Vivint Thermostat Display Not Working: How to Fix

If you’re having issues with your Vivint thermostat display, I’ve put together some handy tips here to help you fix the problem. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s get started.

Vivint Thermostat Display troubleshooting

In short, if your Vivint thermostat display isn’t working, replace the batteries and flip your circuit breaker off and back on. This should resolve the issue.

For a step-by-step guide on how to fix your Vivint thermostat display, read on.

Tips to Fix Vivint Thermostat Display Issues

Inspect the Batteries

If your Vivint thermostat is running on battery power only, start your troubleshooting by removing the batteries and putting them back in. The display might not be working because the battery polarity has reversed.

Remove your thermostat from the wall and remove the battery cover. Then take out the batteries. Wait 30 seconds and insert them back in properly. Make sure that the positive ends of the batteries are placed on the positive part of the terminals.

If that doesn’t help, the batteries might be low. Get a fresh set of alkaline batteries and replace the old ones. Make sure the new batteries are positioned properly—observing the polarity markings (+/-). See more about Vivint thermostat battery replacement.

If your Vivint thermostat display doesn’t work after this, continue to the next step.

Check Your Circuit Breaker

If your Vivint thermostat receives power from your HVAC system, the display may not work if your circuit breaker has tripped. Your circuit breaker may trip because of a power surge or so—to prevent damages.

Go to your breaker box and find the switch that controls your HVAC system. If it has tripped, flip it to the ON position.

However, if your circuit breaker is in order, turn it off yourself. Then wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. This should reset your thermostat and possibly fix the display issue.

If the problem persists, continue to the next step.

Reboot Your Vivint Panel

Another fix to try if your Vivint thermostat display isn’t working is to reboot your panel.

If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the steps below:

  • On the panel home screen, enter your PIN to disarm the system.
  • Tap menu (the 3 dots icon) in the bottom right corner.
  • Now, tap Devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS and input your PIN.
  • Tap Displays and select your panel. Next, tap Reboot and tap Yes to complete the process.

Your panel will reboot. Now check your thermostat to see if the display is working properly.

Wrapping Up

For the most part, replacing the batteries in your Vivint thermostat will fix the display issue. But before replacing the batteries, try to remove the old ones and insert them back. If it doesn’t help, replace the batteries to see if it works.

More so, if your Vivint thermostat receives power from your HVAC system, check your circuit breaker. Make sure to find the switch for your HVAC system. Then flip it off and back on.

The switch for your HVAC system is usually labeled “HVAC” or “AC”.

Also, try adjusting your thermostat display to see if it solves the problem.

If your thermostat display is still not working after applying all the fixes here, contact Vivint Support for help or get an HVAC system expert to check your thermostat and HVAC system.

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