Schlage BE365 Programming Code Not Working (Troubleshooting Tips)

Your Schlage lock BE365 Programming code isn’t working and you’re not sure how to resolve the issue? Read on for troubleshooting tips. 

While there may be several reasons behind this issue, incorrect code or glitches in your lock may be the main reasons your Programming Code isn’t working.

If you’re looking for tips to troubleshoot Programming Code issues with your Schlage BE365, you’re on the right page. Let’s get right into it.

Schlage BE365 Programming Code Not Working

Troubleshooting Schlage BE365 Programming Code Issues

So here’s what to do if your Schlage BE365 Programming Code isn’t working:

1. Replace the Battery

Low battery power can affect the performance of your lock. And this could be one reason the Programming Code isn’t working.

Replace the battery in your lock and try using the code again to see if it works. Make sure to get the right battery—Schlage BE365 uses 1 9V battery. And ensure you install the battery properly—based on the correct battery polarity (+/-).

If the code is not still not working after this, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

2. Check Whether the Code is Correct

As mentioned above, you may be using the wrong code. So the next thing you want to do is check whether the code is correct.

If you’ve never changed the Programming Code in your lock, it means the default Programming Code is still in effect. Check the user manual of your lock for the default Programming Code (written on a white sticker).

If you don’t have the user manual, remove your lock from the door and check the back of the keypad assembly—the code is also on a white sticker.

If you can find the code, confirm if it’s the exact code you’ve been using and try using it on the lock to see if it works.

If it doesn’t work, chances are you’ve previously changed the code. Perhaps you acquired a previously owned lock, and the previous owner changed the code.

If this is the case, continue to the next step.

3. Reset the Lock

So the next thing you want to do is perform a reset on the lock to override the code that isn’t working. What this means is, the reset will restore factory settings on the lock, so you can now use the default Programming Code from now on.

As mentioned above, you can find the default Programming Code on the user manual or the back of the keypad assembly (which requires removing the lock from the door).

If you’re not sure how to reset your Schlage BE365, go here for a step-by-step guide on resetting all Schlage smart locks.

Note: Performing a reset will erase all programmed User Codes and other settings. Ensure you reprogram the lock after the reset—see how to add User Codes and program other functions after a factory reset.

4. Contact Schlage Support

Schlage has responsive Customer Support, so you want to contact them if none of the fixes here helps.

If the defect is on a particular part of the lock, they may send you a replacement with instructions video or replace the entire lock. This works better if your lock/the parts have a warranty—of course, most Schlage lock parts come with a lifetime warranty.

So contact Schlage Customer Service at 1-888-805-9837 and report the issue you’re having with your lock.

Related Questions

What is the default Programming Code for Schlage locks?

Schlage locks Programming Codes are randomly generated at the factory. You can find the default Programming Code of your Schlage Lock on the front of the user manual or the back of the keypad assembly—printed on a white label.

How many times can I change the Programming Code?

You can change the Programming Code as many times as you want. There is no limit to that, so you can always change your code anytime you sense a security breach—like someone spying on your code.

Wrapping Up

In summary, if your Schlage BE365 Programming Code isn’t working, perform a factory reset on the lock, then reprogram your lock with the default Programming Code.

As mentioned above, only reset the lock if you can find the default Programming Code, as you’ll need it to program your lock from now on.

You should also change the default Programming Code and User Codes after the reset to ensure security.