Schlage Keypad Not Lighting Up [Quick Ways to Fix]

If your Schlage Lock keypad isn’t lighting up and you’re not sure how to go about it, keep reading.

In this post, we explain why this might be happening and what you can do to fix the problem. Let’s get started.

Schlage Keypad light

If your Schlage Lock keypad isn’t lighting up, here are some reasons behind this:

  • The batteries in your lock are low.
  • The lock is malfunctioning.

Now let’s look at what you can do to fix this problem.

Tips to Troubleshoot ‘Schlage Keypad Not Lighting’ Issues

1. Replace the Batteries in Your Schlage Lock

If your Schlage Lock keypad isn’t lighting up, the first step to resolving this issue is to replace the batteries. As you probably know, your Schlage keypad lock runs on battery power, and some features may stop working if the batteries are running low.

Get a new pair of alkaline batteries and replace the old batteries. When replacing the batteries, ensure you observe the battery polarity markings (+/-) and do not mix new batteries with old ones.

However, if you’ve just changed the batteries in your lock and it isn’t lighting up, remove the batteries from the lock and clean the battery terminals. Next, wait for a few seconds and insert the batteries back in. Ensure that you install them correctly.

If your keypad doesn’t light up after trying this fix, continue to the next step.

2. Restore Factory Default Settings on Your Schlage Lock

As mentioned earlier, the likely cause of backlight issues in a Schlage Keypad Lock is low battery power. However, if the keypad doesn’t work after replacing the batteries, then the lock might have encountered an error—probably because of incorrect settings.

For the most part, you can resolve unseen errors in your Schlage keypad lock by performing a factory reset.

Resetting the lock will restore the factory default settings, thus removing incorrect settings or glitches preventing the keypad light from lighting up.

However, note that resetting the lock will delete all your previous programming. What this means is, you’ll have to start all over again to program the lock—add User Codes, change Programming Code, etc.

That said, if you’d like to proceed with the factory reset, here is how to do that:

  • Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery. The battery cover is located on the interior assembly of your lock.
  • Now, press and release the Schlage button on the keypad.
  • Next, reconnect the battery and replace the cover.
  • Press and hold the Schlage button on the keypad until you see a green light and the lock beeps. This step must be completed within 10 seconds.
  • Next, you want to confirm if the reset is successful. Enter one of the default User Code. The default User Codes can be found on the user manual that came with your lock (printed on a white sticker). If you don’t have the manual, you’ll need to remove your lock from the door—the code is located on the back of the keypad assembly.
  • If the bolt moves after entering the User Code, the reset was successful.

Now your lock is reset, and the keypad light should light up.

Note that you’ll need to reprogram your lock after the reset. You can find the default Programming Code on the user manual or the back of the keypad assembly—requires you to remove the lock from the door.

More so, if this reset method doesn’t work for your Schlage Lock, refer to your user manual for specific instructions or try googling your Schlage Lock model.

3. Contact Schlage Customer Support

If your Schlage Lock keypad light issue persists after replacing the batteries and performing a reset, the next thing you want to do is contact Schlage Support.

They may suggest a fix or offer a replacement if the lock is faulty. But this will depend on the warranty of your lock.

You can call Schlage Customer Support at 1-888-805-9837.

Closing Thoughts

So that’s how to fix a Schlage Keypad Lock that isn’t lighting up.

To recap, if your Schlage Lock keypad isn’t lighting up, start your troubleshooting by replacing the batteries. If that doesn’t help, reset the lock. Next, contact Schlage Customer Support if the problem persists.