And be sure to use the right batteries. All Pro1 battery-powered thermostats use 2 AA non-rechargeable batteries—lithium/rechargeable batteries are not recommended (see recommended batteries).

So this should fix the display light issue with your thermostat. But if it doesn’t, then see the next troubleshooting step.

2. Reset the Thermostat

If your Pro1 T701 thermostat batteries are active and it’s still having the display light issue, then factory resetting the device is your best bet.

As you probably know, factory resetting the device will fix several issues you’re having with it, such as the display light issue. More so, restoring factory settings will erase all previous custom settings, including any incorrect settings probably causing the display issue.

To reset your T701 thermostat, remove the battery cover and then remove the batteries. Wait 10 to 20 seconds and then replace the batteries and the cover. This should reset your thermostat and possibly fix the display issue.

But keep in mind that resetting the thermostat will erase all custom settings, so be sure to set up the device again for continuous reliable operation.

3. Contact Pro1 Customer Support Team

If you have tried all the above fixes and none of them seem to work for you, contact Pro1 Support Team for help. You may be lucky to have your device replaced based on the warranty terms.

But be sure to clearly explain the issue with your thermostat.

And on the one hand, you may want to contact an HVAC expert to check the device to see if it’s something that can be fixed.

Pro1 T701 Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reset a T701 thermostat?

You can reset your Pro1 T701 thermostat by power cycling it. To power cycle your thermostat, remove the batteries and then wait for a few seconds and put them back again.

What batteries should I use in my T701 thermostat?

The Pro1 T701 thermostat uses 2 AA batteries. Note that lithium batteries are not recommended.

How do I change the batteries in my T701 thermostat?

Here’s how to change your Pro1 T701 Thermostat batteries:

  • Locate the battery cover on the front of the thermostat.
  • Remove the battery cover and then remove the batteries.
  • Insert new 2 AA quality batteries. Ensure the batteries are correctly positioned—the same as the ones you removed.

Why does my Pro1 T701 thermostat heating or cooling system continue to run after turning it off?

This happens because of the “minimum run time feature”. This feature keeps your heating or cooling system active for about 5 minutes after the system is turned off. It will eventually go off completely after 5 minutes, so nothing to worry about there.

Why does my T701 thermostat delay before the heating or cooling comes on?

This is because the thermostat comes with a built-in delay. Usually, the delay lasts for 5 minutes or so, before heating or cooling turns on. The feature helps to protect your system against short cycling. So nothing to worry about as it’s not an error.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should know how to troubleshoot display issues with your Pro1 T701 thermostat.

To recap, if your Pro1 T701 thermostat display isn’t working, the odds are the batteries are low. So, replace the batteries to resolve the issue. If it still doesn’t work, restore factory settings to fix connection errors and any other bug causing the display issue.

So that’s it! Hope this article could help you fix your T701 thermostat with display light issues.

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