What Yale Smart Lock Works with Ring Alarm?

Ring Alarm is an industry-leading home security system that strengthens your home security. If you have Yale smart locks installed, linking them with a Ring alarm will increase their functionality and safety.

But as you probably know, not all Yale locks are compatible with the Ring Alarm System. For your needs, we have featured the top Yale locks that work with Ring Alarm, including the features of each lock. Sounds like you? Then keep reading.

So here are the top Yale smart locks compatible with Ring Alarm:

  • Yale Real Living Assure Smart Lock.
  • Yale Electronic Push Button Deadbolt.
  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD226ZW2619).

Read on for the features of each lock and how they work with the Ring Alarm System.

Best Yale Smart Locks that Work with Ring Alarm: Features

1. Yale Real Living Assure Smart Lock (with Z-Wave Plus) 

Yale Smart Locks that work with Ring

The Yale Real Living Assure Smart Lock is a motorized deadbolt — built to protect your home.

Ring users will love to hear that the Assure Smart Lock is compatible with the security system. This integration works because both systems use Z-Wave protocols and can communicate. Let’s look at other key features of this lock:

Easy Entry/Exit 

Thanks to a back-lit keypad, this lock is easy to open at night. Plus, you can re-lock it by tapping the keypad with three fingers. Easy, right?

Shareable Passcodes

Sharing your keys with strangers and even family members could put your home at risk. The Yale lock lets you assign unlock codes for different people and control their use through the Ring app. From there, you can delete codes or check who accessed the door.

Power Backup 

The Ring app provides up-to-date information about the lock’s battery. You can prevent a lockout by replacing the batteries as their power wanes.

In a worst-case scenario where your batteries die, the Assure Smart Lock has a 9V backup charger to help. Once your batteries have enough power, turn on the smart lock and input your passcode to enter.

2. Yale Electronic Push Button Deadbolt

What Yale Smart Lock Works with Ring Alarm

Pairing the Yale Electronic Push Button Deadbolt with the Ring Alarm can transform your home into a secure fortress. Sure, it may not have medieval-style walls, but it has enough features to deter crooks from breaking into your home. Key features below:

High-tech Alarms

You’re not home, and a thief is at your door? Don’t sweat it. This Electronic Push Button Deadbolt has a built-in tamper alarm that senses potential break-in attempts and notifies users.

The lock also features a low-battery alarm. If you have ever forgotten to replace the batteries until they die, this feature should be handy.

Automatic Locking 

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to leave doors open as they try to beat the early-morning rush. However, some never remember their doors until they arrive home later; you could get robbed at that time.

To solve this problem, Yale has an automatic re-locking system that takes care of the problem. It re-locks the door at specified intervals, so you’re safe in any case.

Alexa Compatibility 

Alexa users can connect their smart home system with the Electronic Push-Button Deadbolt. You can issue voice prompts to lock/unlock your door or check if someone left your door open. This requires that you use the Alexa and Ring skill.

Controlled Access 

With the Yale Electronic Push Button Deadbolt, you have full control over who enters your home in your absence. The Ring App makes it easy to develop new codes for other people. You can also block access to these codes from the app, which is far easier than demanding your keys back.

Fine Design 

This smart lock has an exquisite polished brass finish that looks great on any door. Moreover, Yale has sealed the outer edges with rubber, so your door doesn’t get scratches. This rubber covering has the added benefit of protecting the lock’s internal components from water damage.

3. Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt (YRD226ZW2619)

Yale Smart Locks compatible with Ring

Yale makes nice smart locks, but the Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt takes things to another level.

The keypad is a marvel of engineering and lights up with a simple touch, displaying back-lit numbers that never wear off in intensity. You’ll always have a breeze getting in and out with a dedicated keyless entry system.

Yale understands that criminals can guess passcodes using the prints on the keypad as a guide. This explains the manufacturer’s decision to use capacitive screen technology for the lock. The capacitive screen makes it impossible to leave any fingerprints, which stalls any attempt to guess your passcode.

Here are other features of the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt

Privacy Lockout 

As with other Yale locks, the Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt comes with multi-user access, meaning other people can unlock the door if they have a code. The lock supports up to 250 different codes, although we doubt you’d use everything.

However, sharing codes may cause problems, especially when too many people have access to your home. If you want to restrict front-door access, the lock will activate Privacy Lockout. That feature is designed to keep everybody out, except you.

Easy Installation 

No one likes to spend extra on hiring a pro to install a smart lock after investing in the lock itself. Thankfully, the Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen Deadbolt installs in minutes and requires no expert skill. All you need is a screwdriver and installation guide to replace your old deadbolt with Yale’s top-rated smart lock.

Periodic Alerts 

Monitoring your home while away is difficult, if not outright impossible — but this smart lock from Yale can make it a reality. If you pair the lock with a home automation system, such as Ring, it sends automatic alerts when the door is unlocked.

Manual Key Override

Keyless entry technology has made keys unnecessary, which is good news if you lose keys frequently. But the question remains — what happens if the smart lock stops working? After all, batteries die, and software glitches happen.

Besides its touchscreen keypad, the Assure Lock has a regular key. That way, you can unlock your door if the smart lock stops working without warning.

How Does the Ring Alarm System Work with Yale Locks?

Yale smart locks are among the few certified Ring-compatible locks on the market. These locks communicate with the Ring Alarm System through Z-Wave technology.

Benefits of Pairing Yale Locks with Ring 

Yale smart locks are excellent devices in their right, but integrating them with Ring makes them even better than you can imagine. Here are five reasons you should consider pairing your smart locks with the Ring System:

Monitor Lock Status

The Ring App displays periodic updates to let users know the status of the lock. Also, you can review usage history to check who came in and when they did.


Since Yale is certified Ring-compatible, you can control both simultaneously. For example, you can deactivate the Ring security system by unlocking your Yale lock. This function also arms the Ring Alarm once the lock mechanism is active.

Set up Multiple Codes

With Yale smart locks, you can create different access codes and share them with anyone. This can make it easier for people to come in, even if you’re not around to let them in.

The Ring app provides a central hub where you can manage user codes. Assign new codes, remove existing codes, and monitor code usage with ease.

Home Automation

Homeowners can use Ring as a hub for connecting Yale smart locks with other smart home systems. For example, you can connect Yale with Alexa through Ring and start issuing voice commands to control your locks.

Remote Locking/Unlocking

With your compatible Yale Lock paired with Ring Alarm, you can lock and unlock your door remotely via the Ring app. Yes, it’s that easy and Ring also allows you to pair your Yale lock with Alexa for hands-free control.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, we’ve featured the best Yale smart locks for Ring in this post. Buying any locks and connecting them with Ring will bolster your home’s security and ease coming in and going out.

However, keep in mind that Ring determines the features you can use based on the plan you choose. You should go for a plan that allows you to enjoy the basic security features, such as getting notifications and locking your door remotely.

You may also like to see other smart locks that work with Ring Alarm Security System.