Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline [Quick Ways to Fix]

The Vivint Doorbell Camera does its job. However, you may sometimes experience little niggly issues with this device.

In this post, I’ll explain why your Vivint doorbell camera goes offline and what you can do to fix it. Let’s begin!

Vivint Doorbell Camera Offline

How to Get Your Vivint Doorbell Camera Back Online

1. Check that Your Doorbell Camera Has Received Power

Your Vivint doorbell camera needs power to stay connected. If the app says it’s offline, there’s a good chance that it has lost power.

Before trying any other fix, check and ensure that the camera has received power. If it has received power, the doorbell light ring will illuminate. If not, it means your doorbell hasn’t received power, and you’ll need to fix this to solve the offline issues.

To fix power issues, start by checking your breaker box to see if any switch is tripped. If so, flip it back on.

Also, check that your chime box wires are properly twisted together—and not connected to the screws. And ensure that there are no exposed wires, as they can get in contact with other metals and cause your doorbell to go off.

Wiring issues within the camera can also be the culprit. So, remove the camera from the backplate (using a T5 screwdriver), then check that the wire connections are in order.

Note that wiring issues are best left for professionals. If you’re not sure how to go about checking and fixing wire connection issues, get an expert to help you or contact Vivint customer support.

If you’ve resolved power issues with your camera and it still shows offline in the app, continue to the next step.

2. Reboot Your Doorbell Camera

As with most smart devices, rebooting the Vivint doorbell camera usually helps in fixing several issues. If your Vivint doorbell camera still shows offline, reboot it and then try connecting again to see if it works.

Here’s how to reboot your Vivint doorbell camera:

  • Long-press the doorbell camera button (for about 15 seconds) until the ring light turns yellow. Note that the indicator light will illuminate various colors while holding the button. Keep holding it until you see a solid yellow light.
  • Release the button and wait a few seconds for the yellow light to turn solid white.
  • Once the yellow light turns solid white, it means the reboot is complete.

If this doesn’t help or you’re not able to reboot your doorbell camera with the above guide, try rebooting it from your panel. Here’s how to do that:

  • Disarm your Vivint system.
  • On the home screen, tap the Menu symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Under the SMART HOME SETTINGS, tap “Devices” and input your PIN.
  • Tap “Cameras” and then tap the camera to be rebooted.
  • Tap “Reboot Camera” at the bottom of the page, then tap “Yes” to confirm the rebooting. Wait a few minutes (1-2) for the reboot to complete.

Now try connecting your device again to see if the offline issue is resolved.

Continue to the next step if the problem persists.

3. Restart Your Router

Your Vivint doorbell may show offline in the app if it loses Wi-Fi connection or when the network signal is poor. To fix this, start by restarting your router—unplug it for 20-30 seconds and plug it back in.

If that doesn’t help, check whether your doorbell is receiving strong Wi-Fi signals from your router. A simple way to test this is to connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your doorbell and then try to open a webpage.

If it’s slow to open or doesn’t open at all, chances are your Wi-Fi signal strength is weak. Perhaps your router is located too far from the device or the network signals are blocked by walls and other similar objects. Try moving your router closer to the doorbell camera or get a Wi-Fi extender to extend your network.

4. Upgrade Your Router and Reconnect

The Vivint system works best with a dual-band router—broadcasting on 2.4GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. If you don’t have a dual-band router, this might be one reason your doorbell camera keeps disconnecting/going offline.

If you’re still experiencing the offline issues, check whether your router has dual bands and set it to run on a dual-band. And if your router doesn’t have dual bands, consider upgrading it.

More so, if you’ve just changed your Wi-Fi name and password or got a new router, you’ll need to connect your camera to the new Wi-Fi.

Here is how to connect your Vivint doorbell camera to a new Wi-Fi:

  • Open the Vivint app on your phone and tap “Cameras” at the bottom of the page.
  • Tap the Gear symbol in the top right-hand corner. Next, select the camera you want to change the Wi-Fi.
  • Scroll down to find the “Device options” section.
  • Now tap “Wi-Fi connection” and choose the new Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.

And that’s all you need to do to change Wi-Fi on your Vivint doorbell camera.

Wrapping Up

So that’s how to troubleshoot your Vivint doorbell camera if it shows offline in the app.

These fixes work for the Vivint doorbell camera and Vivint doorbell camera pro. However, some procedures may differ slightly—like rebooting the doorbell. Refer to your user manual for specific rebooting instructions and others.

And if none of the fixes helps, contact Vivint support for help.

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