What Channel is SHOWTIME on Dish? [Updated 2023]

You’ve spent several minutes scrolling through the channel lineup on your newly purchased Dish, but you can’t find the SHOWTIME channel. Now, your fingers hurt, and you’re ready to drop the remote.

If you’re reading this, you’ll want to keep the remote for a few more seconds. Give me a few minutes, and we’ll show you where to find SHOWTIME on your Dish package.


The channel number for SHOWTIME on Dish is between 318–333. For instance, the original SHOWTIME channel is on number 318, while SHOWTIME Extreme is the 322nd channel.

Keep reading to learn more about the SHOWTIME channel on Dish.

What is the SHOWTIME TV Channel?

The SHOWTIME TV channel is a television network that broadcasts exciting movies and drama series, hilarious comedy shows, and exclusive documentaries without any adverts. Some of the shows on SHOWTIME, like Billions and House of Lies, are just as popular as Netflix and Amazon Prime series.

Apart from its base channel, SHOWTIME also offers sister channels like SHOWTIME FAMILY and SHOWTIME Extreme.

What Channel is SHOWTIME on Dish?

Here are the channel numbers for SHOWTIME stations on Dish:

SHOWTIME Channel NameChannel Number
SHOWTIME Extreme322 HD
SHOWTIME Family Zone324 HD

Is SHOWTIME Free on Dish?

SHOWTIME isn’t free on Dish. However, you’ll get the first three months free when you subscribe to the yearly SHOWTIME package.

Speaking of packages, SHOWTIME doesn’t automatically appear on your channel lineup when you purchase a Dish package. Even if you’re using the most expensive Dish plan, you’ll still have to subscribe to SHOWTIME separately to view the channel.

SHOWTIME Channel Shows

The following shows are the most popular content on SHOWTIME:


Homeland is a captivating espionage thriller that has been running for almost a decade, and it has kept the audience’s attention for just as long. The plot of this show revolves around a tenacious CIA detective named Carrie Mathison, who is determined to exterminate the activities of an Al Qaeda terrorist group in the US.

Homeland won the heart of its viewers right from its pilot episode. The episode was so intriguing that it retained the spot of the highest-viewed Showtime premiere for eight years.


Dexter tells the story of a brutal serial killer who doubles as a proficient forensic expert. Fascinating, huh? That’s probably why he’s keeping everyone’s toes on edge.

Throughout the 8 seasons of the show, Dexter treads a thin line between keeping his dangerous side gig and convincing the rest of the Dexter-verse that he’s just another medic.

Given the drama’s engaging plot, it’s no wonder that it has inspired two sequels—Dexter: New Blood, and Dexter: Origins, which is still in the works.


Shameless is an American adaptation of a British TV show that features a bunch of odd family members living together in the poverty-stricken south side of Chicago. Left with no other choice, the Gallaghers often find themselves going to extreme lengths to make ends meet—albeit in the most comical ways.

Although Shameless has now concluded its final season, it is still well-loved by its multitude of fans.


Although crypto is now on the decline, most people still can’t get over it. That must be why Billions, the story of money-crazy Bobby Axelrod, keeps becoming more popular by the day.

Bobby’s great desire for wealth holds no candle to his fear for Chuck Rhoades, an influential US attorney, from whom he tries to hide his riches.

Highly praised for its inclusion of LGBTQ+ characters, Billions now boasts several spin-offs which might be released soon.

Ray Donovan

For a society that prides itself in its civility, we love hardcore crime a little too much. How else do you explain Ray Donovan, a show filled with intense criminal activities, becoming the highest-viewed Showtime premiere of all time?

Its emphasis on illicit events aside, Ray Donovan deserved its popularity, especially because of the stellar performances on the show.


Weeds is another famous crime drama with incredible acting. The story follows recently widowed Nancy Botwin, who starts selling weed to support her kids and late husband’s brother.

Despite the lingering dark mood of death and poverty, Weeds still manages to make us laugh without being cringey. In return, Showtime subscribers made Weeds the most popular show on the network in its first season.


With 7 seasons and 84 episodes, Californication is one of the longest shows ever. Yet it never stopped sparking interest in the minds of its viewers. The popularity of this show is largely due to the comical performance of David Duchovny, who is generally known for playing sober characters.

Californication is the story of Moody, an alcoholic writer, who is trying to raise his daughter, while convincing his ex-wife to reconcile with him.

Stunned by the excellent acting and brilliant dialog, Californication watchers couldn’t resist the drama. Little wonder Duchovny won the 2008 Golden Globe for playing the lead role in the series.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets is a multi-genre drama that follows a high-school female soccer team who are forced to brave it out in the Canadian wilderness for 19 months. While trying to survive without any adults, these teenagers must also overcome a life-changing tragic event that happened 25 years earlier.

This show won a large fanbase because of its volatility, surprising flashbacks, and the ability to switch genres without going off-plot.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a gory thriller set in the Victorian era. This gothic horror story follows four individuals with contrasting personalities who team up to fight the paranormal forces in their environment.

One noteworthy feature of this drama is that it features well-known fictional characters like Dorian Gray. The outstanding performances and the powerful chemistry between the four leads also make the drama popular.

The Tudors

Did you enjoy the steamy scenes in Bridgerton and Game of Thrones? Then, you’d love the Tudors. This period drama covers the sexual openness and degenerate lifestyle of royals during the reign of King Henry VII.

Although the show ended over a decade ago, it’s still as popular as when it was running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Countries is SHOWTIME Available in?

Currently, SHOWTIME is only available in the US. So, if you live outside the US, you might be unable to access the network. Nevertheless, some non-US residents stream SHOWTIME channels with VPNs.

How Do You Get SHOWTIME Channel?

You can watch SHOWTIME channels if you subscribe to a cable service and purchase the SHOWTIME package. Another way to view SHOWTIME shows is to download the SHOWTIME app on your smartphone or smart TV and stream the network from the app.

How Much is SHOWTIME Channel?

The SHOWTIME Package costs $10.99/month. But if you decide to pay for an entire year, you’ll get a 25% discount.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know where the SHOWTIME channels are located on the Dish, you can view them easily. Remember to save all these channels as favorites on the system for future reference.

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