Why is My Wyze Outdoor Camera Offline? (Fixes to Try)

Your Wyze app keeps showing that your Wyze Outdoor Camera is offline. You can’t view the Live Stream footage or change your camera settings. Scared for your safety, you are looking for a way to resolve this issue.

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. This article explores the different ways to troubleshoot your Wyze Outdoor Camera when it goes offline. Let’s get started.

Wyze Outdoor Camera Offline

First off, here are some reasons your Wyze Outdoor Camera may be facing connection issues:

  • Your Wyze Outdoor Cam firmware is outdated.
  • Your Base Station’s Wi-Fi connection is faulty.
  • The signal strength between your Wyze Outdoor Camera and the Base station is low.
  • Your Wyze Outdoor Camera battery is low.

Now, let’s discuss how to troubleshoot these issues.

How to Troubleshoot Offline Issues in Wyze Outdoor Camera

So here are some troubleshooting steps to try if your Wyze outdoor camera keeps losing connection.

1. Update the Outdoor Cam Firmware

If your Wyze outdoor camera firmware is outdated, it may cause some connection issues—such as what you’re currently experiencing. To resolve this issue, update your Wyze Outdoor Cam firmware to the latest version.

Follow these steps to upgrade your Wyze app firmware:

  • Open your Wyze app, navigate to the Account tab and click on it.
  • Select Firmware Update. The system will present firmware versions for all your Wyze app devices.
  • Click on the Update button beside Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Continue to the next step if the issue persists after the firmware update.

2. Power Cycle Your Base Station

Your outdoor camera doesn’t link directly to your Wi-Fi router. Instead, a Base Station receives Wi-Fi connection from a router and serves as an access point for the outdoor camera. This means that your outdoor camera will stay offline if the Base Station can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

So, if your Wyze app is showing that your Wyze Outdoor Camera is offline, the Base Station’s Wi-Fi connection might be faulty. And you may need to reboot your Base Station so that it can reconnect to your router.

Here’s how to power cycle your Base Station:

  • Unplug your Base Station out of its power outlet, then wait for about 10 seconds.
  • Now, plug the device back into power.
  • Watch the Base Station until its status light turns a solid blue.

You have finished power cycling your Base Station, and your outdoor camera should be online in a matter of seconds. Your outdoor camera will display a solid blue status light, showing it is trying to connect to the Base Station.

3. Move your Wyze Outdoor Camera Closer to Your Base Station

Remember that the Wyze Outdoor Camera relies on a Base Station for a Wi-Fi connection? Just like how a Wi-Fi router works with other devices, a Wyze Outdoor Camera won’t connect to the Base Station if they are too far apart.

To determine if your outdoor camera is too far away from its Base Station, check the Base Station’s signal strength in your Wyze app. Your Wyze Outdoor Camera’s paired Base Station will show a low signal strength if your camera is not close enough to it.

If the signal strength is only one bar, your Base Station’s signal strength is low. Bring your Wyze Cam Outdoor closer to its Base Station for a stronger signal.

4. Charge Your Wyze Outdoor Camera Battery

A low battery level may affect the connectivity of your Wyze Outdoor Camera. So, if your camera goes offline when its battery is low, charging the battery can help the camera regain its connection.

You can check your battery level by searching for your camera’s name on the Home Screen of your Wyze app. The battery level is displayed just below your camera’s name.

Once you’ve confirmed that your battery is low, use the power cable in the camera’s package to plug it into your Base Station. Once plugged in, your outdoor camera will keep charging as long as the connected Base Station is plugged into a power outlet.

Charge the camera for about four hours to achieve a full charge.

Wrapping Up

Unlike other Wyze appliances, you cannot restore your Wyze Outdoor Camera to factory settings. If your Wyze Outdoor Camera still stays offline after you’ve tried all these tips, reach out to Wyze Support for further assistance.

To recap, here are the ways to troubleshoot your Wyze Outdoor Camera when it goes offline:

  • Update your Wyze app firmware.
  • Power cycle your Base Station.
  • Move your Wyze outdoor camera closer to the Base Station.
  • Charge your Wyze outdoor camera battery.

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