Ring Shared Users Not Working (Troubleshoot Tips)

Are you having issues with the Ring Shared User feature? You’re not alone! In this post, we covered the common causes of some niggling issues with the “Ring shared users” feature. We’ll also walk you through the steps to fix this issue yourself.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s head right into it.

Ring Shared Users Not Working

First off, here are some reasons behind the issues you’re having with your Ring shared users feature:

  • You’re using an outdated version of the Ring app.
  • Problems with device compatibility.
  • Problems with the Ring server.

Now let’s get into more details on how to go about this issue.

 Troubleshooting Ring Shared Users Issue

1. Force Quit the Ring Application

The Shared User feature might stop working because of a minor problem within the app. One way to resolve the issue is to force quit the application.

This process differs for different mobile operating systems. If you’re using an android, follow these steps below to force quit the app.

Navigate to the setting:

  • Select the “Applications” or “Manage Apps” option.
  • Scroll through your application list till you find the Ring app.
  • Select the “Force Stop” option.

After force quitting, open the application and use the feature again

For an iPhone, follow the steps below:

  • Press down on the left-hand part of your screen and move your finger towards the right.
  • Select the Ring app and force stop.

Load the application again and enter your login details.

If you’re still experiencing the issue, continue to the next step.

2. Update the Ring App

Like every application, the ring app requires periodic updates to integrate better features and enhance user experience. If you don’t update your Ring App, you’re bound to have difficulty sharing users.

The application sends notifications whenever it requires an update. However, you may have overlooked some of these messages, which could cause a problem with your sharing feature.

Updating your Ring App to the current version is the best way to get it running smoothly. You can find updates on Google Play or the Apple store, depending on your phone’s operating system.

But before updating, ensure that your device has enough storage space. If it doesn’t, please delete some files and try updating them again.

Also, note that some mobile devices might fare well with older app versions, but newer versions might not function properly. Therefore, ensure that new updates are compatible with your device before acting.

3. Log Out of Your Account

If the problem persists, another fix to try is logging out of your ring account. If you’re not sure how to do that, follow these simple steps on any device to get it done:

  • Start the application.
  • Click on the menu option, which is the three lines at the top left corner of your phone.
  • Select the “Sign out” option.

Now, log in again with your email and password. Then send out invitations to see if it’s working fine.

4. Uninstall and Reinstall the App

Uninstalling the Ring app is another straightforward process to get the app working fine. You can follow the steps below to uninstall your app:

  • Hold down on the app’s icon on your home screen.
  • Select the uninstall option from the list.

Depending on your device, go to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to reinstall the application and log in with your details.

5. Reset Your Ring Device

A wrong setting may prevent you from accessing several features with your device.

To correct this, hold down the orange button and release it after 15 seconds. You can locate the orange button behind your doorbell.

However, you’ll lose all your customizations and saved accounts, but it shouldn’t be difficult getting them up again.

Sync your account after formatting and try using the shared accounts option again.

6. Ensure You’re Using the Correct Email

You’ll need an email address to add any person as a shared user on your Ring account.

However, they will not receive an invitation if you input the wrong email address. Double-check the email address to make sure it is the correct one.

Once you’re confident that you have the right email, ask the invitee to check their spam folder to accept your invitation.

It’s likely the invitation ended up in that folder and not their inbox.

7. Confirm You Own the Device

Only a device’s owner can add and remove users.

You can’t invite other people to your Ring account if you’re a shared or guest user. To use the shared user feature, you must be the administrator or owner of the account.

You could also have a problem using the shared user feature if you purchased your device from another individual who already has an account setup.

Delete the old user account and make the app yours before sending out invitations.

8. Wait for a Moment

The Ring app utilizes the Ring’s server to carry out instructions.

If there’s a minor issue with the server, you may find it challenging to share invitations. In this case, your only option is to wait. Then try to add a shared user after a while.

If you’re still having issues, wait till Ring fixes its server.

9. Change Your Device

Not all Android devices integrate the Ring app seamlessly.

If your make does not support Ring, your best option is to get another device. However, ensure that your new mobile supports the latest version of your apps.

If not, you’ll end up with the same problem.

10. Contact Ring Customer Support System

The shared users issue with your Ring system might not be from your device or a wrong email; it could be from the server. If there are no improvements after a while, contact their customer support.

Fortunately, Ring has made it easy to reach out when you encounter a problem.

The app offers a live chat feature to interact with a bot and ask for support in real-time. You could also speak with a customer care representative with the provided phone line.

Wrapping Up

Minor problems in Ring App (such as the shared user issues) can be frustrating.

These glitches not only slow down its function but threaten your security to a certain level. Fortunately, a problem with the Ring shared user is no big deal.

Just follow the steps in the post to get this feature up and running.

To recap, if your Ring shared users feature isn’t working properly, first force quit the app and launch it back. If that doesn’t help, update the app, and reset your Ring device.

And if everything fails, contact Ring Customer Support for help.

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