Schlage Lock Not Unlocking [Quick Fix]

Not sure why your Schlage Keypad lock won’t unlock after entering a valid User Code? Then keep reading as I’ll walk you through the steps to fix a Schlage lock that accepts a User Code (blinks green) but won’t open. Let’s begin!

In short, here’s what to do if your Schlage keypad lock won’t unlock:

  • Ensure your User Code is correct.
  • Check if Lock Override is enabled. If so, disable it.
  • Check and disable Vacation Mode.
  • Try to unlock the lock with a physical key.
  • Check whether your lock is installed correctly or not.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Restore factory default settings.

Read on for more details about the above troubleshooting tips.

Schlage Lock Not Unlocking

How to Fix Schlage Keypad Lock Unlocking Issues

1. Ensure That You’re Entering a Valid User Code

While this may rarely be the cause, you want to first ensure that your User Code is correct. So if you’re sure the User Code is correct, but your lock won’t unlock, see the next troubleshooting step.

2. Check Whether Lock Override Is Enabled

The Lock Override feature (when enabled) will completely disable the keypad, meaning you can’t unlock the lock with a User Code. So check to see if the Lock Override feature is enabled and disable it.

Here’s how to check and disable the Lock Override feature:

  • On the interior assembly, remove the battery cover.
  • Disconnect and remove the battery.
  • If the lock override slot is set to ‘LOCKOUT’, use a small flathead screwdriver to rotate it to ‘NORMAL’.
  • Reconnect the battery and replace the cover.

So that’s how to disable the Lock Override feature, and your keypad should now function normally.

But if the Lock Override feature is not set to LOCKOUT, then that’s not the cause of the unlocking issue. See the next steps for more troubleshooting tips.

3. Check That Vacation Mode Is Not Enabled

Most Schlage keypad locks have the vacation mode feature. And as you probably know, vacation mode (when turned on) automatically disables all User Codes, meaning you can’t unlock your door via the keypad during this time.

So if your lock won’t unlock and you’re sure that the User Code is correct, then try to disable vacation mode to see if it works.

For most Schlage keypad locks, here’s how to disable vacation mode:

Simply enter your current Programming Code via the keypad. The lock will blink green and beep once, indicating Vacation Mode has been disabled.

Note that this method may not work for all Schlage keypad locks, so refer to your User Manual for detailed instructions if this method doesn’t work with your lock.

Are you now able to unlock your door via the keypad? If yes, congratulations. But if not, see the next troubleshooting step.

4. Unlock Your Door With a Physical Key 

Your lock still won’t unlock after entering a valid User Code? Then here’s the next troubleshooting step to try. Unlock your Schlage keypad lock with a physical key via the keyhole. Also, lock and unlock it through the thumb turn on the interior assembly.

Rotate the thumb turn severally to see if the latch retracts properly. Next, try to unlock it with a User Code to see if it works.

5. Check That Your Lock Is Correctly Installed

If your lock won’t unlock after accepting the User Code, it means the latch isn’t retracting, and incorrect installation could cause this.

So if the above troubleshooting steps couldn’t fix the problem, chances are the lock isn’t installed correctly—the reason the latch is not retracting when you try to unlock it via the keypad.

Check whether your lock installation is complete by rotating the thumb turn down. If it retracts, then your installation is complete. But if not, chances are the installation isn’t complete, and that could cause the unlocking issue.

Uninstall the lock and reinstall it again properly. You may refer to your User Manual for installation instructions or go here for all Schlage keypad locks installation instructions.

6. Replace Batteries 

As mentioned in the previous troubleshooting step, if the lock retracts properly when you rotate the thumb turn down, it means the installation is complete. So let’s see if low batteries caused the ‘User Code unlocking issue’.

Of course, your lock won’t function electronically when the batteries are too low or completely drained. So check to see if the batteries are low and get them replaced.

Although most of the Schlage keypad deadbolts come equipped with a low battery indicator, you may not get the notification sometimes—probably when the batteries are bad or so.

So, replace the batteries and then try to unlock the lock again through the keypad.

7. Restore Factory Settings to Fix Any Glitch

If the problem persists after trying all the troubleshooting steps above, restore factory settings on your lock to fix any bug or incorrect settings causing the unlocking issue.

For the most part, performing a factory reset on your Schlage keypad lock helps to fix several issues you may have with the lock, including the unlocking issue.

Not sure how to reset your Schlage keypad lock? Here’s how to do that:

  • Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery.
  • On the keypad, press and release the Schlage button.
  • Now, within 10 seconds, reconnect the battery, press and hold the Schlage button until it lights green and the lock beeps.

That’s all about resetting your Schlage keypad lock (BE365, FE595, FE575, etc.). To confirm that the reset was successful, try entering one of the preset User Codes to see if it unlocks the lock. If it does, then the reset was successful.

Note: Keep in mind that the reset method may differ depending on the lock you have. Refer to your User Manual for detailed instructions.

More so, note that all your custom settings will be erased after performing a factory reset. So be sure to change your default Programming Code, delete preset User Codes, and add new User Codes.

Wrapping Up

For the most part, (if the unlocking issue isn’t caused by incorrect installation), you can fix the issue by factory resetting your lock. That is, if you’re not sure how to go about checking lock override and vacation mode, simply reset your lock and restore all factory settings.

Also, be sure to check if your batteries are low and get them replaced. All Schlage keypad locks use non-rechargeable alkaline batteries—ensure you use the right batteries.

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